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“A capacity for imagination cannot be outsourced. It is our greatest domestic renewable resource.” – Eric Liu & Scott Noppe-Brandon


“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.” –  William James


“The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.” – Alfred North Whitehead


“If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.” – Alfred Nobel


“Fear paralyzes; curiosity empowers. Be more interested than afraid.” – Patricia Alexander


“We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.” – Carol Burnett


“Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.” – William Van Horne


Pictures: 25 Motivational Quotes to Jump Start Your Week





What are the barriers to creativity in education?


Barriers to Creativity in Education: Educators and Parents Grade the System


Infographic: Barriers to Creativity in Education


Generating a portrait from a hair: The work of Heather Dewey-Hagborg
TED Blog


How to Pitch Better: The Rhyming Pitch
Daniel Pink


The Heart of the Matter





Designed Future 2013: Design Education Conference
The DESIGN-ED Coalition
June 28 – 29


State of Creativity Forum

Creative Oklahoma
November 19


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series


Sir Ken Robinson: Building a Culture of Innovation
Alternative Education Resource Organization | YouTube




Creativity, math, and 12-tone music
Boing Boing


Former Professor of Art Challenges Science Interns to Find Deeper Meaning in Research; George Mason University and The National Institutes of Health Accept Challenge


Agnes Gund: Creativity Every Single Day
The Huffington Post


Why Should Children Study the Arts?
The Creativity Post


10 open source projects that are leading innovation
Tech Republic


Innovation Index
Illinois Innovation Network


Imagination Can Change Perceptions of Reality
Blog: The Athlete’s Way | Psychology Today


The End Of Advertising As We Know It–And What To Do Now
Co.Create | Fast Company


Millennials Genuinely Think They Can Change The World And Their Communities
Co.Exist | Fast Company


The Cognitive Bias Keeping Us from Innovating
Harvard Business Review


Why Mexico Will Be Latin America’s Tech Leader
ABC News


Visual trademarks law may boost creativity
Science-Tech |


Science Art in Everyday Life
Symbiartic, Scientific American Blog Network


Linda Rosen: STEM Is a Liberal Art
The Huffington Post




Think tank counters dystopian science fiction’s ‘wet blanket effect’ on innovation
Wired UK


Why 20% Time is Good for Schools


Celebrating Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Kalpana Chawla!
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


The Truth About Having Time to Create
The Creativity Post


Education Innovation – Zombie-Based Learning
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Want to Be a Creative Leader? Look to the Garden
Design Thinking Blog


Adorable, Minimalist Illustrations That Would Brighten Your Day


Fixedness: A Barrier to Creative Output
Blog: Inside The Box | Psychology Today


Want to be More Creative? Start Keeping More Boring Hours
Co.Create | Fast Company


Neuro Design Lab Startup Aims To Unlock Creativity
Co.Create | Fast Company


Tim Elmore: Left-Brain Schools in a Right-Brain World
The Huffington Post


Overview of Past and Future Brain Research Projects
Science World Report


Stunning science: 2013 Research as Art competition – in pictures
Science |


How 5 Young Women Are Attacking Education, Healthcare And The Environment


A new design for engineering education
The Daily Californian


We the Geeks: Innovation for Global Good
The White House
June 27


White House announces new innovation efforts in materials science
Innovations | The Washington Post


Science, technology investment needed
News OK


Nerds? No way: UT program fosters engineering creativity in ninth-graders
Knoxville News Sentinel


Eye Level Learning Centers Inspire Preschoolers to Play Math
PRNewswire | Rock Hill Herald Online


Are These America’s Brainiest Cities?
The Atlantic Cities


You don’t have to like new art, but it helps to understand it
Seth’s Blog


Strike! Innovation is on strike!
Blog: Innovation Excellence


What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Innovation?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Making Innovation Second Nature
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Infographics Dissect And Explain Pixar Movies


How to Turn an Empty Space into a Pop-Up Community Hub
Community on GOOD


Is Personalization in Education About Students or Profit?
Education on GOOD


Cursive for Your Brain?
Blog: Play In Mind | Psychology Today


Science Rules on Big Brother 14
The XChange Files | The Science & Entertainment Exchange


Little Good News from Barnes & Noble
Publishers Weekly


To Stay Focused, Listen to Mozart
Pacific Standard


Happier Spending
The New York Times


Privacy and the Threat to the Self
The New York Times


A Case for the Humanities Not Made
The New York Times


Stop Believing The Creative Mythology
The Creativity Post


Canada’s science, tech brain power counted by StatsCan
Ottawa Citizen


Green Evaluation: China’s Latest Reform to Deemphasize Testing
Blog: Education in the Age of Globalization 


China’s innovation engine picks up speed
McKinsey & Company


Innovation Generation, an effort to get Latinos in tech jobs


Cooking up innovation
MIT News Office


People Get the ’90% Of Everything Is Crap’ Law All Wrong
Business Insider


What neuroscience reveals — or doesn’t — about the mind
The Washington Post


Karping About Creativity 06/24/2013
MediaPost Publications


Forty Women to Watch over 40
Blog: Tech Cocktail


The Zen Of Innovation Leadership: ‘And’


New Research: Where the Talent Wars Are Hottest
Harvard Business Review


Do Economic Developers know what they are doing? The Curmudgeon in Wonderland!
Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development


New SNAAP Report Focuses on the Impact of Gender, Race and Socioeconomic Status of America’s Arts Graduates
Strategic National Arts Alumni Project


5 Monster Management Lessons From Pixar
Co.Create | Fast Company


At RISD forum with Rep. Cicilline, Nancy Pelosi talks about science, art and an economic rebound
The Providence Journal


Companies back STEM efforts as Maryland seeks to revamp science education
Baltimore Sun


Arne Duncan: Common Core Transition Will Give States More Time To Make Evaluations Count
The Huffington Post


Making Innovation Second Nature
Blog: Innovation Excellence


There’s Nothing Perfect About Perfectionism


Pakistani Artist Turns Drones Into Folk Art
Art on GOOD


David Shook Wants It to Rain Poetry With ‘The Poetry Drone’
Technology on GOOD


Make Room for Discovery: Five Simple Steps For Explorers
Education on GOOD


Project Scientist: Inspiring the Next Generation of Females
Blog: Finding the Next Einstein | Psychology Today


Where There Is Hope, There Is Creativity
Blog: Inside The Box | Psychology Today


Katrina Ohstrom’s Photography Captures Recently Closed, Abandoned Schools In Philadelphia
The Huffington Post


In e-books case closing arguments, Apple warns of “chilling effect”
Ars Technica


Movies of the Future
The New York Times


Cord cutters alert: 60 million Americans now use an antenna to watch free TV
Tech News and Analysis | Gigaom


3D Brain Map: New ‘BigBrain’ Atlas Called Most Detailed Ever Created
The Huffington Post


How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity
The New York Times


‘Coffitivity’ Brings the Productivity-Boosting Hum of a Coffee Shop to Your Home
Business on GOOD


Innovation institute to broaden U.S. palette of advanced materials
UW-Madison News


Why wonder is the most human of all emotions

10 Questions Still Baffling Scientists
Blog: Mental Floss


Five ingredients for innovation
Innovations | The Washington Post


Why Don’t Big Companies Innovate More?


Why Entrepreneurship Matters to Black America
The Congressional Black Caucus


Can This One Greek Word Improve Your Work And Life?
Fast Company


Science Of Jazz: A Mapping App Merges Art And Technology


Has neuroscience left us ‘Brainwashed’?
USA Today


The Art of Science
The Scientist Magazine®


Internet Sales Tax Bill Faces Hurdles
Governing Magazine


Nanosilver by Nifty Fifty Speaker Dr. Joe Schwarcz
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Tips on Innovation Learned from Creative Geniuses
The Creativity Post


What Pixar Shorts Can Teach Us About Innovation
Blog: Innovation Excellence


If you Imagine it, it’s Possible
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Can You Recognise a Good Idea?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Education Revolution: Help Us Reach the Tipping Point
Blog: Freedom to Learn | Psychology Today


Heirs of Infocom: Where interactive fiction authors and games stand today
Ars Technica


When will video gamers use their power for good?


The Decline and Fall of the English Major
The New York Times


Read Fiction and Be a Better Leader
HBR IdeaCast | Harvard Business Review


The Humanist Vocation
The New York Times


Paula Deen Racism Hashtag: That’s All You’ve Got, Twitter?
The Root


Social Networking in the 1600s
The New York Times


Giggem Helps Musicians Find Bandmates, Managers and Labels


Welcome to the New Home Office
Wall Street Journal

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