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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler


“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…one step at a time.” – Joe Girard


“If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.” – Tallulah Bankhead


“A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.” – Dutch proverb


“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” – James Joyce


“In the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don’t know any better.” – Michael Crichton


Innovation Quotes of the Week – Oct. 21, 2012
Innovation Excellence


Mitch Ditkoff: 100 Awesome Quotes on What It Really Takes to Innovate
The Huffington Post



2012 ArtScience Labs Annual Innovation Workshop (Video)
The Creativity Post

Compost-Fueled Cars: Wouldn’t That Be Great?
Onion Talks – Ep. 1 – YouTube



NCN Webinar Archives
National Creativity Network

Global Entrepreneurship Week
Kaufmann Foundation
November 12 – 18

Global Entrepreneurship Week Catalyzes Startup Communities Worldwide, New Kauffman Sketchbook Video Illustrates
Kauffman Foundation

State of Creativity Forum
Creative Oklahoma
November 13



New Feature — Chemistry in the Spotlight Just Ironing Things Out…
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Ruottis Run
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery


Why George Lucas Is the Greatest Artist of Our Time
The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education


Looking Ahead
UpNext: The Institute of Museum and Library Services Blog


Michael G. Winston: The Innovation Masters
The Huffington Post


Engineers could solve problems with Congress
Atlanta Journal Constitution


Reverse brain drain: China engineers incentives for “brain gain”


Reverse brain drain: ‘African Lion’ economies vs West’s fast track


Women And STEM Careers: How Microsoft Is Building A Bridge To Future Innovation — One Girl At A Time


Apple Sees Schools Buoying Tablet Lead as Classes Use IPad
SFGate, The San Francisco Chronicle


Building Citywide Systems for Quality A Guide and Case Studies for Afterschool Leaders
The Forum for Youth Investment, The Wallace Foundation


What Jane Austen can teach us about how the brain pays attention
Literally Psyched, Scientific American Blog Network


What Will the Smartphone Kill?
Freakonomics Blog


The World is . . . a Sisyphean Hill of Policy Smackdowns?
Sam Chaltain, The Huffington Post


If You Come out of School Thinking You Are Not Creative, School Failed.
The Creativity Post


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Mario José Molina — Chemist
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Innovation through Creativity: Jumpstarting Your Mind


It’s ‘Innovation Week’ … in Massachusetts
Ideas@Innovations, The Washington Post


Women ‘under-represented’ in emerging nations’ S&T


Creatives and the Crisis
Jobs & Economy, The Atlantic Cities


From Airbnb to Coursera: Government Shouldn’t Regulate the Sharing Economy
Wired Opinion |


Remote Wipe of Customer’s Kindle Highlights Perils of DRM (Updated)
Gadget Lab |


How Companies Inspire


Young People Frequent Libraries, Pew Study Finds
The New York Times


America’s Facebook Generation Is Reading Strong


The Question All Creative Placemakers Should Ask
Next American City


Designing Tech To Stay Ahead Of Cultural Shifts


How to Balance the Art & Science of Teaching
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice.


America Is Innovation


Online Pioneer Steve Case on the Future of Entrepreneurship


A Sputnik moment in San Diego
North County Times


New Viral Aims To ‘Shape The Future And Save The Music’
Screen Magazine


What Happens If TV Goes the Way of Music and Newspapers?
Business, The Atlantic


Ignore the Doomsayers: The Book Industry Is Actually Adapting Well
Entertainment, The Atlantic


Divergent and Convergent Thinking
Blog: Innovation Excellence


WSJ: Let’s Avoid a Bonfire of the Humanities
Independent Women’s Forum


CHARLI Robot Gangnam Style


Communities Aren’t Places, They’re Social Networks
Jobs & Economy, The Atlantic Cities


Ignore the Industry Spin: Latest Tuition and Student-Loan Figures Are Worrisome
Blog: The Conversation, The Chronicle of Higher Education


Psychology professors receive grant to study group creativity
The Shorthorn, UT-Arlington


DreamWorks Animation CEO Katzenberg offers advice


Revolutionary Invention: Hip-Hop and the PC
Bright Ideas – From the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation


Supreme Court Weighing ‘First Sale’ Copyright Doctrine
Threat Level |


As Wiley Case Heads to the Supreme Court, Libraries Join “Owners Rights” Coalition
Publishers Weekly


How to Find What You’re Not Looking for
The Creativity Post


Investing in Innovation: What You Should Know
Scottrade Blog


A Brief History of Inventing Innovation
Harvard Business Review


Without the Humanities, Tech is Useless


7 best new global cities for startups – Creativity meets capitalism


Why We Can’t Solve Big Problems
MIT Technology Review


For The First Time U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Will Measure Contribution of the Arts to Gross Domestic Product
National Endowment for the Arts


Fred Wilson on ed tech: 4 takeaways for educators and entrepreneurs


James M. Gentile: Immigration, Science and Technology
The Huffington Post


Below The Surface: Microsoft Is Why Samsung, Dell And Others Didn’t Invent The iPad
Fast Company


Brain Waves Predict Video Game Aptitude
Science News – redOrbit


Computer Scientist Turned Artist
Inspiring Discoveries | Science | Epoch Times


ROI of design?
Design Thinking Network


Women Who Changed the World Through Science & Engineering: Yvonne C. Brill
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


The Moon en Plein Aire
The X-Change Files, The Science & Entertainment Exchange


You are here (or not)
The Artful Manager |


A Missing Ingredient in Sabbath’s Creative Stew
Blog: Plato on Pop, Psychology Today


The Music Man
Pacific Standard


Labroots launches new site for scientists, engineers, and technology innovators.
Upstart Business Journal


Silicon Valley Nation: STEM, engineering and innovation
EE Times


Ballmer and the culture of innovation
BBC News


How Mobile Technology is Driving Global Entrepreneurship
Brookings Institution


5 technologies that will disrupt the world in 2013


Q&A: Martin Rae, President of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences


Weaving Innovation into the Fabric of Government
Governing Magazine


Eccentricity & Creativity


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Satyendranath Bose — Renowned physicist
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


This Exquisite Forest: A Collaborative Project from Google Chrome and London’s Tate Modern
Blog: Technology in the Arts


Orchestra Plays Symphony Composed of Tweets


What I Learned from Faith Popcorn (and the Next Big Thing)
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovate Like a Squirrel
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Why Creativity will Never Be the Same Again
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The 7 Habits of Highly Playful People
Blog: Play in Mind, Psychology Today


Artificial Intelligence and the Arts
Blog: Createquity


Dyson alleges Bosch employed mole to steal secrets
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, AP


Entrepreneurship advice: How to decide between coworking spaces, accelerators and incubators
On Small Business – The Washington Post


Four Advantages To Being A Female Entrepreneur


How Entrepreneurs Cope With Uncertainty


Universities are crucial to innovation
SFGate, The San Francisco Chronicle


Sci-fi writers help scientists bridge gap between fantasy and reality


The Less-Is-Best Approach to Innovation
Harvard Business Review


Beautiful Bacteria: How To Make Art From E. Coli
The Picture Show : NPR


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Lisa Perez Jackson — Chemical engineer, First African American to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Challenging Open Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Breaking the Sound Barrier with Your Body? Ho-Hum.
Blog: Creating In Flow, Psychology Today


Oldest Writing Nearly Deciphered
Discovery News


A difficult path to walk well: Technological Innovation
The Oxford Student


The 2012 Chicago Innovation Award winners
Chicago Sun-Times


Visionary Entrepreneurs are More Than Idea People
Blog: Startup Professionals Musings


How Successful Companies Sustain Innovation
Fast Company


How Does the Brain Process Art?
Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine


Discovery Rekindles Wish for a Journey to the Stars
The New York Times


The New 6Ps of Radical Innovation for Large Companies
Innovation Excellence


Accelerating Innovation at Dow Corning
Innovation Excellence


Wonder with a Thousand Faces Part 1
Blog: Tracking Wonder, Psychology Today


A Top Dell Exec On Why His Company Didn’t Invent The iPad

Fast Company


First second of daredevil’s dive captures world’s imagination
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


USC, LA Philharmonic team up to examine music’s effect on the brain
89.3 KPCC


First micro-structure atlas of the human brain completed
Business Standard


Jonah Lehrer, Proust, And The Tyranny Of Salami
Science 2.0


Daydreaming Boosts Creativity, Study Suggests
The Huffington Post


Disney, Struggling to Assert an Online Presence, Overhauls
The New York Times


Why The Music Industry Should Be Thanking Illegal Downloaders


A Music-Making Interface That Riffs On The Rubik’s Cube
Co.Design: Fast Company


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Shu Chien — Internationally-known bioengineer, Life-saving researcher in the study of how blood flow and pressure affect blood vessels
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: James Edward West
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Women Who Changed the World Through Science & Engineering: Dian Fossey
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


No one ever bought anything on an elevator
Seth’s Blog


Why Some Brainstorms Suck
Blog: The Tao of Innovation, Psychology Today


Interview with Author and Magician Alex Stone
The Creativity Post


How to Avoid the Wet Blanket Phenomena In Creative Collaborations
The Creativity Post


Every Leader Is an Artist
The Creativity Post


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