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For Immediate Release, July 24, 2015


Contact: Dennis Cheek, Executive Director, 904-859-6088


The National Creativity Network (NCN) is pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 USA Creative Business Cup: BrightCores, Inc. of Albuquerque, NM ( The Creative Business Cup ( is an annual competition that culminates in the world finals in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (this year’s competition dates are 17-19 November). National winners from over fifty nations will compete before a distinguished panel of 20 judges, dignitaries, and potential investors from private and public organizations around the world. All entries are recent business start-ups that draw upon the talents of the creative industries for their core business practices and products, e.g., design, architecture, crafts, advertising, publishing, music, film & video, gaming, radio & TV, gastronomy, and leisure activities. National winners will also participate in a variety of other events organized in conjunction with the Creative Business Cup.

BrightCores is a mobile app-based education company whose products help children master language and stimulate creative thinking so that recognized and measurable outcomes are achieved in literacy, creative thinking, and essential life skills. About BrightCores, Inc., Dennis Cheek, Executive Director of the National Creativity Network, notes that “facility with language in its aural, written, and spoken forms is vital to thinking, learning, and the expression of human creativity. These apps make what could be a set of arduous tasks engaging and accessible. It is a perfect example of a commercial creative business that serves important social and educational purposes.” Market analysts expect education technologies to reach $38 billion in annual revenues by 2017.


Kimberly Peña, CEO of BrightCores, says: “We would like to thank the NCN for selecting us as the 2015 national winner. We are honored to represent the United States, Albuquerque and New Mexico in the international competition in November!” BrightCores was assisted in its entrepreneurial journey by Creative Startups in Albuquerque, NM which – as a member of the Creative Economy Coalition (a standing working group of the NCN) – nominated them for this national competition. Corey Walker, Chief Creative Officer of BrightCores and participant in the 2014 Creative Startups Accelerator remarked that “the overall thoroughness of the program surpassed my expectations and the continued mentorship by Creative Startups has been phenomenal.”


Many startups in the education technology space are superb on the tech dimension but often lacking in fundamentally sound educational concepts and practices. “What makes BrightCores different is their passion for excellence, “Alice Loy, co-founder of Creative Startups, notes. “The company’s apps transform a student’s learning experience with high-quality content that entertains and achieves measurable gains in language and communication skills. This is innovation at its best.”


The National Creativity Network ( is a US-registered nonprofit that seeks to advance the skillful application of imagination, creativity, and innovation to positively impact commerce, culture, education, and government across North America. The NCN works with regional coalitions, tribal nations, and national organizations across Canada, Mexico, and the United States and with global partners with similar goals. Its activities include the work of the Creative Economy Coalition, the annual USA Creative Business Cup, weekly news blasts, webinars, and the Sir Ken Robinson Award for Leadership in Creativity and Innovation.


The Creative Economy Coalition is a standing working group of the National Creativity Network. Its 40+ members are from organizations and institutions that work to advance creative industries and the creative economy in regions, states, provinces, and nationally across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The CEC has an active Facebook page and will hold its 2nd Annual Creative Economy Coalition Summit at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC, October 4-6, 2015.


Creative Startups ( based in Albuquerque, NM is a startup accelerator designed for “creatives” using new technologies to meet new market opportunities. An annual competitive application process selects 8-12 teams of founding team members for a six-week course coupled with extensive mentoring. This young program has already seen several of its graduates obtain significant venture financing.


Office of the Executive Director

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Executive Director, National Creativity Network

Co-Chair, Global Creativity United

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