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“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” – Lin Yutang


“If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.” – Robert X. Cringely, InfoWorld magazine


“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.” – Jack Penn



Big Bang theory : Art and science collide

4 works from John Maeda that explore the intersection of technology, art and design
TED Blog

10 talks on making schools great
TED Blog



NCN Webinar Archives
National Creativity Network

Global Entrepreneurship Week
Kaufmann Foundation
November 12 – 18

State of Creativity Forum
Creative Oklahoma
November 13


Should Columbus Day Become ‘Exploration Day’?
Discovery News


The curious imperative
Seth’s Blog


Design is both the insanely radical and the passionately incremental


Taking Note: The Science (and Art) of Map-Making
Blog: Art Works, National Endowment for the Arts


The Global One-Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown
The Creativity Post


In Technology Wars, Using the Patent as a Sword
The New York Times



For Software, Cracks in the Patent System – Interactive Feature
The New York Times


Cheryl Oldham: Inspiring Eureka: Rethinking Math and Science Education
The Huffington Post


The Chinese Steve Jobs Is Probably a Pirate
Slate Magazine


Canada Practically Writes the Book on Innovation. So Why Can’t We Execute on Our Expertise?


Obama, Romney, And The Forgotten Entrepreneurial Class
Fast Company


A Gorgeous Exploration Of The New Visual Language Of Sustainability
Co.Exist: Fast Company


Economic Suicide: Chasing Away The Job-Creating Immigrant Entrepreneurs


Nobel prize winner got poor marks in science
La Crosse Tribune


Teaming Arts/Humanities Researchers with Basic Scientists: A New NIH Funding Opportunity
Blog: Art Works, National Endowment for the Arts


What Does America Lose if Baby Boomers Stay Forever-Young?
Next Generation Consulting


Creativity Is Ageless
Blog: Life in a Body, Psychology Today


Idea Killers


Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Crowdfunding Without A Parachute or Preparation

Blog: Daily Crowdsource


Eight Innovators Reshaping Our World | Disrupters: Eight Businesses That Are Changing Our World
TIME Ideas |


Dodging the Glass Ceiling: Women, Immigrants Flock to Start-Ups
Blog: InvestorPlace


Women Who Changed the World Through Science: Temple Grandin
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Is It Time to Stop Making the Grade?
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice.


New Tests for Common Core Standards Make Public Debut
Governing Magazine


The next evolution of schools: Highlights from our chat with Will Richardson
TED Blog


The Millennials Are Here: 5 Facts Nonprofits and Businesses Need to Know
Blog: Know Your Own Bone


21 Startup Buzzwords Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Know


Clayton Christensen: “Disruptive Innovations Create Jobs, Efficiency Innovations Destroy Them”


A Message to Creative Young People
Blog: Triggered, Psychology Today


“Information Wants to Be Shared”
Blog: Freakonomics


$13 eReader Connects To The Web Through User’s Smartphone


Google’s ‘Cultural Institute’ Lets Users Interact With 42 Moments In History


Beverly Macy: Here’s How Important Crowdfunding Is to Innovation and Jobs
The Huffington Post


11 Creative Breakthroughs People Had in Their Sleep
Blog: Mental Floss


Next Generation Arts Standards Update 10-3-12
National Coalition for Core Arts Standards


Innovative project integrates arts with science learning
UMass Medical School – Worcester


Handmade Desks, “Breathing Rooms” And Gross Happiness: Take A Look Inside Etsy HQ
Co.Create: Fast Company


An Entrepreneur And A Neuroscientist Walk Into A Bar
Fast Company


Science illuminating art
Business Weekly, UK


Ann Stock: TechWomen: The Global Network
The Huffington Post


The Kindergarten Canon
Thomas B. Fordham Institute


Innovate, don’t imitate – and keep it culturally relevant
Added Value – Source


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: David Close
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


6 tips on how scientists and engineers can excite, rather than bore, an audience
TED Blog


Identification is the Core of Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


You Can’t Innovate Without Cash – 11 Ways to Boost Cash Flow
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Nominations Open for Innovation Excellence Weekly – Issue 2
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Move from Open Innovation to “True” Open Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Different is Interesting

Blog: Innovation Excellence


The Purpose of Uncertainty
Blog: The Power of Slow, Psychology Today


Op-Ed: Long Live Paper
The New York Times


Judge Says Fair Use Protects Universities in Book-Scanning Project
Threat Level |


E-book sales surging in Canada but print sales still tops
Arts & Entertainment – CBC News


Half of the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong


Ohio Board of Regents Commercialization Task Force


U.S. economic growth tops the world on OECD CLI Index
Washington DC Public Policy |


NU a leader in licensed inventions — ahead of Harvard, Johns Hopkins


Universities and Startup Junkies Come to Washington


Face the Facts: We’ve fallen behind with patents


The End Of The “Female-Friendly” Workplace
Fast Company


Real Disney Magic: Gadgets That Know Who You Are, Just By Touch
Co.Design: Fast Company


Shipping Container Computer Labs Connect Kids With Mentors Around The World
Co.Exist: Fast Company


4 Innovation Strategies From Big Companies That Act Like Startups
Co.Design: Fast Company


Fix The Fear Factor In Government Innovation
Global CIO, InformationWeek


Sylvie Leotin: Silicon Valley: Rock ‘n Roll ‘n Innovation
The Huffington Post


LAPhil and USC neuroscientists launch 5-year study of music education and child brain development
Science Codex


Arts and physicists: Art Institute collaborates with Argonne
Chicago Tribune


These 12 women are powerful voices both in healthcare innovation and on Twitter
Blog: MedCity


A look at General Motors’ technical innovation centers
The Washington Post


Innovation’s New Wave: MassChallenge, Shark Tank, and HackReduce


Your brain’s own iPod: Researchers attempt to make music from nerve activity
The Province


Why Business Doesn’t Look To IT For Innovation
Blog: Global CIO, InformationWeek


Technology That Involves Teenagers in Their Health
The New York Times


The Things We Carried, Then and Now
The New York Times


Innovation Lessons from an Old-Time Enterprise


Five Tech Trends Impacting Business Innovation in 2012
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Women Who Changed the World Through Science: Monserrate Roman
Blog: USA Science and Engineering Festival


Role Model in Science & Engineering: Lonnie Johnson
Blog: USA Science and Engineering Festival


Art and Neuroscience: a State of the Union
The Creativity Post


Learn How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur From Stanford Professors, For Free.
The Creativity Post


Fear of Creativity
The Creativity Post


Do patent and copyright law restrict competition and creativity excessively? Posner
The Becker-Posner Blog


Now in a handy audio format
Seth’s Blog


This is Why Education Matters So Much
The New York Times


Innovation Around the Clock
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovation is a Requirement Not an Option
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovation Excellence Weekly – The Magazine

Blog: Innovation Excellence


Four Insights Toward Mastering Your Art
Blog: Creating in Flow, Psychology Today


The (Over-)Optimism of Creators
Blog: The Knock-Off Economy, Psychology Today


Op-ed: Book publishing, like journalism, upended by digital ink
Opinion | The Seattle Times


Tim Coates: publishers are placing the public library at risk
Telegraph, UK


Video Game Retail Sales Decline Despite New Hits
The New York Times


Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing
Threat Level |


Testing nonprofit waters with Chicago Ideas Week
La Crosse Tribune, AP


The Heart of Innovation: 25 Reasons Why Nothing Happens After a Brainstorming Session


Google to deploy multi-billion connection Neural Networks


Making the Case for a Government Hand in Research
The New York Times


The vast gulf between current technology and theoretical singularity


Philadelphia Launches Innovation Office with a Nod to Boston
Government Technology


Artist in the Lab, Scientist in the Studio
The Alcalde


YouTube to Serve Niche Tastes by Adding Channels
The New York Times


Video Game Retail Sales Decline Despite New Hits
The New York Times


Worries Over Defense Dept. Money for ‘Hackerspaces’
The New York Times


How Children Learn: Portraits of Classrooms Around the World
Education on GOOD


Believing is Seeing: The Pygmalion Effect and Creativity
The Creativity Post


Best Rest Practices for Optimal Productivity & Creativity
The Creativity Post


Innovation Interview with Scott Cook of Intuit
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovative and Interactive Learning
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The Value Proposition Canvas
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Remote Innovation Management – Indefatigable
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Beyond Product Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence

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