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“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” – Lauren Bacall


“Man is an imagining being.” – Gaston Bachelard


“What was given to us by the past is adapted to the possibilities of the future.” – Carl Jung


“It is not strange…to mistake change for progress.” – Millard Fillmore


“Knowledge slowly builds up what Ignorance in an hour pulls down.” – George Eliot


“It’s easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date.” – Roger von Oech




Professor Angela McRobbie: ‘Unpacking the Politics of the Creative Economy’
ARC: Adventures in Research/Creation


Christmas Carol Transformed Into A Real-Life Price Index [Video]
Christmas Carol Transformed Into A Real-Life Price Index [Video]PSFK


11 fascinating talks from TEDWomen
TED Blog





U.S. Space & Rocket Center exhibition explores art, science of DaVinci
Through March 2


“Science in Fiction” Kavli Science Video Contest!
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog
Deadline: March 24


Massachusetts Celebrates Two Decades of Public Investment in the Creative Potential of Young | National Summit Planned for March 2014 in Boston
Mass Cultural Council
March 27 – 29


USA Science & Engineering Festival to Host U.S. News STEM Solutions National Conference
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog
April 23 – 25


USA Science and Engineering Festival
USA Science and Engeineering Festival
April 26 – 27


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series





The Truth About The Left Brain / Right Brain Relationship
13.7: Cosmos And Culture | NPR


Reading the PISA Tea Leaves: Who Is Responsible for Finland’s Decline and the Asian Magic
Education in the Age of Globalization


Developing a Participatory Approach to Fostering Creativity Through Education
The Creativity Post


RISD President John Maeda to Join Kleiner Perkins as Partner and eBay
News | AllThingsD


Lego Evolving For The Worst?


Canada facing engineer shortage
St. Albert Leader


How the Innovation Economy is Turning Makers Into Manufacturers
Popular Mechanics


Steve Case: Don’t let the United States turn into Detroit
The Washington Post


Using Regional Economic Development Strategies To Diagnose And Treat Skill Gaps


The Need for Belonging in Math and Science
The Creativity Post


What Fuels Creativity? (Video)
The Creativity Post


Creativity of the Artist: Continually Try New Ideas
Innovation Excellence


Why It’s Harder to Move Up in America’s Segregated Cities
Richard Florida | The Atlantic Cities


Spotlight on X-STEM Speaker Dr. James West!
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


From Theory to Practice: Taking Purposeful Action
Innovation You | Psychology Today


Don’t Make Your Innovation Proposal into a Hitchcock Movie
Harvard Business Review


Will the iGeneration Deliver an iRenaissance?


What Cities Can Do to Boost Entrepreneurship


A Reality Check on Crowdfunding | Brad Chase
The Huffington Post


The Future of 3D Printing in 3 Minutes


Behind Great Art, The Artist’s Painstaking Process
Alabama Public Radio


WLES Students Mix Math, Science, and Art For Poinsettia Project


One Million Chips Mimic One Percent Of The Brain: A Robot’s Neural Network


A legacy of Mandela
Seth’s Blog


4-D printing at the MIT Self-Assembly Lab: The future will build itself.


David Lowery: Silicon Valley must be stopped, or creativity will be destroyed


‘Alarming’ Study Shows Just How Few Silent Films Have Survived
The Hollywood Reporter


What’s the Smartest Country In the World?
Finding the Next Einstein | Psychology Today


When I Saw How ‘School Reform’ Cheats Our Kids, I Declared War
Education on GOOD


Arts Integration: Resource Roundup


Bring the Arts to PBL


Arts and the Common Core



Microsoft Lets Fans 3D-Print Actual Props From The Hobbit


Cities as ‘Federations of Neighborhoods’
Room for Debate |


Why Innovation Programs Fail
Innovation Excellence


Google and the Search for Innovation
Innovation Excellence


Remarkable Invention: when is a cork like a baby?
Innovation Excellence


No CEO Engagement, No Innovation?
Innovation Excellence


U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and National Endowment for the Arts Release Preliminary Report on Impact of Arts and Culture on U.S. Economy
National Endowment for the Arts


U.S. government’s 1st measure of creative economy finds arts, culture add $500 billion to GDP
CTV News


Art helps translate science for masses


Art Could Help Create A Better ‘STEM’ Student


Lacking Inspiration? Exercise Found to Boost Creativity
Telegraph, UK


As Landline Phones Disappear, Some Voice Concerns
Governing Magazine


This Is the Future of Radio.
Governing Magazine


Education—not fertility—key for economic development


E-Reading & Education
The Creativity Post


The moderation glitch
Seth’s Blog


Some Evidence That Violent Video Games Reduce Actual Violence
Freakonomics Blog


New bill in Congress may make textbooks free
MobyLives | Melville House


Whorfianism: What the Language You Speak Says About You
Pacific Standard


Montreal must reinforce its creative industries, Board of Trade president says
The Montreal Gazette


The Science Of Great Ideas–How to Train Your Creative Brain
Fast Company


How Science Can “Grow Up” in 2014
R&D Magazine


3D printing at Yale is a sight to behold
New Haven Register


4 Ways Digital Technology Boosts Innovation
Co.Design | Fast Company


Miller granted National Science Foundation CAREER award
Penn State University


The One Thing That Truly Motivates Creative Talent–And How To Foster It
Co.Create | Fast Company


Kickstarter Passes New Milestone, Now Over $900 Million Total Dollars
Crowdfund Insider


Brain connectivity study reveals striking differences between men and women
e! Science News


The Brilliance of a Dream: Introducing the Action Mindset
The Creativity Post


Comedians’ Smarts, Humor, and Creativity
Humor Sapiens | Psychology Today


State Library Guidebook: Support for Digital Literacy in Public Libraries
UpNext: The IMLS Blog


The Unintended Consequences of Improvement
Governing Magazine


Will e-publishing help Africa switch on to reading?
BBC News


10 Kids Who are Changing the World
Design on GOOD


Top 20 Innovation Articles – November 2013
Innovation Excellence


Jan Vilcek: Pass immigration reform to fuel innovation
The Seattle Times


How thinking like an engineer can help school reform
The Answer Sheet |The Washington Post


The Art of Innovation Innovation the Art of
The San Diego Union-Tribune


The latest move to kill bad patents divides tech industry


Innovation awards: And the winners are…
The Economist


8 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur


For universities that are losing money on their patents, a solution is staring them in the face
Blog – IAM Magazine


Innovation is No Walk in the Park
Innovation Management


Tom Martin Q&A: Talent, creativity, innovation critical in today’s economy
Business |


Future scientific innovation needs new partnerships
Arizona Daily Star


UNC neuroscientists discover new ‘mini-neural computer’ in the brain
The Almagest


Interview: Innovation vital to Chinese economy amid global slowdown: Israeli fund


Can technology improve business innovation?


From Lab To Lectern, Scientists Learn To Turn On the Charm
ideastream – Northeast Ohio Public Radio


CREATING SUCCESS — Pickering keeps grows Musee Bath while keeping an eye on the community
Mississippi Business Journal


Is Creativity Destined To Fade With Age?
Valley News


Neuroeducation: 25 Findings Over 25 Years

Innovation Excellence


Suffering from Different Levels of Innovation Insomnia
Innovation Excellence


Less Before More – Innovation’s Little Secret
Innovation Excellence


16 Employee Idea Killers Your Management Team Could Be Committing
The Brainzooming Group


9 Ways To Be More Creative
The Creativity Post


From Maker Space to Maker Campus
Making Thinking Happen


Beethoven And The Introvert
Music Maker| Psychology Today


What’s so Rural ‘bout Rural Libraries, Anyway?
UpNext: The IMLS Blog


Orchestra Moving to the Internet | Leonard Slatkin
The Huffington Post


Out of Print, Maybe, but Not Out of Mind
The New York Times


How This Group Of London Hackers Made Musical Instruments From Converse All Stars
Co.Labs | Fast Company


Mixed reaction to iPad rollout from L.A. teachers and administrators
The Los Angeles Times


How Will Historians Study Video Games?
The Atlantic


Delivery drones are coming: Jeff Bezos promises half-hour shipping with Amazon Prime Air
The Verge


Long on Cutting Edge of Print, New York Magazine Cuts Back
The New York Times


The Real Humanities Crisis
The New York Times



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