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“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

“Mothers are the necessity of invention.” – Bill Watterson
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” – Ayn Rand

“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.” – George Bernard Shaw


How to change education | Sir Ken Robinson

Hank Green’s ‘I Love STEM’ campaign challenges misconceptions about science
The Daily Dot

Retooling for Equity // School Retool Washington, DC 2016

Are Depression and Creativity Linked?
Red Orbit |YouTube

Saving the World’s Oceans is This Marine Biologist’s Life Pursuit
National Geographic

A Macro Timelapse Highlights the Micro Movements of Spectacularly Colored Coral



Stay Curious
Through September 30 

Arts Scene: Center for Creativity
Tulsa World
Through October 17

NEW South by South Lawn
The White House
October 3

Demand Solutions
Inter-American Development Bank
October 4

The Atlantic’s ‘What’s Next?’ Tech Summit, October 4-5 in Chicago
The Atlantic
October 4 – 5

National Conference
Imagining America
October 6 – 8 

Beyond Brainstorms, Flipcharts and Crayons: Creativity as a Key Success Factor in Real Business by Jamie Gallagher
Creative Oklahoma
October 12

Obama to host innovation conference in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Business Times
October 13 

Walk the Talk Conference 2016
Innovation in Milwaukee
October 13

Maker Faire Pittsburgh sets loose 200 makers for a weekend circus of creativity
October 15 – 16

2016 Wisconsin Science Festival
Wisconsin Science Festival
October 20 – 23

TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time
Oct 26 – 28 | San Francisco

The Ovation Foundation Announces A “Call for Entries” in the Creative Economy innOVATION Grant Awards Program | Art, Culture, Film, Music, Fashion, Arts Advocacy TV
Ovation TV
Deadline: October 28

NEW ArtsRx: Creative Venture, Wellbeing, and the New Humanities

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities

November 3 – 5

NAKFI Conference – Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement
National Academies Keck Futures Initiative –
November 9 – 12

Advance Innovation – Put World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in your 2017 calendar, now!
Innovation Excellence
April 15 – 21

Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
April 24 – 28, 2017

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series



Google Science Fair Award Winners

The 2016 Scientific American Innovators Award Winners Turn Foam Waste into Water Purifiers
Scientific American

Toyota USA Brings Math To Life on the Assembly Line with Spark 101 STEM Skills Videos
PR Web

University of Oklahoma engineering program encourages creativity

pHacktory Partners Help Bring Curiosity and Audacious Discovery to Ottawa
Business Wire

What It Will Take to Keep Women from Leaving STEM
Harvard Business Review

“Music Confounds the Machines”
No Depression

A Student Accidentally Made A Battery That Lasts 400 years

Blockchain: how the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin could change the art market
The Art Newspaper

The September 30 Black Moon Explained
National Geographic

Inventors are Not Created Equal
Innovation Excellence

You Can’t Clone Talent and Wisdom
The Creativity Post

National PTA and Guitar Center Team Up to Spark Student Creativity
PR Newswire

What Laurie Actman learned since joining Penn’s new innovation arm two years ago Philly

What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Venture Capital
The Atlantic

How businesses benefit when part of an innovative community
Florida Trend

Innovation without Age Limits
MIT Technology Review

Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”
MIT Technology Review

How “weird” became an economic strategy for hipster cities.

Some Like It Bot

Little Progress Has Been Made Since Einstein On The Physics Of Time
13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

The Captivating Choreography of Emergency Drills

Engineers Have Created Artificial Synapses That Mimic the Human Brain

Melinda Gates Has a New Mission: Women in Tech

Want to Find Fulfillment at Last? Think Like a Designer
The New York Times

Arts in the service of learning
The Globe and Mail

STEM Learning with Graphic Novels

Meet the Mastermind Behind an Innovative, New Way to Teach Math

The Huffington Post

3 Tips From Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch on How to Drive Innovation at Any Company

Innovation is in all the wrong places

Leadership Traits that Stop Innovation in Its Tracks
CMS Wire

We Need to Expand Our Definition of Entrepreneurship
Harvard Business Review

Why Women Entrepreneurs Have a Harder Time Finding Funding
Fox News

Connecting data scientists with regional challenges
NSF – National Science Foundation

Richard Miller: How We Learn Today
Stanford eCorner

Why have some of Silicon Valley’s top investors started investing in Latin America?

KCRise Fund draws $10 million for local startups
Kansas City Star

How the Rockefellers’ VC Firm Picks Tech Startups

12 of the most successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college

1776 startup incubator office tour: PHOTOS
Business Insider

New ag tech accelerator in Des Moines plays to Iowa’s strengths
Silicon Prairie

Finalists Announced for the Startup Nations Award for Groundbreaking Policy Thinking
Global Enterpreneurship Network

Separating science from innovation: An important task
The Globe and Mail

University of Washington ranks No. 5 among the world’s most innovative universities

EU invites business experts to help shape European Innovation Council

Manufacturing Creativity: Good Ideas on Demand

EXCLUSIVE: The Women Behind The New Bustle On Reinventing “Women’s Media”
Fast Company

An Exclusive Look At DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Annual PlayList Retreat
Co.Create | Fast Company

The Women Readdressing the Gender Imbalance in Typography
Eye on Design | AIGA

Why Are We Still Using Cash?

Startups Studios: a new kind of startups and innovation accelerators
Innovation Excellence

The 35 Most Innovative Apps Of The Year
Co.Design | Fast Company

Managers Are Not Always the Best Judge of Creative Ideas
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Presidential Proclamation — National Arts and Humanities Month, 2016

Respected Designers Share 25 Books You Must Read To Improve Creativity

As Canada Reinvigorates Research and Innovation Across Post-Secondary Institutions on a National Level, Concordia University of Edmonton Launches a New and Exciting Research Initiative

Rotman School dean Tiff Macklem on the future of the Canadian MBA
Canadian Business

Campus Link: Expanding The Landscape Of Tech And Innovation

The eureka moment: how scientists learn to trust their gut – podcast
Science | The Guardian

Computer Scientists Close In on Perfect, Hack-Proof Code

First-ever baby born using ‘three parent’ genetic engineering technique
The Washington Post

Grandmaster Flash on ‘The Get Down’ and how he used science to pioneer DJ techniques
The Washington Post

Making Learning Visible: Doodling Helps Memories Stick
MindShift | KQED News

What If We Have It Wrong About Boredom?
The Creativity Post

Fully baked
Seth’s Blog

Tech is transforming teaching and learning

‘Homo sapiens is an obsolete algorithm’: Yuval Noah Harari on how data could eat the world

6 Perspectives on How Tech Is Transforming the Economy
Singularity Hub

Women in the Workplace 2016
McKinsey & Company

Designer Creates 25 Logos In 25 Days Using The Golden Ratio

Street Artist Transforms Trash Into Giant 3D Animal Sculptures
Mental Floss

The Profound Reason We Should All Read Internationally, Not Locally
The Huffington Post

Virtual Reality’s Possibilities Lure Video Game Developers
The New York Times

The Creative Commons, or “Commonly Creative”

Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious
Aeon Ideas

Here Are the World’s Most Innovative Universities for 2016

Using Concept Art And Science To Visualize The Future

Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner of Shark Tank invests in Trisha Prabhu and her anti-bullying tech

Sean Wise named Startup Canada’s first fellow for startup communities program

The National Science and Technology Medals Foundation Launches the Lab
PR Newswire

Innovation for everyone
MIT News

How edtech startup Immersed Games got Intel’s attention

gener8tor forges Minnesota partnership
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

NSF fosters entrepreneurship, innovation through new awards for I-Corps nodes
US NSF – National Science Foundation

Life Science Companies, Education Partners Join to Launch Medical Innovations Pathways
Utah Business

MSU launches new center designed to improve engineering students’ success
Montana State University News

Action Video Gameplay: Benefits and Dangers

Black Women Are Leaning In And Getting Nowhere
The Huffington Post

Princeton professor overcomes challenges facing women in science to earn N.J. Chamber honor

U of T Engineering alumni set fastest human-powered vehicle record — again
University of Toronto

Writer’s imagination vs. cultural appropriation: In search of common ground

Using game technology to promote innovation at Anglia Ruskin Unversity
Cambridge Network

Innovation depends on the four C’s, says U of T President Meric Gertler
University of Toronto

L’Oréal USA Announces The 2016 For Women In Science Fellows
PR Newswire

Why are most inventors men?
PBS NewsHour

IBM’s Brain-Inspired Chip Tested for Deep Learning
IEEE Spectrum

The Barriers to Innovation
The Huffington Post

Wattpad Named Innovator of the Year by CIX

The Global Search for Education: Top Global Teacher Bloggers – Learning With The Arts
The Huffington Post

5 Invaluable Work Tips from Introverts

Augmented reality: How your business card will soon become a presentation in your pocket
City A.M.

6 Ways To Engage Startup-Driven Innovation
Inside Outside Innovation – Medium

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 42: Tina Fitch and Alice Brooks
Steve Blank

Pleasure to Innovate
Innovation Excellence

SpaceX Wants to Go to Mars. Here’s Why Humans Aren’t There Yet.
National Geographic

Watch: Elon Musk’s Audacious Plan for Putting Humans on Mars
National Geographic

Elon Musk: A Million Humans Could Live on Mars By the 2060s
National Geographic

How An Art Break Helps Kids Learn
Home Base | Psychology Today

Are Self-Esteem and Creativity Connected?
One True Thing | Psychology Today

Are We Inherently Playful?
On Having Fun | Psychology Today

Islamic extremist sentenced to nine years in prison for destroying Timbuktu mausoleums

The Art Newspaper

Researchers restore the first ever computer-generated music, made in Alan Turing’s lab
The Verge

If Google buys Twitter, there’s a perfect spot for it in YouTube

What is Education for?
The Smart Set

Without tenure, professors become terrified sheep
Aeon Ideas

Ig Nobel prizes: trousers for rats and the truthfulness of liars
Science | The Guardian

If You Want Creative Kids, Hand Them Something Simple

Glassblowing Program Trains Students To Craft Tools For Science

Yep, Disney is in talks with bankers about possible Twitter acquisition

24 of the Most Banned Books of All Time
Mental Floss

Banned Books Week Urges You To Seek Controversial Works

Proof of Impact | Arts-Based Learning Leads to Improvements in Creative Thinking Skills, Collaborative Behaviors and Innovation Outcomes
Art of Science Learning

Be Open
The Creativity Post

Wedding syndrome
Seth’s Blog

SPOTLIGHT: Digital Forensics Rescues Retro Video Games and Software

SciArt Magazine

Big Business Is Killing Innovation in the U.S.
The Atlantic

5 Technologies That Are Transforming Industries
Innovation Enterprise

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Economy
Game Changer

Stop Chasing The Last Big Thing
Innovation Excellence

Innovation from the Summer of 1927 – Part II
Innovation Excellence

Moving Away from Best Practices
Innovation Excellence

Innovation Starts with A Question
Innovation Excellence

Retro Motorcycles Signal Innovation In Goshen, IN
Gregg Fraley Blogg

The Anatomy of a Game Changer

A Sideways View | Psychology Today

Newly Awarded STEMeX Grants to Examine STEM Expert Facilitation of Family Learning in Libraries and Museums
Institute of Museum and Library Services

Snapchat Releases First Hardware Product, Spectacles
The Wall Street Journal

Who Gets to Write What?
The New York Times

Do dialect speakers get the same benefits as bilinguals?
Aeon Essays

Tatiana Maslany is Exhibit A in the case against CRTC’s new content rules
The Globe and Mail

Rolling Stone Magazine Sells 49% Stake to Singapore’s BandLab Technologies
The Wall Street Journal

For Chevrolet and Hollywood, IBM’s Watson is learning how to understand emotions and personalities

How to Think Like Shakespeare
The Chronicle of Higher Education

An intellectual revolution is coming, says Robert J. Shiller
World Economic Forum

Can Machine Learning Benefit from the Secret Language Between Teacher and Student?

The Problem With Science Writing

‘Incubation arena’: USU Innovation campus fosters economic development, sees challenges
The Herald Journal

Georgia Center of Innovation appoints new executive director for state agency

Online Athens

No Classrooms in the Future According to Recent Research
University Herald

Local philanthropists donate $500,000 to RVCC Foundation for STEM programs

Musical Collaboration Explores Wildfire In Northern Arizona Forests
Arizona Science and Innovation Desk

U.S. and Chinese universities start construction on joint tech innovation institute in Seattle region

Start me up: Moving science and research into the marketplace
Source | Colorado State University

Integrated Science Center: Phase 3 set to stun
William & Mary

Real Time Brain Mapping Platform Secures $10 Million Series A

Tiny Devices for Studying the Brain From the Inside
Voice of America

Brain scan math study reveals numeracy is not always linked to our vision
Yahoo! Tech

Q&A with Noah Scalin: VCU’s first business artist-in-residence
Richmond BizSense

Books to celebrate International Dot Day

Kenosha News

STEAM Village pushes student innovation
Grand Rapids Business Journal

7 Creative Thinking Skills Important for You to Have

The Brainzooming Group

What’s The Greatest Logo Of All Time?
Co.Design | Fast Company

How Butting Out Can Let Your Teen’s Creativity Flourish

America’s Most Elaborate Corn Maze Is Made of GPS and Math

SAPVoice: Three Ways to Turn Innovative Ideas into Reality

Asia Gets Ready To Compete On Innovation


Scratch Foundation Blog – Medium


What Good is Design Thinking If I’m not a “Designer”?

Tech Pioneers Weigh In With This Advice for Today’s Tech Entrepreneurs

Open Innovation: When You Struggle To Innovate
Innovation Enterprise

Satya Nadella On Microsoft’s New Age Of Intelligence
Fast Company

Starter League cofounders to lead kid-focused training program CodeNow
Chicago Tribune

How Hollywood turns this vehicle into any car you can think of using CGI
Idea to Value

Why I have a problem with the Global Innovation Index
Idea to Value

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