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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss


“People attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.” – George Bernard Shaw


“Obstacles are those frightful things we see when we take our eyes off our goal.” – Henry Ford


“Before the beginning of great brilliance and beauty there first must be a period of complete chaos.” – I Ching


“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” – John Quincy Adams


“While you are experimenting, do not remain content with the surface of things. Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.” – Isabel Allende




Manu Prakash: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami
Talk Video | TED


Adventures with Dr. Smallz: Creating a Powerful Need to Know


Five-Minute Film Festival: Learning and the Brain


The 3D Printed Sneakers That Could Give Nike A Run For Their Money [Video]


Creativity Is Like Being MacGyver
Changemakers on GOOD





“Science in Fiction” Kavli Science Video Contest!
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog
Deadline: March 24


Massachusetts Celebrates Two Decades of Public Investment in the Creative Potential of Young | National Summit Planned for March 2014 in Boston
Mass Cultural Council
March 27 – 29


First-ever STE[+a]M™ Connect Conference Adds Arts to STEM
Press Release – Digital Journal
March 28


Engineering For You Video Contest
National Academy of Engineering
Deadline: March 31


The Conference Board and Pratt Institute Present Design Thinking
The Conference Board
April 10 – 11


USA Science & Engineering Festival to Host U.S. News STEM Solutions National Conference
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog
April 23 – 25


X-STEM Is Like TED for Kids and Much More With World Leaders in Science, Technology, Government and Business
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog
April 24


USA Science and Engineering Festival
USA Science and Engeineering Festival
April 26 – 27


NEW UNESCO International Arts Education Week
International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA)
May 19 – 25


CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series





Introducing the TED All-Stars: 50+ classic speakers
TED Blog


Girls that Code are Cool
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


Why It’s Time to Rethink the Role of Business in Education | Melissa Jun Rowley
The Huffington Post


How To Inspire the Next Generation of Creative Thinkers and Innovators
The Creativity Post


How Does PISA Put the World at Risk (Part 1): Romanticizing Misery
Education in the Age of Globalization


Who Knew? Arts Education Fuels the Economy
Commentary | The Chronicle of Higher Education


These Teenagers Have Already Accomplished More Than You Ever Will
Innovation | Smithsonian


8 Brilliant Scientific Screw-ups
Mental Floss


Inside The Pixar Braintrust
Fast Company


Pixar’s Ed Catmull On How Disney Found Its Way To A Hit With Frozen
Fast Company


Can Our Classrooms Become Beehives of Creativity?
Big Sky Arts Education


How Bikes and Word Mashups Are Sparking Ingenuity and Creativity
Bikes on GOOD


Scientists Debunk The Myth That 10,000 Hours Of Practice Makes You An Expert
Co.Design | Fast Company


Why Cosmos Can’t Save Public Support for Science
The Atlantic


Would Richard Branson Have Failed the SAT?: An Exploration of the Complexity of Human Intelligence
The Creativity Post


19 Daily Habits Of Artists That Can Help Unlock Your Creativity
The Huffington Post


The Need to Connect on An Emotional Level With STEM Learners
USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog


How One Of Google’s Finest Fosters The Big Ideas
Fast Company


Ed Catmull On Why Things Will Always Go Wrong—Even At Pixar
Fast Company


Santa Barbara Senior Proves Science Is an Art Form
The Santa Barbara Independent


Opinion: Innovation and collaboration can help plug Montreal’s brain drain
Montreal Gazette


MetroWest Visitors Bureau Joins Creative Economy Network
Dover-Sherborn, MA Patch


Innovation Convention catches EU in an upbeat mood


Startups Bake Innovation into Their Businesses


The Half-Life of Our Maps
Innovation Excellence


How Does The Brain Recognize Familiar Music?


U.S. Gun Maker Arms Michelangelo’s David With a Rifle
Global News | Advertising Age


Report Touts Strength of Corporate Creative Class in Los Angeles


The Future of Books Looks a Lot Like Netflix
Wired Business |


City of Seattle creates priority parking for musicians
Local |


The Story Behind The THX Deep Note
Co.Design | Fast Company


TV Networks Can Live On — By Taking Themselves Off the Air
Wired Business |


David and Goliath: The advantage of disadvantages
The European


Innovation and Government’s Fear of Failure
Governing Magazine


The Future of Internet Freedom
The New York Times


The bacon/Yelp correlation
Seth’s Blog


Brain Scans are Fascinating but Behavior Tells Us More About the Mind (Op-Ed)


Creativity in the Membrane, Creativity in the Brain
Geek Dad


Adam Savage talks education, science, art during SXSW Monday keynote
Community Impact


NASA Finds Big Ideas From Small Businesses


Frost Museum’s new chief scientist talks about innovation
South Florida Business Journal


How Nature Inspires Sustainable Designs


Multi-Dimensional Thinking – The Key to Dynamic Innovation
Innovation Excellence


Finding the Best Ideas
Innovation Excellence


An Innovator has an Obligation to…
Innovation Excellence


Innovation Lessons from the Fall of Giants
Innovation Excellence


Maximizing Millennials
Innovation Excellence


Rita McGrath on Seeing Innovation in Strategic Terms
Innovation Excellence


An essential step toward printing living tissues
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Physicist proposes a new type of computing at SXSW. Check out orbital computing


Crowdfunding in a Nutshell: A Concise History of Crowdfunding and How to Raise Money Today


Announcing our SciArt Library
SciArt in America


Top 10 Things Your Brain Does Behind the Scenes
The Creativity Post


WID stem cell advance yields mature heart muscle cells
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery


In New York, A Tale of Two Cities (and Two Selves)
Sam Chaltain, Democracy. Learning. Voice


Tune In: Research and Arts in Education
Harvard Arts in Education Continuing the Conversation


Is Learning a Foreign Language Really Worth It?
Freakonomics Podcast


If You Build It…
Design Thinking Blog


Nomination process launches for 2014 ‘Be the Change for Kids’ Innovation Awards
Niagra Frontier Publications

Deadline: June 2


Math Can Help Demystify Concussions


Ted Talks, I listen
Oshawa Express


A Thing or Two about a Thing or Two, a.k.a. Science | Barbara Ehrenreich
The Baffler


The Story Behind the SAT Overhaul
The New York Times


Scared Of Failing? Ask Yourself These 6 Fear-Killing Questions
Co.Design | Fast Company


Women have their say at Google’s Cultural Institute in Paris
The Art Newspaper


Creative Age Cities | John M. Eger
The Huffington Post


Smithsonian Names David Skorton as Its New Director
The New York Times


Bloomberg News Ends Culture Coverage
Sticks & Stones


The New Glenn Beck
National Review Online


Hipster Tax Crisis


Tech conference underscores desire to get more women into tech fields
Business Record:


Technology boom adds less to GDP than one expects


White House Recruits Tech Entrepreneurs


Wellcome Image Awards: The most striking images from the world of science, including breast cancer cells under chemical attack and a photographer’s own kidney stone
The Independent


The art of leading scientists
The Washington Post


Brain Mapping Seeks New Paths
Research & Technology |


Do Brain Workouts Work? Science Isn’t Sure
The New York Times


Pine Ridge: Building an Artists’ Economy
Indian Country Today Media Network


Ottawa takes another stab at solving the innovation conundrum
The Globe and Mail


ASU Emerge festival showcases futuristic fusion of science, art and games
Downtown Devil


Jack Belliveau, Explorer of the Brain Using M.R.I., Dies at 55
The New York Times


What educators can learn from brain research
eCampus News


Imagination meets science in kids’ dinosaur designs at PaleoFest in Rockford
Rockford Register Star


U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly Joins Expert Panel to Address Critical Role of Women in STEM Fields
The Wall Street Journal


Little scientists Local class teaches youngsters ‘pre-engineering’
Hudson Reporter


Arts Experts Weigh Impact of Local Creative Economy


People are not left-brained or right-brained, they are both


USDA Wants to Step Up Innovation Research
Science/AAAS | News


How the U.S. can lead on technological innovation
Opinion | The Seattle Times


Berkshire’s creative economy could be the rising tide that lifts all boats
Berkshire Eagle Online


Neuroscientist hopes to paint fuller picture of minds and bodies in Neuroscape lab


Korea holds first private-public council meeting on creative economy
Arirang News


Pioneer Valley creative economy gets boost from networking, regional strategy


Regents hear arguments for boosting creativity in higher ed


The Invisible Industry
Comment | The Pacific Northwest Inlander


Stanford Ignite welcomes humanities grad students, Silicon Valley
Stanford Daily


What Most Companies Get Wrong About Culture
Business 2 Community


Boston Globe Launches Tech-Innovation News Site
MediaPost Publications


It’s March 4 – has anyone seen my daughter’s art class in Caldwells?
The Jersey Tomato Press


Money: Personal Finance, Choice, and the Creative Economy
Citizens Of Culture


Venture Capitalists’ Insights On South Korea’s Creative Economy And The Role Of Startups


The Technologists’ Siren Song
The Chronicle of Higher Education


The Many Origins of the English Language


Happy Birthday, World Wide Web
Governing Magazine


The science of the musical brain
Human World | EarthSky


Libraries Helping Communities Imagine the Possible
UpNext: The IMLS Blog


Shanghai Media Group Says Disney Deal Will Boost Its Quality Content Options
The Hollywood Reporter


UNESCO International Arts Education Week
International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA)
May 19 – 25


Gov’t extends culture, arts education for all


New Identities for Libraries
American School & University


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