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“Creativity can be allocated, it can be budgeted, it can be measured, it can be tracked and encouraged–but it can’t be dictated.” – Jonathan Rosenberg


“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” – Diana Scharf Hunt


“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Ellen Parr


“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.” – John F. Kennedy


“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” – Immanuel Kant


Innovation Quotes of the Week – July 28, 2013
Blog: Innovation Excellence



Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]


A 3D printed future: 10 surprising things we could see printed soon
TED Blog


Katie Salen on the Power of Game-Based Learning
Big Thinkers Series | Edutopia



Beakerhead Blog: Where science meets art
Calgary Herald
September 11 – 15


State of Creativity Forum

Creative Oklahoma
November 19


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series


University leaders warn Obama of ‘innovation deficit’
Boulder Daily Camera


The Engineer Of The Future


Art exhibits inspired by science fiction and medicine
Washington Post


Pixar’s John Lasseter on Steve Jobs, Creativity, and Disney Infinity
Fast Company


PBS to Premiere BRAINS ON TRIAL with ALAN ALDA, 9/11


Kindergarten coders can program before they can read
New Scientist


Arts majors jump ahead of tech grads in landing jobs
Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, USA Today


U.S. Adults Now Spending More Time on Digital Devices Than Watching TV


Celebrating Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Ronald Mickens
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Scientists ‘freeze’ light for an entire minute


Where In the World of University Research
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Five Ways that Games are More than Just Fun
Business on GOOD


Why artists are not actually mad but just artistic

The Globe and Mail


Neuroscience hype: Is brain science still trendy?
Slate Magazine


Cartoonist Lynda Barry leads a brainy ‘drawing jam’
The Capital Times
August 3


To ’60s Civil Rights Hero, Math Is Kids’ Formula For Success
Wisconsin Public Radio News


What’s an Idea Worth?
The New York Times


Who put the ‘Gee’ in the GDP?
Blog: The Artful Manager


What Is ‘Seinfeld’ Worth?
The New York Times


Should U.S. GDP count ‘The Bachelorette’?


Hot U.S. Cities That Offer Both Jobs and Culture Are Mostly Southern and Modest Sized
The Daily Beast


Thanks, Internet. You Killed the Mystery of the Music Bargain Bin
Underwire |


Parasite journalism: is aggregation as bad as plagiarism?


Giving Children a Foundation for Learning
UpNext: The IMLS Blog


Innovation’s Rainbow Effect
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Disruptive Innovation Theory Revisited: Christensen, Hatkoff & Kula
Blog: Innovation Excellence


To Benefit From Technology, We Need to Understand Psychology
The Creativity Post


Will Other U.S. Cities Follow in Detroit’s Footsteps?
PBS NewsHour


America’s Engineering Hubs: The Cities With The Greatest Capacity For Innovation


University of Florida engineering professor recognized with ‘Oscar of Innovation’
University of Florida News


All 100 award winners may be found here.


Curb Appeal: Judging Cities for Science
Fast Company


EU pushes through Unified Patent Court


7 Innovation Myths That Kill Performance


Infographic: The World’s Technology Hubs
MIT Technology Review


Why Simple Communication is Complex
Blog: Design Thinking


How Technology Is Changing The Way Organizations Learn
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovation – Leader or Follower?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Five Ways to Innovate Faster
Harvard Business Review


6 mind-bending talks about biologically inspired art
TED Blog


Making Time for the Arts
Blog: The Creativity Post


Silicon Valley’s Bid for $100 Billion Slowed by Hollywood
Digital | Advertising Age


If You Think You Have The Answer


Innovation is Oxygen


Innovative math workshop gets grant to expand program
Innovation Trail


Video feature: Art of Science 2013 celebrates the ‘unpredictability of beauty’
Princeton University


Five Purdue innovations receive more than $200,000
Purdue Exponent: Campus


Creativity in Constraint: Exploiting the Boundaries
Music Think Tank


SAN FRANCISCO: The First Latin American Innovation Summit Begins Tuesday in Partnership with the Institute for Large Scale Innovation and the Government of Chile
Business Wire | Rock Hill Herald Online


We don’t need more humanities majors
Innovations | The Washington Post


Universities Drive Innovation As Business Incubators


Coming Clean on Innovation


Help Spark Girls’ Interest in STEM Careers: TopCoder Hosting $10,000 STEM-Themed Poster Contest
PR Newswire | The Sacramento Bee
Deadline: August 31


10 Emerging Educational Technologies & How They Are Being Used Across the Globe
Blog: Innovation Excellence


Innovation Toolkit
Blog: Innovation Excellence


‘Bucking the system’ by Patrick Le Quément
Blog: Innovation Excellence


With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear
TRIUMF : Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics


CT Innovations, Dept. of Economic Development seeks creative ideas
New Britain Herald


Gorgeous Collages Show New Yorkers That They Can ‘Recycle Everything’
Creativity Online


How neuroscience helped to rescue Romanian orphans


A Super Graphic Look At The Whole Universe Of Comics
Co.Create | Fast Company


Unequal Classrooms: What Online Education Cannot Teach
The Conversation | The Chronicle of Higher Education


Experiencing art: it’s a whole-brain issue, stupid!


Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation
Stanford Online, YouTube


America Is Innovation
The Creativity Post


Join the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Recognizing “National Science Week”!
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Infographic: The Amount Of Online Activity That Goes On Every 60 Seconds


Brain drain may be world’s worst
China Daily


How To Cultivate Innovation


In Immigration Debate, Silicon Valley Fights for its Future
MIT Technology Review


D.C. creates free incubator space, but there’s just one catch


Art and science: ‘different ways of engaging with what matters’
The Guardian


Reading Art through Science


VCR’s Past Is Guiding Television’s Future
The New York Times


Contest To Fuel Wearable Technology Innovation
Engineering On The Edge


Ed-Tech Chief Posits Five Innovation Questions for Schools
Marketplace K-12 | Education Week


Has technology ruined handwriting?
CNN Tech


Study Finds $251 Million Economic Impact from Incubators Created by NYU-Poly with New York City and State
PR Newswire, Sacramento Bee


Luis Sosa, technology innovation for all in Latin America


Patent Law Broken, Abused to Stifle Innovation
Innovation Insights |


Perhaps you could just make something awesome instead
Seth’s Blog


Big Companies Face Innovation Decline, Investors Claim


A dangerous trajectory for medical innovation
Other Views |


Understanding creativity, across sectors and across cultures
CORDIS | European Commission


In Price War, Amazon Discounts Go Deeper Than Ever
Blog: Shelf Awareness


Blundering Toward Truth
Blog: Creating In Flow | Psychology Today


Educating Future Innovators
Blog: Innovation Excellence


What Does Innovation Mean for Smaller Business?
Blog: Innovation Excellence


The Project Zero Classroom: Reflecting on an Experience
Making Thinking Happen


Literature Therapy Program Delivers Personalized Reading Lists [Future Of Home Living]


Creative Management Lessons From The Difficult Men Who Changed Television
Co.Create | Fast Company


Austin Technology Council Announces Priorities to Strengthen Tech Leadership and Realize Austin as Global Innovation Hub


George Lucas’ $50 movie ticket idea may have merit

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