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“Science is not a boy’s game, it’s not a girl’s game. It’s everyone’s game. It’s about where we are and where we’re going.” – Nichelle Nichols

“If I didn’t choose art, I would have become an astronomer.” – Peter Max

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” – John Dewey

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney


Ten Percent Of U.S. High School Students Graduating Without Basic Object Permanence Skills
The Onion

Video: Jordan Ellenberg on the power of uncertainty and contradiction
Santa Fe Institute

Stephen Fry loathes dancing. To understand better, see it performed – in dance
Aeon Videos

Simon Sinek | Understanding The Game We’re Playing

Idea Management: How ideas crash [VIDEO].
The Lean Leader

Measuring Spoon Uses Origami To Create The Size You Need



NEW Fourth Annual LA Tech Summit to Showcase Diverse Innovation in Southern California
Business Wire
October 25

TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time
Oct 26 – 28 | San Francisco 

The Ovation Foundation Announces A “Call for Entries” in the Creative Economy innOVATION Grant Awards Program | Art, Culture, Film, Music, Fashion, Arts Advocacy TV
Ovation TV
Deadline: October 28

NEW Emerging and innovative technologies to take center stage at Yale Tech Summit
October 28

ArtsRx: Creative Venture, Wellbeing, and the New Humanities

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities

November 3 – 5

NAKFI Conference – Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement
National Academies Keck Futures Initiative –
November 9 – 12

Creating the New Alberta – Vision & Leadership
ABC Tech | Alberta Council of Technologies Society
November 26

NEW Third annual Community College Innovation Challenge open for submissions
National Science Foundation
Deadline: February 15 

Ripple Foundation Shines Spotlight on Children’s Creativity
PR Urgent (Canada)
Deadline: March 31

Advance Innovation – Put World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in your 2017 calendar, now!
Innovation Excellence
April 15 – 21

Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
April 24 – 28, 2017

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series




Why Math Education in the U.S. Doesn’t Add Up
Scientific American

Don’t give up: The inventor of 3D printing tells his story
New Scientist

Science is the Great Giver | Bill Gates

Move to change STEM gathers STEAM
Daily Iowan

MIT scientists image seratonin activity in living brain

The Way We’ve Been Imagining Aliens Is All Wrong

Gregory Stephanopoulos receives Samson Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels
MIT News

Neil Johnson: Drink deeply from your creative juices
The Shreveport Times

Researchers create a new type of computer that can solve problems that are a challenge for traditional computers

The Liberal Academy
The Creativity Post

6 Reasons to Hire Older, Out-of-Work Workers

Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future
MIT Sloan Management Review

Gig economy startups like Juno and Managed by Q are giving out equity to help retain workers

Don’t Make a Shrine of Your Success
Innovation Excellence

Creating a Culture Where It’s Cool to Be Smart
The Creativity Post

Uncle Sam Needs Techies and Vice Versa

How Scorpion Venom Is Helping Doctors Treat Cancer

America’s innovation crisis

Should We Let Uploaded Brains Take Over the World?
Scientific American

Entrepreneurship by design
MIT News

Disney launches a new class of startups at in-house accelerator
The Star

GE startup will usher in the ‘future of work’ and potentially change GE’s future

2016 Next Generation Leaders

“Creative Thailand 2016” ready to be launched

The Rise Of “Biorights”: Patients Demand Cash, Control For Donating DNA
Fast Company

Want to be like Silicon Valley? Welcome Immigrant Entrepreneurs

When Big Firms Are Most Likely to Innovate
Harvard Business Review

Florida Tech Launches STEAM Seminar Series
Newsroom | Florida Institute of Technology

Small business key to making Canada the innovation nation
Yahoo! Finance

A Neuroscientist And A Psychologist On How Our Ancient Brains Work In A High-Tech World
The Diane Rehm Show

Robot surgeons and artificial life: the promise of tiny machines
BBC News

How to solve for the lack of women in technology

Happy birthday to Girl Develop It Wilmington Delaware

How “returnships” can get working mothers back into tech

Phil Chess, Whose Record Label Elevated Unknown Blues Musicians, Dies at 95
The New York Times

Silicon Valley startup Baobab Studios raises $25 million to animate virtual reality

The Next Great Art Movement At The Swipe Of A Finger

Solving the 10 Most Common Innovation Challenges

7 Ways to Introduce AI into Your Organization
Harvard Business Review

Personal Mastery : An interview with Ida Nielsen – Bass Anchor for Prince
Innovation Excellence

Communication is Key for Innovation Implementation and Business Success
Innovation Excellence

After Decade of Growth, MFA Enrollments are Dropping
artnet News


Smithsonian Has $300K Campaign for Ruby Slippers

OPINION: Creativity in Math and Reading
Pagosa Daily Post

Museum of Science changed Michael Bloomberg’s life. He gives back with a $50 million gift.
The Boston Globe

Leo Beranek, accoustics pioneer and a founder of BBN Technologies, dies at 102
The Boston Globe

In the World of A.I. Ethics, the Answers are Murky

Discovery Education And 3M Announce 2016 Science Competition Winner
PR Newswire

Behind the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women and Computing with Anita Borg Institute CEO Telle Whitney

The cure for the creativity crisis
William & Mary

Rainstorms and Symphonies: Performing Arts Bring Abstract Concepts to Life

Embracing Failure: Building a Growth Mindset Through the Arts

Arts-Infused Project-Based Learning: Crafting Beautiful Work

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup

Arts-Based Research: Surprise and Self-Motivation

Arts & Tech Integration: How to Collaborate and Have Fun Doing It


How to Infuse the Arts Into Core Curriculum (and Why It Matters)

Why Elon Musk’s Mars Vision Needs ‘Some Real Imagination’

Third annual Community College Innovation Challenge open for submissions
National Science Foundation
Deadline: February 15

Pixar’s Brilliance Lies in the Creativity of Its Engineers
VICE | United States

Fun, imagination a potent mix for high science test scores in Hermiston
East Oregonian

Higher Ed, Open Innovation, and ‘The Smartest Places on Earth’
Inside Higher Ed

Podcast: Using Artificial Intelligence to Spur Creativity

OPINION: To boost Canada’s potential, make university boundaries more porous
Kitchener Post

All Systems Go: Firing-Up Ecosystem Collaboration to Realize Canada’s Potential as an Innovation Nation

These Brainwave Artists Are Crafting the Future of Immersive Experiences
The Creators Project

MIT researchers develop flexible optical fibre for medical implants in the brain

Entrepreneurship In Gynecology: Tracking Four Innovations In Women’s Health

4 Ways Women Can Leverage Their Strengths to Make It in the C-Suite

Fun with math – getting into the AI pond

GE’s Bridge Over the “Valley of Death” for Innovation

MIT Technology Review

Innovation And The Tech World
Memphis Daily

Making computer science accessible to all students


Takeaways from the CanadianCIO Innovation Summit
IT World Canada Video

Apple reportedly doesn’t want to build a car anymore — just its brain


AirTalk | How tech distractions hijack the brain and what you can do about it

89.3 KPCC

Researcher turns neuroscience into artwork

The Peak

DALI lab moves location and adds new staff
The Dartmouth

Beyond Standard Measurement to Understanding the Head & Heart: Lessons in the Role of Neuroscience

Let It Flow: 10 of the Best Books on Creativity

Do These 4 Things To Foster New Creativity

Science, cities and innovation in the human age
Science | The Guardian

Shailendra helps the film industry call Atlanta home

China’s Dalian Wanda courts Hollywood with film subsidy

Dalian Wanda of China Offers a Carrot to Hollywood
The New York Times

Dalian Wanda’s Hollywood Event Is Itself a Production
The New York Times

From the bottom up: Researchers explore a most dangerous fault


Does Science Say Smart People Are Creative?
The Creativity Post

Building coalitions for change
Innovation Excellence

Learning Innovation from Leonardo Da Vinci

Innovation Excellence

Serious Games & Innovation Management: Hélène Michel on Cubification™
Innovation Excellence

The State of Crowdsourcing in 2016
Innovation Excellence

Four Cognitive Principles That Can Make Innovation Surprisingly Obvious
Innovation Excellence

Why French pigs say groin, Japanese bees say boon and American frogs say ribbit
The Washington Post

Glenn Gould offers lessons for Apple, and Ottawa, on innovation

SAG-AFTRA issues strike ultimatum to video game makers
The Los Angeles Times

The Perils of Peak Attention
New Republic

Virtual Reality For Creative Purposes: What Arts Managers Need To Know

Building a Maker Educator Learning Community in Pittsburgh
Agency by Design

China’s next strategic advantage? Innovation.
In the Black

A 16-Year-Old Boy May Have Cured A Form Of Breast Cancer

Albertans Are Ready To Be Leaders In Innovation

Huffington Post Canada

Celebrate Hamilton Day, a Better Mathematical Holiday

Disney theme park and resort tech includes interactive projector for hotel rooms | Patents & Patent Law

Innovation Needs Exploration

Want To Be More Productive And Creative? Collaborate Less

Fast Company

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Eric Ellis leaves North Carolina
State Scoop

How neuroscience can benefit the learning and performance of music
Science Daily

U.S. and Cuban biomedical researchers are free to collaborate
Science | AAAS

Canada is off base on innovation, says former BlackBerry CEO Jim Balsillie

Think Like Kids Again: Brain Plasticity Study Says It’s Possible To Return To The Teenage Brain
Science World Report

Robotic Arm Delivers Sense of Touch Straight to the Brain
MIT Technology Review

The 11 Bad Habits Killing Innovation in Your Company
Huffington Post

Top 10 Takeaways From White House Report on Artificial Intelligence

Lessons on Creativity and Life from the Man Who Was New York City – a Tribute to Rick Budo
The Creativity Post

Immigrants Fuel Innovation. America Should Not Waste Their Potential

The combination of human and artificial intelligence will define humanity’s future

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators
Paul4innovating’s Innovation Views

5 Practical Programs that Build Innovation
Innovation Excellence

Keys for Compelling Storytelling
Innovation Excellence

How To Connect People To Drive Innovation
Innovation Excellence

How I Learned To Hack
Innovation Excellence

Four Cognitive Principles That Can Make Innovation Surprisingly Obvious
Innovation Excellence

A Drug to Improve Performance and Creativity
The Superhuman Mind | Psychology Today

What Goes Into the Creative Act? Can Therapy Be Creative?
Dreaming for Freud | Psychology Today

15 of the Longest-Running Scientific Studies in History
Mental Floss

90% of U.S. Films Shot Before 1914 Have Disappeared, Says French Exec

The Surprising Reason You May Suffer from Lack of Creativity

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