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Upcoming challenges of the 21stcentury require today’s students to develop skills in creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. In order to reach their full potential and grow into self-motivated learners, children’s natural curiosity and explorative spirit must be nurtured.

Crayola has had a longstanding commitment to fostering creatively alive children and has challenged schools through innovative programs.  Crayola, in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the National Art Education Association and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, has developed a free Professional Development Program called “Champion Creatively Alive Children.”

In this webinar Cheri Sterman, Crayola’s Director of Education and Consumer Relationships, will discuss their work with innovative schools, which are weaving creativity across the curriculum by promoting their art teachers to serve as a school Chief Creative Officers.  These CCOs are not only teaching students—but also helping teachers integrate creativity practices into their curriculum.  She will also address how creativity advocates can build momentum around their beliefs and “plan the change” we want to see. A Change Plan will be shared and webinar participants will add action steps to increase public value and recognition of the importance of creativity as a 21st Century skill. 


Cheri Sterman, Crayola Director of Education and Consumer Relationships

Ms. Sterman is an experienced child advocate who served as Director of Child Development for the Governor of Ohio and taught at University of Cincinnati and Sinclair College in Ohio. She served as a member of the White House Committee for Children and Youth, the Pennsylvania Commission for Children, Conference Chairperson for Children’s Defense Fund, and child development speaker at the National Governor’s Association. Twenty years ago Cheri joined Crayola. She’s authored publications entitled, How Children Learn and The Power of Creativity, helping adults understand children’s potential.


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Crayola Champion Creatively Alive Children grant opportunity