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“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” – Tom Peters


“Everyone has at least one great idea for a patent, if you can just figure out which idea it is.” – Bob Friedlander + James Kraemer | 120+ patents, 350+ pending


“When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


“I never did very well in math — I could never seem to persuade the teacher that I hadn’t meant my answers literally.” – Calvin Trillin


“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” – Carl Jung


“No enemy is worse than bad advice.” – Sophocles


Innovation Quotes of the Week – Jan. 20, 2013
Blog: Innovation Excellence




How Imagination Changes the Brain
Blog: Mental Floss


8 Insights About The Coming Era Of Interactive Design
Co.Design: Fast Company


Hollywood: Through The Google Glass
The X-Change Files, The Science & Entertainment Exchange


J.U.S-Innovation (Official Music Video)



NCN Webinars
National Creativity Network
February 21, March 21

Missed January’s webinar? See it here.


South by Southwest Conference 2013
March 4 – 7


Powering Student Learning Interactive Workshop
National Art Education Association, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and Crayola
March 6


Global Grand Challenges Summit Announced
National Academy of Engineering
March 12 – 13


RISD President John Maeda to Deliver a Keynote Address at AEP National Forum
Arts Education Partnership
April 4 – 5


The National Innovation Summit and Showcase jointly announces its call-for-innovations with TechConnect World 2013 in Washington D.C.
PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee
May 12 – 16


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series




National Creativity Network Announces Dr. Dennis W. Cheek As Its Inaugural Executive Director
National Creativity Network


World Economic Forum – Innovation Imperative from Davos
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The 2013 World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum


24/7: 10 most innovative companies in the world
USA Today


4 Good Ways to Get Great Ideas
Blog: Creating In Flow, Psychology Today


How to Increase Your Luck: Q&A with Frans Johansson
Blog: The Science of Luck, Psychology Today


Zen and the Art of Embracing Rejection
Blog: Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life, Psychology Today


How to sell to the man in the chair
Blog: Daniel Pink


GE Global Innovation Survey – Leaders Feeling Effects of Innovation Vertigo
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Seth’s Blog


Five New Lessons From Salman Khan On Reinventing Education
The Creativity Post


Carnegie Mellon Offers First-of-its-Kind Program In Learning Science and Engineering
The Creativity Post


Entrepreneur vs Wantrepreneur: Knowing When to Quit


The 1 Percent: How We’ve Engaged 15,000 Designers to Donate Their Services
Design on GOOD


Hack the Planet: Why Code Scouts is Helping Women Join the Tech Community
Technology on GOOD


Wisconsin scientists honored for records of invention
UW-Madison News


A Casualty on the Battlefield of Amazon’s Partisan Book Reviews
The New York Times


The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning
The Wallace Foundation


American Innovation: Is the US Losing its Edge?
NBR | Nightly Business Report


America Still Leading the Charge in Global Innovation
NBR | Nightly Business Report


How To Become An Entrepreneur In 12 Weeks: A Case Study


Where U.S. R&D Dollars Go
MIT Technology Review


Kid b
The Creativity Post


Is Innovation Part of Your Organization’s DNA?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


How Technology Is Creating Blockbuster Hits


Study Shows How Classroom Design Affects Student Learning
Co.Design: Fast Company


In Collaborative Project, Designers Create 50 New Logos For The Rolling Stones


U of A physics team cracks 100 year old science mystery
Faculty of Science – University of Alberta


Solving Problems The Square Way
Fast Company


Iowa Supreme Court gives speech protections to online publishing firms _ but not individuals
The Washington Post


Zombie Talk: The Night of the Living Dead
Blog: Digital Pandemic, Psychology Today


Daniel Burrus: There Is a Science and an Art to Every Profession
The Huffington Post


Bruce E. Whitacre: Theater Education Programs Are in Demand for Workforce Creativity
The Huffington Post


Elysabeth Alfano: Does Business Need the Arts to Be Innovative? Five Executives Weigh In
The Huffington Post


Colour Outside the Lines Launch Video


One Man Makes His Medical Records Public to Cure His Brain Cancer
Living on GOOD


“Standardization” is not a dirty word
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice.


How Academia Betrayed and Continues to Betray Aaron Swartz
The Creativity Post


Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Neil deGrasse Tyson — Astrophysicist and Science Communicator
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Op Ed: How to Get America Online
The New York Times


Boeing Shows How Innovation Can Be Messy
The Wall Street Journal


Cartoonist Barry urges adults to use creativity
Appleton Post-Crescent


Company Creates Google Docs For Engineering And Design [Future Of Work]


Radical openness: Q&A with authors Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams
TED Blog


A Collection Of Hilarious Wrong Test Answers From Creative Students


This ‘Wonderbag’ Could Keep Women Safer and Limit Millions of Tons of Carbon
Creativity on GOOD


Adaptive Innovation: Launch, Learn, Repeat
Blog: Design Thinking


Art and science collide for CASE event
The Independent Florida Alligator
January 25 – 26


Science Art Cabaret
UB Reporter
January 30


Tech experts in public and private sector convene for first ‘Data Innovation Day’
Blog: Ideas@Innovations, The Washington Post


Internet’s Pace Of Innovation Will Force The Data Center To Open Up


Cool Friends: Ed Michaels


Sell Microsoft NOW – Game over, Ballmer loses
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Increasing Luck for Businesses and Introverts
Blog: The Science of Luck, Psychology Today


National Cultural Policy will ‘drive economy’, says Simon Crean
The Australian


Rage Against the Machine
The Smart Set, Drexel University


Patent Pools: Do They Kill Innovation?


SNAAP DataBrief
Strategic National Arts Alumni Project


Illiteracy Costs The Global Economy $1 Trillion
Business on GOOD


A Look At The New “Kinect” For Smartphones
Co.Design: Fast Company


Redesigning ‘Service’: Why I Started a Design Group That Gives Away Half Its Work for Free
Design on GOOD


Jon Schwartz & The Kids Like Blues Band Program: How technology and music help children learn
Blog: Technology in the Arts


More Than Words: Teaching Black Students About the Achievement Gap
Education on GOOD


The Pricing of Social Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


How Dreamworks, LinkedIn and Google Build Intrapreneurial Cultures
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The Fabulous Five and the Scramble for Territory
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Go Full Frontal to Be Smart
Blog: Make Your Brain Smarter, Psychology Today


Peter Thiel Talks The Future Of Education, The Need For Innovation And Why Facebook Won At DLD


Great Innovators Are Great Communicators


12 Great Motivational Quotes for 2013


6 Startup Lessons From Designers At Pinterest, Fuseproject, And Behance
Co.Design: Fast Company


I Am a Princess: Disney Redefines the Term With Real Girls
Education on GOOD


Participation, Not Marginalization: Using People’s Stories for Social Good
Creativity on GOOD


Mathematical Algorithm Claims To Predict A Movie’s Success
[Video] – PSFK


Your Electrifying Creative Destiny
Blog: The Gift of ADHD, Psychology Today


Why Couldn’t Jean Valjean Have Been More Creative?
Blog: And All That Jazz, Psychology Today


Dish closing 35% of Blockbuster stores


Nearly Half of the World’s Entrepreneurs Are Between The Ages Of 25-44 According To Global Entrepreneurship Report
Babson College


Dogfish Accelerator Launches the First Business Development Lab for Independent Film


The Future Of Coworking And Why It Will Give Your Business A Huge Edge
Fast Company


Doctor’s hands serve science and art
Lake Forester


Scientists awarded top prize, Xi urges innovation-driven growth
Global Times, China


New Leaders Inc. C.E.O. on Giving Children a Chance
The New York Times


Why You Should Invest in the Front End of Innovation
Front End of Innovation Blog


Do Less: A Short Guide


Exactly the same vs. exactly different
Seth’s Blog


Why You’ll Never Send Another Email [Future Of Work]


Wrong Way Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


2013 Innovation WIsdom – Make Mistakes
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Igniting the Invisible Tribe – designing an organization that doesn’t suck
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Want More Innovation? Establish Investments & Priorities
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Secret Ingredient for Success
The New York Times


College students develop apps to help kids with algebra
The Oshkosh Northwestern, AP



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