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“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander the Great

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” – Pablo Picasso

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.” – Robert H. Schuller

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

“If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain.” – Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

“Thinking is drawing in your head.” – Alan Fletcher



TED Talk: “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator”

Innovation Excellence

DisrupTV: an innovation conversation with Deb Mills-Scofield, Paul Daugherty and Esteban Kolsky
Innovation Excellence


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Creative Tech Week Is Coming to NYC April 29-May 8th
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Through May 8

La. Tech hosts inaugural ‘Maker Month’ to celebrate makers, creativity
The News Star
Through May 18

Inaugural Boston Business Women Innovation Conference Coming This May
May 9

Google Science Fair
Deadline: May 18

NEW Moogfest Brings Future Of Sound & Technology
Duke Today
May 19 – 22

NEW OPEN CALL: ASCI’s Science Inspires Art – FOOD
SciArt Magazine
Deadline: May 22

Canada Science and Technology Museum launches mural contest to adorn construction site
Ottawa – CBC News
Deadline: May 30

NEW Play Everywhere Challenge

Deadline: May 31

4th Annual Innovation Master Class
The Conference Board
June 8 – 9

61st Annual ICBS World Conference
International Council for Small Business (ICSB)
June 15 – 18

2016 Annual Conference
Americans for the Arts
June 17 – 19

NEW IMLS Hosts the Capitol Hill Maker Faire June 21
Institute of Museum and Library Services
June 21

EDA Announces $15 Million To Advance Innovation Across America
U.S. Economic Development Administration
Deadline: June 24

111 new and past TED Talks speakers at TEDSummit 2016 (registration is open)
TED Blog
June 26 – 30

Summer Forum | Lincoln Center Education

Lincoln Center

July 11 – 29

Long Beach to Lead a “Women in Innovation Revolution,” Starting October 23
Wonder Women Tech
July 15 – 17

The National STEM Video Game Challenge
Deadline: August 15

National Conference
Imagining America
October 6 – 8 

2016 Wisconsin Science Festival
Wisconsin Science Festival
October 20 – 23

TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time
Oct 26 – 28 | San Francisco

NAKFI Conference – Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement
National Academies Keck Futures Initiative –
November 9 – 12

Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
April 24 – 28, 2017

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series



Young Entrepreneurs: Will They Fix Mexico’s Economy?

A changing Canada needs innovation — and Toronto can lead the way
Toronto Star

Rethinking the measuring of innovation

Apple’s uncharted territory

Turn Your Spare Walls Into An Independent Art Gallery

Bus Shelter Provides Enough Renewable Energy To Power A London Home

Remembering Jane Jacobs, my cantankerous old friend
Toronto Life

Machines Won’t Replace Us, They’ll Force Us to Evolve
Singularity Hub

The scientific case for doodling while taking notes

Treating Discovery Like Execution Will Kill Innovation
Tim Kastelle

Capturing innovation anywhere
The Network

Shifting Corporate Consciousness
Innovation Excellence

Strategic Thinking – 16 Ideas for Creating an Entrepreneurial Environment Inside Your Company
The Brainzooming Group

UW-Milwaukee Club Aims To Get Young Girls Interested In Coding, Computer Science
Wisconsin Public Radio

The New Comedy Economy: Stand-Up Specials Proliferate on Streaming Services
The Wall Street Journal

China Further Fortifies its Virtual Borders (And Other April Stories)

2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest Entries

Pondering ‘what it means to be human’ on the frontier of gene editing
The Washington Post

Live Nation Wants to Bring Concerts to Your Living Room

Tiny Polka Dots: A New Math Card Game For Kids

Discover…How Arizona advances innovation, technology startups
The Next Silicon Valley

“The Artist’s Way” in an Age of Self-Promotion
The New Yorker

Bringing an R&D Approach to Early Childhood
The Atlantic

IBM Inches Ahead of Google in Race for Quantum Computing Power
MIT Techology Review

Rethinking How We Develop Undergraduate Entrepreneurship
The Huffington Post

KU promotes innovation with new Proof of Concept Fund Awards
The University of Kansas

Breast cancer: Scientists hail ‘milestone’ genetic find
BBC News

Science in America’s National Parks

SpaceX Wants to Go to Mars—and It Actually Can

Has Apple Lost Its Insanely Innovative Edge?

Advice From The Most Innovative Leaders

Celebrities At The Met Gala Got Real About What Creativity Means To Them

This video game could help doctors diagnose dementia

Squished cells could shape design of synthetic materials
Science Daily

Katzenberg, Comcast execs seek to reassure DreamWorks Animation staff
LA Times

15 Women-led Startups to Watch in 2016
The Huffington Post

Six Levers for Solving the Corporate Innovation Problem™ – Part 2
Innovation Excellence

Are Creativity and Madness Written Together in Your Genes?
Brain Trust | Psychology Today

Six Traits Of Outstanding Design Leaders

What Cringing at Your Own Voice Reveals About You
Science of Us

8 Types of Innovation cartoon
Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne

LEGO-Style Braille Bricks Help Visually Impaired Children Learn to Read
Mental Floss

Is Your Company Faking Creativity?
The Creativity Post

Jane Jacobs believed cities should be fun — and changed urban planning forever

Artists will decorate orange barrels in Portage County

Breaking Down the Actual Science of Creativity

Creativity: A Choice, a Gift, and a Mission

The Key to Repairing Your Bones May Come Out of a Printer
MIT Technology Review’s Next Big Tech Endeavor: An A.I. That Can Go Anywhere
Vanity Fair

This MIT employee redefined how universities launch startups

Adult brain prunes branched connections of new neurons
(e) Science News

A Hands-Off Approach to Open Innovation Doesn’t Work
Harvard Business Review

“Mexico Rising States of Innovation” Documentary Trailer

Canada’s ‘innovation agenda’ isn’t just tech – it’s social
The Globe and Mail

Everyone Talks About Innovation … But What is it Really?
Innovation Management

6 Ways to Help Students Understand Math

5 Ways to Power Your ‘Creativity Pump’ for a Content Gusher

Against Tough Odds, a High School Arts Program Fosters Success
The New York Times

The misguided battle over the future of video games
The Week

Science Speed Dating
The Science and Entertainment Exchange

In Tanzania, This Startup Will Pay For Plastic Trash And Make 3-D Printer Filament
Co.Exist | Fast Company

Six Levers for Solving the Corporate Innovation Problem™ – Part 1
Innovation Excellence

Digital is not a trend!
Innovation Excellence

Simple Graphics That Show The Power Of Punctuation

Creative Thinking – 31 Excuses Why a Creative Outlet Isn’t Working
The Brainzooming Group

Can technoheritage be owned?
The Boston Globe

Banff Centre lays off 8% of its staff as part of restructuring
Calgary – CBC News

Paramount Copyright Claim on Klingon Language Challenged in Klingon Language
Hit & Run :

Is Grit Overrated?
The Atlantic

Are scientific theories really better when they are simpler?
Aeon Essays

StoryCorps Interview from New York Hall of Science (NYSCI)
Institute of Museum and Library Services

StoryCorps interview at The Tech Museum of Innovation
Institute of Museum and Library Services

A New Look at Visual Thinking
The Creativity Post

eSight Electronic Glasses Changed This Little Blind Boy’s Life
Digital Trends

Eugenia Cheng Makes Math a Piece of Cake
The New York Times

IBM’s Watson Helps Design LED-Filled Dress For The Met Gala
Fast Company

Arts Fuel Tech Creativity in Children
Voice of America

The Road to an Innovation Ecosystem
NJPRO Foundation

Little Scientists: Babies Have Scientific Minds
Scientific American

InformationWeek Elite 100 Honors Nation’s Most Tech-Innovative Organizations

Iowa State engineers develop micro-sized, liquid-metal particles for heat-free soldering
EurekAlert! Science News

The Internet of Things Needs Design, Not Just Technology
Harvard Business Review

What makes innovation labs different?

Uberisation of Science
EuroScientist journal

Can Songs Help You Learn Scientific Concepts?
13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

The case for Philadelphia Philly

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada: 2016 Census

DC Tech Innovation Officer Matt Bailey Moves to White House
DC Inno

New Paradigm of Economic Policy Creates Visible Results Centered on Creative Innovation Centers
Business Korea

Opinion | Creative economy needs change in culture
Korea Times

Student invention grows hundreds of ‘mini-brains’ at once

University of Wisconsin and Harvard scientists receive awards from ASNTR
EurekAlert! Science News

Here’s How to Save the Humanities
Immodest proposal | OZY

Birth of a Product Company
Innovation Excellence

Domiciles Project: Old doors that open into new creativity
North Country Public Radio

Nine Ways to Play at Work
Gregg Fraley

What We Can Learn from a Traveling, Talking, Mime
Quite Queerly | Psychology Today

Creative Thinking Skills – A Simple Way to Boost Creativity
The Brainzooming Group

How America’s Picture Of Masculinity Negatively Affects Boys
Wisconsin Public Radio

Hulu is developing a cable-like package of channels
LA Times

Boston Arts Groups Find Solutions For Graying Audiences

How Many People Have Ever Lived on Planet Earth?
Big Think

Black Intellectuals and White Audiences
Public Books

50 Chair Designs Inspired By Japanese Manga

How confidence affects your creativity
The Next Web

Prince quietly helped launch a coding program for inner city youth

New Study Exposes the Growing Problem of Patent Aggregators and Aggregators’ Negative Impact on Innovation in the United States
Harvard Business School

UConn Engineering Students Display Their Creativity
Hartford Courant

UIUC Student Making Low Cost, High Tech Prosthetic Hand Wins Innovation Prize
Chicago Inno

2016 National Arts Index
Barry’s Blog | WESTAF

N.L. set to become first province in Canada to tax books
Newfoundland & Labrador – CBC News

Inverse Relationship Between GPA and Innovative Orientation
Freedom to Learn | Psychology Today

Top 20 Innovation Articles of April 2016
Innovation Excellence

30 Academic Resources on Learning – for Educators and Innovators
Innovation Excellence

Innovation Tautogram: A novel tool that is simple and powerful
Innovation Excellence

Strategy is a Living Organism But Culture Will Outlive Its Creators
Innovation Excellence

The Role Global Competition Plays in your Innovation Efforts
Innovation Excellence

Measuring Innovation, Part 1/3: Why is Innovation Important, and How do we Measure it Today?
Innovation Excellence

BONUS EPISODE: Being Malcolm Gladwell

Remo Belli, Developer of the Synthetic Drumhead, Dies at 88
The New York Times

What is the point of the European Capital of Culture?
The Irish Times

Women in technology fight to bridge the gender gap
San Luis Obispo Tribune

Startup Weekend spurs Mississippi innovation
The Clarion-Ledger

Neuroscientist David Eagleman on What Is Possible in the Cosmos
Science | Smithsonian

New Brain Atlas Reveals Where Words Are Stored

The Impact Of Art In The Workplace

Exposing the creative industries fallacy
ArtsHub Australia

The Arts Add Powerful Voice and Vibrancy to Corporate America
The Huffington Post

How art and chaos can help businesses innovate

Auto Makers, Others Explore New Roles for 3-D Printing
The Wall Street Journal

Are ‘Innovation Districts’ Right for Every City?

5 Creativity Tips From Prince’s Stellar Career

John Sculley, Former Apple CEO, Dishes on Steve Jobs, and the Future of Innovation
PC Magazine

Duolingo is trying to disrupt a $5 billion industry
Business Insider

Conversant Labs’ Quest To Make Smartphone Apps Usable For The Visually Impaired
Fast Company

Radiolab And The Art Of Science Storytelling
Wisconsin Public Radio

In an Era of Streaming, Cinema Is Under Attack
The New York Times

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