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“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

“We face the future fortified with the lessons we have learned from the past. It is today that we must create the world of the future.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Think outside the box and present your idea inside the box otherwise nothing happens.” – Gijs van Wulfen

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” – Pablo Picasso

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” – Mary Oliver

“To destroy is always the first step in any creation.” – e. e. cummings


Why GE Moved to Boston, According to Its CEO

David Kelley on Leading for Creativity

Spielberg in Movie Deal With Jack Ma’s Alibaba
Wall Street Journal



Arts Scene: Center for Creativity
Tulsa World
Through October 17

 Beyond Brainstorms, Flipcharts and Crayons: Creativity as a Key Success Factor in Real Business by Jamie Gallagher
Creative Oklahoma
October 12

Obama to host innovation conference in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Business Times
October 13


Walk the Talk Conference 2016
Innovation in Milwaukee
October 13

Maker Faire Pittsburgh sets loose 200 makers for a weekend circus of creativity
October 15 – 16

 NEW Crossroads of Ideas series explores timely, thought-provoking topics
Morgridge Institute for Research
October 18

2016 Wisconsin Science Festival
Wisconsin Science Festival
October 20 – 23

TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time
Oct 26 – 28 | San Francisco

 The Ovation Foundation Announces A “Call for Entries” in the Creative Economy innOVATION Grant Awards Program | Art, Culture, Film, Music, Fashion, Arts Advocacy TV
Ovation TV
Deadline: October 28

ArtsRx: Creative Venture, Wellbeing, and the New Humanities

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities

November 3 – 5

NAKFI Conference – Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement
National Academies Keck Futures Initiative –
November 9 – 12

NEW Creating the New Alberta – Vision & Leadership
ABC Tech | Alberta Council of Technologies Society
November 26

 NEW Ripple Foundation Shines Spotlight on Children’s Creativity
PR Urgent (Canada)
Deadline: March 31

Advance Innovation – Put World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in your 2017 calendar, now!
Innovation Excellence
April 15 – 21

Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
April 24 – 28, 2017

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series




Smaller American Cities Are Poised For Second Disruption

Economic struggles in Puerto Rico offer opportunity for women as entrepreneurs

4 Things That Make Engineering a Great Career
Design News Blog

Nobel Prizes show that the biggest innovations are happening at molecular level
Michigan Radio

Landmarks Commission O.K.’s Natural History Museum’s Science Center
The New York Times

Guest post: Seattle should start looking at homelessness as an innovation opportunity

Nonprofit empowers homeless women through theater

How a national innovation lab can drive growth in state tech
State Scoop

Stop the federal government before it taxes everything on the Internet
Financial Post (Canada)

Apple poaches Imagination Technologies COO
Business Insider

Salk neuroscientist granted $1 million to harness sound to control brain cells
EurekAlert! Science News

Brain Stimulation Allows Paralyzed Man to Feel His Hand Again
Scientific American

Engineers reveal fabrication process for revolutionary transparent sensors
EurekAlert! Science News

4 Steps to Having More “Aha” Moments
Harvard Business Review

Planting The Seed Of Democratizing Entrepreneurship On The White House Lawn

AOL Co-Founder Steve Case: The Future Of Entrepreneurship Is Between The Coasts
Colorado Public Radio

Entrepreneurship, rather than innovation, will lead economic insurgence says Gallup CEO (AUDIO)
Nebraska Radio Network

10 Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation

The economic vs. civic role that tax-exempt colleges like the University of Pennsylvania play
Inside Higher Ed

New paper examines state economic development indicators
Smart Incentives

How China’s Shenzhen became the world capital of hardware innovation
Idea to Value

UW-Madison teams snag innovation awards
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Third Self: Mary Oliver on Time, Concentration, the Artist’s Task, and the Central Commitment of the Creative Life
Brain Pickings

Get in shape
The Creativity Post

Inside Google’s Internet Justice League and Its AI-Powered War on Trolls

Five Levels of Change Management Maturity

It’s time for science to abandon the term ‘statistically significant’
Aeon Essays

Customer Co-Creation: A Deeper Path to Empathic Understanding
Innovation Excellence

Crowdsolving in Action: From Wikipedia to Firefox
Innovation Excellence

Biotechnology and health care are driving the startup economy in Wisconsin and nationwide, report says

The Man Who Invented Bookselling As We Know It
Literary Hub

Does a musician have any right to win the Nobel Prize in literature?
The Washington Post

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature Is Not About Music
The Atlantic

They’ve Got You, Wherever You Are by Jacob Weisberg
The New York Review of Books

Reflections on SXSL: Art, Technology and Possibility
ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

We need creativity to survive. So why are we so suspicious of it?
World Economic Forum – Medium

Barack Obama: Now Is the Greatest Time to Be Alive

FACT SHEET: Harnessing the Possibilities of Science, Technology, and Innovation
The White House

There are 14 necessary components to the creative process, scientists say

Most of the time, innovators don’t move fast and break things
Aeon Essays

Barbershop Cuts Prices For Kids Who Read Aloud During Appointment
The Huffington Post

Superflexible, 3-D printed “bones” trigger new growth
Science News

World’s First “Cybathlon” Pits High-Tech Prosthetics against One Another
Scientific American

The Key Leadership Skill that Steve Jobs and Ben Franklin Share

Have charter schools fulfilled promise as innovators? Debate persists
The Boston Globe

Health innovations that could save 6 million lives by 2030
Business Insider

Researcher developing low-cost, hand-held probe to find cancer, monitor vital signs
Windsor Star

Creative Community
Tucson Weekly

Researchers hail the Canada Foundation for Innovation, 20 years on
University Affairs

Chinese billionaire club to embark on business tour of Canada
The Globe and Mail

Startup Canada Podcast: Intuit Canada president says biggest tension in growth is how fast you’re moving

Canada can outperform the world with the right plan: Navdeep Bains
Indo-Canadian Voice Newspaper

Your Brain on Tetris: How Video Game Seduced Millions

Engineering takes brain hackathon prize
Temple Now

Canadian neuroscience leaders tap IBM Watson to speed time to discovering new drugs for Parkinson’s

Science still battles to understand the human eye
Financial Times

Innovation Hub’s Lesley Solomon: From Hackathon to Health Care
Healthcare of Tomorrow | US News and World Report

Jill Ker Conway Center Sparks Innovation, Entrepreneurship
Smith College Grécourt Gate

The First Thing I Ever Designed: George Hardie on Why Led Zeppelin I “Wasn’t Really a Proper Idea”Eye on Design
Eye on Design | AIGA

The 50 Most Influential Women in IoT
Internet of Things Institute

Avoid “Culture Fit” If You Want Innovation
The Creativity Guru

The eight technologies every entrepreneur should know about
The Guardian

Cancer: Targeting tumors with microwave-activated nanoparticles shows promise
Medical News Today

The Lost Art of Thinking in Large Organizations
MIT Sloan Management Review

The Administration’s Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
The White House

Six Reasons why Cross-Functional Innovation Teams Fail
Innovation Excellence

Your Baby, No Sex Required

Creative Thinking and a Day of Creative Self-Talk
The Brainzooming Group

Retrobituaries: Virginia Apgar, the Woman Whose Name Saves Newborns
Mental Floss

Some languages die – get over it
New Scientist

The Indie Movie Market Is Being Badly Mishandled

Why does time move to the future? Minute Physics explains.

Scientists say Google is changing our brains
World Economic Forum – Medium

15 Creative Thinking Skills to Turn Junk Ideas into Treasures
The Brainzooming Group

Barack Obama Declares U.S. on Track to Mars
Scientific American

US Will Send People to Mars by 2030s, Barack Obama Says

NSWC to Host ‘Innovation Crossover’
Inside INdiana Business

Imax Opening First European Virtual Reality Center in Manchester
Hollywood Reporter

Scientists Move One Step Closer To Making an Artificial Human Brain

Scientists grow test tube human brains with potential to think and feel

When ‘Uberization’ Comes to Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Man Musicians Call When Two Tunes Sound Alike
The New York Times

Does Science Say Men Are More Creative Than Women?
The Creativity Post

Larry Brilliant’s new book shows how pandemics can be eradicated
TED Blog

Electropollock Creates Abstract Expressionist Art


NYC Restaurant Employs Grandmas Instead Of Trained Chefs

These are three of the biggest problems facing today’s AI
The Verge

Future – All you need to know about the ‘antibiotic apocalypse’

Technology Will Replace Many Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals
Harvard Business Review

11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine

Thinking Through a Crowdsourcing Initiative [2/3]
Innovation Excellence

Why Are We So Interested In Time Travel?
Wisconsin Public Radio

Archaeological Victims of ISIS Rise Again, as Replicas in Rome
The New York Times

It’s Actually Pretty Weird That We Think in Words
Science of Us

Beyond Awareness Campaigns: Innovative Approaches To Close The Tech Gender Gap
Fast Company

The Rise Of “Biorights”: Patients Demand Cash, Control For Donating DNA
Fast Company

3 Reminders to Build Anyone’s Creative Confidence

China’s rising threat to Hollywood

From Deficiency to Strength: Shifting the Mindset about Education Inequality
Yong Zhao | Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Global: 21st Century Education

Q&A: How This Innovation Team Encourages Girls to Move Full STEAM Ahead
Philadelphia Magazine

Welcoming America Toolkit Describes Tactics to Support Immigrant Entrepreneurs
State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)

Immigrants play a disproportionate role in American entrepreneurship

An executive’s guide to the Internet of Things
McKinsey & Company

Where Top Talent In The Tech Industry Will Likely Work Next
Fast Company

Maya Lin gives first lecture of ‘Women of Yale’ series


The Creative Girls consulting company provides support for businesswomen
The Miami Herald

Penn to get $15 million gift for the arts

CSU and Denver Museum of Nature & Science: a state-of-the-art pair

Eight Key Personality Types For Innovation Teams


Donation to complete Idea Lab
The Blade

Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy
McKinsey & Company

The Architecture of Innovation
The Governance Lab @ NYU

What Globalization and Urbanization Mean for Cities

How Public-private Partnerships Can Help Build Nations’ Brands

Are There Too Few Jobs In Neuroscience?
Neuroskeptic | Discover

Getting It Done! Six Innovators Share Their Productivity Secrets (and Hacks They Ignore)

The Positive Disruption in 5 Quarters of Venture Capital Downturn

5 Ways to Inspire Creativity and Build Strong Character in Your Children, According to a Top Psychologist

‘Space Brain’: Mars Explorers May Risk Neural Damage, Study Finds
NBC News

World Economic Forum launches San Francisco tech policy center

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Grantees of $30 Million Arts Innovation and Management Program
Bloomberg Philanthropies

Radio Reads Facial Expressions & Plays Songs By Mood

The way ahead
The Economist – Medium

Digital Diagnosis: Intelligent Machines Do a Better Job Than Humans
Singularity Hub

The 4 big ethical questions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
World Economic Forum

Rodeo Innovation
Innovation Excellence

15 Outspoken Quotes on Innovation
Innovation Excellence

Where is the Crowdsourcing Movement Heading? [1/3]
Innovation Excellence

Hogan: WEDC working to ‘figure out a way’ to help startups

Animated Game Seeks to Keep a Dying Aboriginal Language Alive
Mental Floss

Scientists Are Training Schoolchildren to Detect Health-Related BS
Mental Floss

Computers Are Learning To Write Songs By Listening To All Of Them
Fast Company

Return to the Teenage Brain
The New York Times

Dance and music alter the brain in opposite ways
Medical News Today

The Choreographer of “Cats” And “Hamilton” On Trusting Your Creative Instincts
Fast Company

Math and Science Education – Pencils Down
Quanta Magazine

Top 20 Innovation Articles of September 2016
Innovation Excellence

Exploring our curiosity at TEDNYC: What Drives Us
TED Blog

Seth’s Blog

Shirt Helps Deaf People Enjoy Music Through Motion

Google and Monotype Unite to Digitize all the Languages of Humanity
Eye on Design | AIGA

Theodore Anderson, Mathematician Who Advanced Data Analysis, Dies at 98
The New York Times

The Top 20 Most Vibrant Arts Communities in America (2016)
National Center For Arts Research

Can we open the black box of AI?
Nature News & Comment

The 15 Forms of Innovation
Value Innovations

The Race For AI: Google, Twitter, Intel, Apple In A Rush To Grab Artificial Intelligence Startups
CB Insights

Can you set targets for creativity? Part 2 – how?
Innovation Excellence

Can you set targets for creativity? Part 1 – why?
Innovation Excellence

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management
Innovation Excellence

Elaine Lustig Cohen, Designer Who Left Her Mark Everywhere, Dies at 89
The New York Times

A big, fat picture of body fats

Theater Chains Irked Over Netflix Movie Deal With iPic Entertainment

The uncertain future of copyright in the on-demand age.

Speak, Memory
The Verge

Grappling with Calgary’s ‘new normal’: Moving beyond words in a downturn
CBC News

Job surge shows Brooklyn’s creative class is in session
Crain’s New York Business

The Global Search For Education: New Global Study Offers Insights On Math Learning
The Huffington Post

Innovation, Connected: NASA Astronaut Wants To Fit 100,000 Engineers Into A Garage

Paducah to host UNESCO Creative Cities ambassadors from around the world

Colouring book shows the brain in a whole new artistic light
Silicon Republic

Tulane launches new Brain Institute

Tulane News

Tired Of People Asking To Pick Your Brain? Here’s Your Answer
Fast Company

Cultural engagement benefits school children
ESRI | Raidió Teilifís Éireann

Pinterest Doesn’t Care That You Think It’s for Girls
The Ringer

Meet the enterprising women included in the Upstart 100 list

The Effortless Effort of Creativity: Jane Hirshfield on Storytelling, the Art of Concentration, and Difficulty as a Consecrating Force of Creative Attention
Brain Pickings

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