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“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” – Andre Gide


“There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


“Ideas shape the course of history.” – John Maynard Keynes


“We spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.” – Eddie Obeng


“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Mae Jemison


Innovation Quotes of the Week – Oct. 14, 2012
Blog: Innovation Excellence




How Anyone Can Master Technology


Tech Talk: iPhone 5
Saturday Night Live,


What if the city became the school?
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice


Beau Lotto + Amy O’Toole: Science is for everyone, kids included



NCN Webinar Archives
National Creativity Network


Global Entrepreneurship Week
Kaufmann Foundation
November 12 – 18



Global Entrepreneurship Week Catalyzes Startup Communities Worldwide, New Kauffman Sketchbook Video Illustrates
Kauffman Foundation


State of Creativity Forum
Creative Oklahoma
November 13



Found On The Creative Finder, This Week’s Inspiration Starters

Teaching for the Future: Steering girls to science
Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, USAToday

Feds Move Closer to Suing Google Over Search
Wired Business |

Redefining productivity
Seth’s Blog

11 Riffs on Creativity & Time
The Creativity Post

Women Who Changed the World Through Science: Sally Ride
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Benjamin Banneker
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

Opinion: Want to Ruin Teaching? Give Ratings
The New York Times

Top Futurist: Faster Technological Innovation Great, But Not Enough

ZTE, Huawei: Can China ever become a true innovation powerhouse?
A Future Tense event,

See Ya Later, Innovator: U.S. Turns Its Back On Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs

Relaxing immigration could generate billions for global economy

Lemelson-MIT Program: Lemelson-MIT Prize
Deadline: November 2

See You Later, Alligator” – Or Maybe Not
Blog: Go Forth and Innovate!

Patent protection: How to fix it.
Slate Magazine

Teaching Without Words
Blog: Finding the Next Einstein, Psychology Today

Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi– Mathematician, Astronomer, Geographer, and The Father of Algebra
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

10 reasons why ideas fail
CBS News

Does Everyone Need To Be An Entrepreneur?

The Role of Place in Discovery and Innovation
Jobs & Economy, The Atlantic Cities

Why Calgary is an entrepreneur’s dream
Entrepreneur | Financial Post

GM’s Mark Reuss: U.S. ‘frightfully behind’ in engineering graduates
Detroit Free Press

Study looks at why students leave STEM majors
UW-Madison News

Interview with Eric Kandel: Psychoanalysis, Art and Biology Come Together
Der Spiegel Online

Unsolicited Evaluation Is the Enemy of Creativity
Blog: Freedom to Learn, Psychology Today

Steve Poppe: The Educational Technology Conundrum

Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Mae Jemison — Physician and chemical engineer, First African American woman in space; crusader for science education
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

What’s Missing from the Education Reform Conversation? Student Voices
Education on GOOD

Mobile patent wars hurting innovation, experts say
The Industry Standard – InfoWorld

A Turn of the Page for Newsweek
The Daily Beast

Creativity Is Our Birthright
Blog: The Novel Perspective, Psychology Today

Help Us Innovate the Innovation Process
Harvard Business Review Blog

The Art (& Science) of Great Teaching
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice.


5 Qualities Every Creative Employer Seeks
Source, DesignTAXI

Mayor Ed Lee: San Francisco celebrates innovation in October
San Francisco Examiner

How Do You Spot A Genius?
Blog: Streams of Consciousness, Scientific American

A little science goes a long way: Math and language scores improve with 10 hours of instruction

Practical Advice From Female Entrepreneurs Who Stand Out In A Sea Of Dudes
Fast Company

AOL founder Steve Case touts Ohio’s innovation economy as an example of the ‘rise of the rest’

Why Focus Groups Kill Innovation, From The Designer Behind Swiffer
Co.Design: Fast Company

Dance science: New ballet inspired by viruses at Rocky Mountain Laboratories
Ravalli Republic

NASA Mixes Art and Science, Turns Sun Into Mesmerizing Impressionist Painting (Video)

Science Confirms The Obvious: Rejection Can Make You More Creative
Popular Science

Open Innovation trumps not invented here
Science | Business

How ‘Ideation’ Can Power Innovation
Governing Magazine

Why Isn’t Education a Bigger Political Issue in 2012?
Governing Magazine

Catching Up, Not Cord Cutting, Drives Increase in Content Streaming: Study
Media News,

Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Seyi Oyesola — Nigerian-born anesthesiologist and critical care physician
USA Science and Engineering Festival Blog

Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Michio Kaku- Theoretical physicist, Noted (and sometimes controversial) science futurist; co-creator of physic’s “String Field Theory”
USA Science and Engineering Festival Blog

Women Who Changed the World Through Science: Ellen Ochoa
USA Science and Engineering Festival Blog

Can Culture Create Community?
The Creativity Post

Step Back to Step it Up: Tools for Capturing the Big Picture
The Creativity Post

Einstein at the Beach
Blog: The Playing Field, Psychology Today

Project Information Literacy: Inventing the Workplace

Start Nears on Plan to Combat Online Infringement
The New York Times

The 13 biggest misconceptions about entrepreneurship
Upstart Business Journal

Innovate or follow: 10 rules for managing global innovation

Creating A Visual Brand For Every U.S. President
Co.Design: Fast Company

Switch off the junk science, not the TV

Can Creativity Foreshadow Mental Illness?
Science/Tech : Medical Daily

Creativity Linked to Mental Illness, Study Confirms

New brain research could improve quality of hearing aids
Queen’s University News Centre

Biodiversity and Hollywood: A Fashionable Intersection
The X-Change Files, The Science & Entertainment Exchange

The Pesky Persistence of Labels
The Creativity Post

One language to bind us all: The Noun Project
Blog: Holy Kaw!

People and Motivations Link a Well-Designed Innovation Framework
Blog: Innovation Excellence

What is Your Innovation Deep Structure?
Blog: Innovation Excellence

Rapid Innovation Breakthrough
Blog: Innovation Excellence

Tech Guru Guy Kawasaki Offers a Guidebook to Innovation

WSJ Technology Innovation Awards
The Wall Street Journal

90% Of Incubators And Accelerators Will Fail And That’s Just Fine For America And The World

Exporting Our Way To A Stronger U.S. Economy

How did you find your last great idea?
30 Second MBA, Fast Company

Email Is The New Pony Express–And It’s Time To Put It Down
Fast Company

Language Learning Makes For Bigger Brains
Business Insider

Releasing geniuses from their straightjackets
Cambridge News

Steve Rosenbaum: New York Tech Scene: Rising
The Huffington Post

Why Business IT Innovation is So Difficult
HBS Working Knowledge

Game-Changing Innovation, Xerox, and True Collaboration
Blog: Innovation Excellence

Innovating Journalism for a New Media World
Blog: Innovation Excellence

Innovation Big & Small
Blog: Innovation Excellence

What If I Choose Wrong?
Blog: Awake at the Wheel, Psychology Today

‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ at Fairfield, as a Classroom Text
The New York Times

3D-Printed Acoustic Guitar

11 Books Every Young Leader Must Read
Harvard Business Review

7 Simple Tech Tools That Can Make Starting Up Easy

How Two College Students Created A Prosthetic Arm For An Eight Year-Old
Co.Exist: Fast Company

How Leaders At Companies From Box To Gore Innovate In Chaos
Fast Company

Applied physics as art
Science Codex

Apple vs. Google: Smartphone war rooted in history of innovation
Newsday, Bloomberg News

Nobel Laureate Explores How Art Impacts the Brain
ABC News

Opinion: Three tsunamis driving innovation in health care
Health Policy Solutions

CARTOON OF THE DAY: ‘Cul de Sac’ creator draws during brain surgery to treat Parkinson’s
Comic Riffs – The Washington Post

China in Hollywood, Hailed and Investigated
The New York Times

Universities Are Vast Copy Machines—and That’s a Good Thing
The Conversation – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Bizarre-Looking Libraries from All Over the World

Discovery and Illustration are Keys to Innovation
Innovation Point of View

A Survival Guide For Beating Information Addiction

On Surpassed Expectations and Nobel Prizes
The Creativity Post

A New Breed of Entrepreneur
Blog: Innovation Excellence

coWonder – a Community That Fosters Ideas

Art and Dentistry Pair Well, According to Dr. Amir Balouch; A history in the creative world has aided this cosmetic dentist’s career ambitions


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