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“The mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch


“That which has always been accepted by everyone, everywhere is almost certain to be false.” – Paul Valery


“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” – Winston Churchill


“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while the pessimist sees only the red stoplight…The truly wise person is colorblind.” – Albert Schweitzer


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


“A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist.” – Vladimir Nabokov


Innovation Quotes of the Week – Feb. 3, 2013
Blog: Innovation Excellence



Mitch Resnick: Let’s teach kids to code
Video on


Fun, interesting science? 10 amazing online sources


The Most Beautiful Science of 2012


Painted On Canvas
Blog: Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice.



NCN Webinars
National Creativity Network
February 21, March 21

Missed January’s webinar? See it here.


“Educating for Creative Minds: Using Brain Science to Ignite Innovation and Imagination”
Learning and the Brain Society
February 14 – 16


South by Southwest Conference 2013
March 4 – 7


Powering Student Learning Interactive Workshop
National Art Education Association, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and Crayola
March 6


Global Grand Challenges Summit Announced
National Academy of Engineering
March 12 – 13


RISD President John Maeda to Deliver a Keynote Address at AEP National Forum
Arts Education Partnership
April 4 – 5


NYLA – Live Ideas
New York Live Arts
April 17 – 21


The National Innovation Summit and Showcase jointly announces its call-for-innovations with TechConnect World 2013 in Washington D.C.
PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee
May 12 – 16


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series



50 Most Innovative Countries: Innovation Index Revealed


Biomimicry for Creative Innovation
Joshua Foss | Design, Vision, Placemaking, Capacity Building


Innovation Communities Report Released
Blog: Innovation Excellence


10 Apps for Creativity
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask Itself
Co.Design: Fast Company


Midnight Lunch – How Thomas Edison Collaborated
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The Future of Talent Is in Clusters
Harvard Business Review


Op-ed: Publishers’ fear of e-books is hurting libraries
Opinion | The Seattle Times


Do Gifted Kids Want to Be A Scientific Genius Today?
Blog: Finding the Next Einstein, Psychology Today


My Top 10 Innovations of All Time
Blog: Innovation Excellence


5 Basic Steps To Benefit From Your Creativity


Six social-media skills every leader needs
McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Innovation


Americas Loss is Indias Gain


Immigration Reform: Stop Ejecting the Brightest Minds From America
Sequoia Capital


20 Notable Black Innovators in Tech


John M. Eger: Eliminating the Silos in Education
The Huffington Post


Cultural Alliance outlines three-year ‘Creative Birmingham’ initiative


STEM alone won’t breed innovation
Green Bay Press Gazette USA Today


Reflections on Davos 2013
Blog: Design Thinking


Harrods shuts lid on piano departments as sales drops
The Telegraph, UK


Singing the ABCs in 8 Different Languages
Mental Floss


A Year at Mission Hill: Reimagining Public Education
Sam Chaltain on Prezi


The Pew Research Center’s report on Arts and Technology
Blog: Technology in the Arts


Cities Must Strategize To Boost Service Workers’ Pay


The Innovation Bottom Line
MIT Sloan Management Review


Samsung Launches Strategy And Innovation Center, Will Invest $1.1 Billion On Innovation Through Two Funds


IBM Creates a New Way to Make Faster and Smaller Transistors
MIT Technology Review


Advancing the Debate: Why 2013 Is (or Isn’t) Right for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Governing Magazine


U.S. leads the way in innovation, patenting activity
Upstart Business Journal


Presidential Innovation Fellows, round two
Startup Lessons Learned


15 innovators’ hangouts
Innovation –


Boys and science: The gender gap and how to maintain it
Science |


Why Traditional Publishing Is Really In A ‘Golden Age’


Richard Florida, Henry Ford, and Minimum Wage
Next Generation Consulting


Technology Integration Research Review


State, Federal Ed-Tech Leadership Seen as Key to Innovation
Education Week


New Reasons to Dislike Multiple-Choice Testing


Music Over a Lifespan
Blog: Music Maker, Psychology Today


Read a Poem Today
Blog: Open Gently, Psychology Today


Mario Livio: When Science Met Art
The Huffington Post


How Status Quo Bias Can Kill Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


18 Complicated Scientific Ideas Explained Simply
Blog: Mental Floss


11 Surreal Works Of Art Inspired By Space
Popular Science


Scarcity and abundance in the digital age
Seth’s Blog


Let’s fix science education: A Q&A with author Ainissa Ramirez
TED Blog


The Ikea Effect
Blog: The Artful Manager


‘A’ Design Award And Competition’ That’s Open To All Creative Disciplines
Deadline: February 28


Does the Government Hurt Innovation?


Patent Reform, System Should Be Abolished, Fed Economists Say
The Huffington Post


With $2.3M From Vint Cerf & More, Tech Pioneer Judy Estrin Unveils EvntLive, The Web’s New Interactive Concert Hall


A 3D Printer That Generates Human Embryonic Stem Cells


The Largest Girl-Led Business in the World Teaches 5 Essential Leadership Skills
Education on GOOD


12 Stories of Innovation in Practice


Creativity’s Role in Education
Blog: Design Thinking


Innovation Blueprints for Long-Term American Success


Amazon wins broad patent on reselling and lending ‘used’ digital goods


25 billion served up: iTunes reaches milestone
Yahoo! News, AP


The Psychology of Rejection & Criticism with Mark McGuinness
Blog: Tracking Wonder, Psychology Today


Instruments Use Natural Human Movements To Make Music [Video]


Books to get you ready for TED2013
TED Blog


Business and Labor Unite to Try to Alter Immigration Laws
The New York Times


Opinion: America’s Genius Glut
The New York Times


Take A Stunning Photographic Tour Of Life On Earth
Co.Create: Fast Company


Learning From Edison, Sarah Miller Caldicott’s New Book Explores Collaborative Innovation
Fast Company


Shrinking the Surfboard Carbon Footprint by Turning it into Art
Environment on GOOD


Athletes Transform Into Music Icons, Recreate Famous Album Covers


Retrobituaries: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie, Inventor of Monopoly
Blog: Mental Floss


Your Organization is a Cult!
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovation Happens in the Gaps
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Redefines the Spoiler Alert
The New York Times


Nasty artsy words clutter our culture
The Australian


Tracking the Pack
The New York Times


Other People Might Be Selling More on Amazon Than Amazon Does
Wired Business |


Does the functionality of your small finger determine your ability to master the violin?


Art-science collaborative to debut at Museum of Science


Hacking Energy Culture: Join a Hackathon with GOOD at MICA
Technology on GOOD


Guest Blogger USA Science & Engineering Festival Fan Dr. Jessica Carilli Offers Humorous Insight into Why One SHOULD Go to Grad School
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Why Your Business Needs More Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Can We Overturn Built-in Innovation Legacy?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The New Script for Teaching Handwriting Is No Script at All
The Wall Street Journal


From across the Atlantic, Racinian gives violin lessons to students at home
Racine Journal Times


Website taps into kids’ curiosity
Green Bay Press Gazette, USA Today


Paracosms, loyalty and reality in the pursuit of creative problem solving
Seth’s Blog


The Fading Differentiation between City and Suburb


Innovation and the Wealth of Cities
Jobs & Economy, The Atlantic Cities


Kabul’s DIY Skateboard Workshop: Skateistan Launches Afghan-Native American Exchange
Creativity on GOOD


President Obama Awards IBM Scientists with National Medal of Technology and Innovation for Inventing the Underlying Technology in LASIK Surgery
International Business Times


Climate science comes alive as art
Mother Nature Network


A diet for your mind
Seth’s Blog


Connecticut and Texas aim to grow STEM enrollment, but take different approaches
Inside Higher Ed


Growing old artistically
The Brain Bank


Retail Stores Will Die, Says Marc Andreessen
Business Insider


Should Your Business Be Nonprofit or For-Profit?
Harvard Business Review


Patenting and Innovation in Metropolitan America
Brookings Institution


Can Video Games Change the World?
Innovation Management


The Art Of Science


More Lessons About Charter Schools
The New York Times


App Therapy: What Building Spacebook Taught Me About Finishing Something
Technology on GOOD


Tying Yourself to the Mast
The Creativity Post


Crovitz: The Economics of Immigration
The Wall Street Journal


Review & Outlook: Barbarians at the Digital Gate
The Wall Street Journal


Innovators Prepare like Roald Amundsen
Blog: Innovation Excellence


A Genius’ Creative Life: The Nobel Laureate Chandra
Blog: Psychology Masala, Psychology Today


‘Sharp Suits’: Graphic Designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy Channel Anger Into Hilarious Illustrations Of Clients’ Worst Feedback
The Huffington Post


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