December 15, 2011: Webinar – “CREATIVE PLACEMAKING: Thinking Beyond Projects”

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12/15/2012 Webinar: Creative Placemaking: Thinking Beyond Projects


The National Creativity Network was created to enhancethe flow of ideas, information, and practices within and between key centers of creativity in Education, Commerce, and Culture and across disciplines.  The NCN Webinar Series is an important tool to help leaders gain access to the best thinking, best questions, and most successful ways of working as well as other resources their ventures may require.


In the words of a recent National Endowment for the Arts report, Creative Placemaking animates public and private spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, improves local business viability and public safety, and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired.
Arts and culture have been a part of community revitalization and economic development strategies for years.  Creative Placemaking is more than a new term for this effort — at its highest levels, it involves a new way of thinking about the role of creativity in making society more sustainable.  It is not just about doing projects — it is also about the thinking behind the projects and about making stronger connections between creative, community and economic development.
Learn from experts and practitioners who have been at the heart of efforts to use creativity to grow communities and get a sneak peek at Creative Placemaking in action. Our three panelists will provide some helpful examples of what they have done in their communities:
Steve Dalhbergis director of the Connecticut-based International Centre for Creativity and Imagination and associate director and faculty member in the Creative Community Building Program at the University of Connecticut.
Leonardo VazquezAICP/PP is the Director of Arts Build Communities at Rutgers University.  He will discuss Rutgers community coaching program and ABC’s new Master Practitioner Certificate Program in creative placemaking.

The Wormfarm Institute in Sauk County, Wisconsin, is rural creative placemaking at its best. It’s a 40-acre organic vegetable farm and creative hub, begun 15 years ago by artists Jay Salinas and Donna Neuwirth. Wormfarm aims to recreate the link that once existed between culture and agriculture with innovative and intuitive efforts that center around a sense of the land and the community.

See below for a list of the resources mentioned during the webinar: 

The Creative Community Builder’s Handbook, by Tom Borrup.  It was published by Fieldstone Alliance, which is now Turner Publishing.

Community Character - How arts and cultural strategies create, reinforce, and enhance sense of place

The Creative Class: A Key to Rural Growth

New Village Press

My article for them on creative communities

Project for Public Spaces

Placemaking Articles

Including “Nine Ways of Looking at Ourselves (Looking at Cities)”

Getting a Grip and other books by Frances Moore Lappe

Institute for Humane EducationActive culture

Blog: The Artful Manager,
“A few weeks back, I got to follow NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman around Wisconsin (not in a creepy way) as he made a few whistle stops to celebrate art as a placemaker in communities. Of particular note was his visit to rural Reedsburg, Wisconsin, where an NEA grant is supporting the Farm/Art DTour, a self-guided driving tour of art installations, art/food stands, and pasture performances that launched in October and will return for a second round next fall.”

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