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“We have lost the brisk pace of diversity and the genius of individual creativity.” – Barry Goldwater


“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris


“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” – Bertrand Russell


“Night time is really the best time to work.  All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.” – Catherine O’Hara


“Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.” – Henry J. Kaiser


“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” – Niels Bohr


“You … ARE … who you hang out with. What does that say about your day? (Try and add at least one outlier to your portfolio of contacts.)” – Tom Peters


Innovation Quotes of the Week – Nov. 25, 2012
Blog: Innovation Excellence




8 math talks to blow your mind
TED Blog


Watch Nathan Myhrvold’s Talk on Cooking as Modern Art
Ivy League Chefs – Eater National


ZIC ZAZOU upcycles an orchestra to play Carmen
Holy Kaw!


Educating the Heart and Mind
Blog: Sam  Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice.




RISD President John Maeda to Deliver a Keynote Address at AEP National Forum
Arts Education Partnership
April 4 – 5


The National Innovation Summit and Showcase jointly announces its call-for-innovations with TechConnect World 2013 in Washington D.C.
PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee
May 12 – 16


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series


Reclaim Your Creative Confidence
Harvard Business Review


The Four Fears Blocking You from Great Ideas
Harvard Business Review


It’s Not Too Late – What have you done this year?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The Internet Of Things Is People, Innovating
Fast Company


Are Brick-and-Mortar Video-Game Stores Endangered?
The Atlantic


Will Immersive Reading Save Publishing and Kill the Traditional Novel?
Blog: The Kill Zone


YouTube gets its Space in place
Los Angeles Times


Universities struggle with falling invention royalties
Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, USA Today


Local Governments Pursue Independent Broadband Despite Challenges
Governing Magazine


The state of broadband in the U.S. [infographic]


Technologies We Are Thankful For


Who says online courses will cause the death of universities?
Venture Beat


Will a VC fund for celebrities work?
Upstart Business Journal


Challenges that Young Entrepreneurs Face


Neuroscience – Under Attack
The New York Times


Why scientists should care about art
At the Interface,


How the government can turbocharge private-sector innovation


Google launches campaign against possible fees


Genius vs. Talent
Blog: Daniel Pink


Are You Afraid to Innovate?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Demystified: Posting a Facebook Status with Legal Terms Does Not Protect Copyright or Privacy


Head Of The Class: Architecture + Learning
Education on GOOD


Thomas L. Friedman: My Secretary of State
The New York Times


National Endowment for the Arts Awards 832 Art Works Grants Totaling $23.3 million
National Endowment for the Arts


Tech Job Boom Grows Beyond San Francisco’s Nerds: Economy
The San Francisco Chronicle


Scientist maps how brain changes when being creative
Public Radio International


Global Entrepreneurship Barometer Forecasts Sunnier Days for World’s Innovators
Mason News – George Mason University


High School Graduation Rates By State: U.S. Department Of Education Releases First-Ever National Data
The Huffington Post


Pepper and Salt
The Wall Street Journal


Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoman join with Cowboy Technologies, LLC, and i2E, Inc. to create Oklahoma Proof of Concept Center
Oklahoma State University News and Information


Report: Economy boosted entrepreneurship in 2011
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, AP


Rolling Stones are older than U.S. Supreme Court, on average
Detroit Free Press, AP


Where Americans Are Moving


Here’s Why Many Innovation Initiatives Fail
Blog: Innovation Excellence


10 Things You Might Not Know About Atari
Blog: Mental Floss


Anticipation vs. anxiety
Seth’s Blog


Google’s Searches for UnGoogleable Information to Make Mobile Search Smarter
MIT Technology Review


NYU researcher doubts science can contribute to understanding creativity
Public Radio International


Helen Vendler on admitting and nurturing creative undergraduates
Harvard Magazine


More Colleges and Universities Dropping SAT or ACT Admissions Requirement
Education on GOOD


Innovation Spaces – A New Frontier in Collaboration
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Chase Jarvis: How To Train More Creative Minds


A New Front Door for Immigrant Entrepreneurs
The White House


Engineering and Innovation
The University News, St. Louis University


Room for art in science (and vice versa)
Daily Record


Games and businesses have much in common
Wisconsin Technology Network News


Start Designing Your Life
Tim Brown, LinkedIn


The Fixer’s Manifesto: Why Fixing is the Unsung Hero of Creativity
Technology on GOOD


3 Ways To Be A Better Designer


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Luis Walter Alvarez
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Best Questions
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice


Is Gamification Just A Passing Trend?


Innovation Sighting – Music That Morphs
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Monkey Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


TV execs say biz needs to change


South-eastern Europe to harmonise its science policy, innovation
Chemistry World


What Is Crowdfunding And How Does It Benefit The Economy


How To Get The Most Out Of A Startup Accelerator


Beyond ‘Gangnam Style’: Why Korea Is a Pop Culture and Products Powerhouse
Global News, Advertising Age


Business Better Than Usual: L3Cs Put Purpose Above Profit
Business on GOOD


Four More Years of Arne Duncan? That’s the Last Thing our Schools Need
Education on GOOD


A Grand Idea To Revitalize A City, Using Living Art
Co.Design: Fast Company


Women Who Changed the World Through Science & Engineering: Hypatia
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Collaborative Touch Desks Help Students Learn Math Together


Desktop Tool Teaches Kids Stop-Motion Animation


strategy+business Selects Best Innovation Books 2012
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Is Your Work “Good Enough”?
Blog: Creating in Flow, Psychology Today


Partly Baked Ideas Can Scramble Your Neurons
Blog: BrainSnacks, Psychology Today


CourseSmart Analytics, Whispercast: The danger of software that monitors students’ e-reading.
Slate Magazine


A local TV trend: And now, the identical news
The Washington Post


The future of the internet is intelligent machines


Big Pharma’s Role in Supporting the Life Science Innovation Ecosystem


Marc Andreessen Champions Innovation Through Trial and Error, And Error, And


Furniture for Dessert? Meet the Edible Desk Lamp
Environment on GOOD


Staying Ahead When Innovation Itself Is Changing
Fast Company


Americans believe higher education must innovate
news @ Northeastern


Paralyzed By Perfection


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Rebecca Lee Crumpler
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Planning for when things fail
Blog: Technology in the Arts


Joe Pine – Innovate by Fusing Reality and Virtual Reality
Blog: Innovation Excellence


EMC + BIF + BABSON = innovation insights
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Artists Aren’t Afraid Of Doing Things Badly
Blog: Awake at the Wheel, Psychology Today


Our View of Creative Placemaking, Two Years In
Blog: Createquity


DVR use even higher in big cities


Further Evidence Links Creativity, Dishonesty
Pacific Standard


Executing On Mary Meeker’s Vision For America: USA Inc.


Fahrenheit Portrait: Scientists Make Computer Picture Of Physicist’s Face Using Images Of His Relatives
The Huffington Post


China film studios plan Shanghai stock offerings
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, AP


Lenovo President On Apple: “The Winners Of Today Will Be The Losers Of Tomorrow”
Fast Company


Research should be produced, not just published
The Ubiquitous Librarian – The Chronicle of Higher Education


An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Patents: How To Determine Whether They Are Right For Your Company


Entrepreneurs Assess Their Ecosystems


G.E. Looks to Industry for the Next Digital Disruption
The New York Times


Nintendo’s Wii U Takes Aim at a Changed Video Game World
The New York Times


Genius Not Required: Why Anyone Can Learn to Code
Technology on GOOD


The New 6Ps of Radical Innovation for Large Companies – #5 PERSISTENCE
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Twitter – An Important Tool for Innovation Efforts
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Your e-reader is watching


A New Definition of Networking


3 ways make your workplace more creative
Holy Kaw!


Google Now awarded Popular Science’s Innovation of the Year
Blog: Engadget


Andrew Marr: Can good design save the economy?
BBC News


A Case For Tax Evasion In The Informal Economy
Fast Company


2012: The year of technological innovation
Ottawa Citizen


Grading Schools Isn’t the Answer. It’s the Problem.
The New York Times


Everyday Innovators, Innovative Work Practices in the Cultural Sector
IETM, International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies


UNESCO commissions ‘World Heritage: Benefits beyond borders’
UNESCO, International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies


In China Schools, a Culture of Bribery Spreads
The New York Times


Learning by Design: It’s Not What You Know, But How You Think
Design on GOOD


Where the Girls Aren’t: Geena Davis Aims to Smash Stereotypes in Kids’ TV and Movies
Media on GOOD


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Abelardo Aguilar
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


The Growing Competition for Students: Online Schools Storm the Ivory Tower
The Creativity Post


The decline of fascination and the rise in ennui
Seth’s Blog


Bookstore Leaves Novels Around The City For People To Find


A Twinkie Dissected Into Its 37 Ingredients [Pics]


Intersectional Thinking with Frans Johansson
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovation Balancing Act
Blog: Innovation Excellence


From Tragedy to Art Part II
Blog: Life as Art, Psychology Today


Anger and Creativity
Blog: Psychology Masala, Psychology Today


New Zealand Wants a Hollywood Put on Its Map
The New York Times


The Top Ten Reasons Why The Top Ten Reasons Don’t Matter
The Huffington Post


An ‘Uber’ Problem for Cities: Balancing Innovation with Regulation


Is It Possible To Innovate Without “Innovating”?
Fast Company


Xerox Designs System to Reduce Busywork for Nurses
MIT Technology Review


Rethinking Failure
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Don’t Innovate. Create a Culture of Innovation


Can Selective Immigration Help the Innovation Crisis?
The Huffington Post


What is a Half-Urban World?
New Geography


7 Additional Compelling Breakthroughs
Scientific American


Tech Start-Ups Find a Home on the Prairie
The New York Times


New program empowers women in tech startups
University of Florida News




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