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“Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained.” – Nicolas Manetta

“Failure is success if we learn from it.” – Malcolm Forbes

“We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts.” – Madeleine L’Engle

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.” – Naguib Mahfouz

“I think it’s important not to forget that there is out there a need for creativity and innovation of a different type that might not simply come through math and the sciences and so as we’re thinking about the future of the university… that it has to be a broad university.” – Condoleezza Rice

“Using your imagination is the one time in life you can really go anywhere.” – Ann Patchett

“Everyone is an explorer. How could you possibly live your life looking at a door and not open it?” – Robert D. Ballard

“Change management, like airline food, is an oxymoron” – Gary Hamel



Crystal Birth: A Beautiful Timelapse of Metallic Crystals Forming in Chemical Solutions


Fawn Qiu: Easy DIY projects for kid engineers
TED Talk |

Teaching Autistic Children With Robots
Fast Company

Steven Johnson: How play leads to great inventions
TED Talk |



NASA Art Exhibit Portrays Satellite Movement With Sound
Co.Create | Fast Company
Through February 27

Artscene: David Byrne and co. blend science and art in Menlo Park
The Almanac
Through March 31

Artists and Creative Thinkers Convene to Examine Creativity in Society
National Endowment for the Arts
November 18

MIT’s Hacking Arts Festival: Tech-enabled art, fashion, music, start-ups and performances to offer glimpse into the future of creative arts
November 19 – 20

Creating the New Alberta – Vision & Leadership
ABC Tech | Alberta Council of Technologies Society
November 26

NEW Upcoming Creative Industry Summit will spotlight video game development
The Lane Report
November 30

NEW World Changing Ideas Awards Official Rules
Co.Exist | Fast Company
Deadline: December 8

Third annual Community College Innovation Challenge open for submissions
National Science Foundation
Deadline: February 15 

NEW Fall 2017 Residencies
Deadline: March 1

Ripple Foundation Shines Spotlight on Children’s Creativity
PR Urgent (Canada)
Deadline: March 31

Advance Innovation – Put World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in your 2017 calendar, now!
Innovation Excellence
April 15 – 21

Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
April 24 – 28, 2017

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series




Joel Mokyr: Progress Isn’t Natural
The Atlantic

The astrophysicist on a mission to get more women into physics
Soapbox Science

Ingenuity starts with a spark: The talks of TED@IBM
TED Blog

How China’s Government Helps — and Hinders — Innovation
Harvard Business Review

MIT Sandbox doubles down on student innovation
MIT News

The Reason Silicon Valley Beat Out Boston for VC Dominance
Harvard Business Review

Why Cleveland Is America’s Hottest City Right Now

Obama was an innovation junkie. Will Trump follow in his footsteps?
CNN Tech

How to turn Europe’s large research infrastructures into engines of innovation

10 female founders who have turned science into a business
Silicon Republic

Investment needed to STEM the loss of tech talent
Skies Magazine

In the Trump era, Canada can be a beacon for innovators
The Globe and Mail

Six Canadian Companies Recognized for Innovation at Ingenious Awards

UTA’s $125M glass-wall building will put ‘science on display’
Dallas News

Center for Engineering Innovation and Design celebrates fourth birthday, looks to future
Yale News

iGEM: thinking big, creativity, community-building and great science!
PLOS Synthetic Biology Community

Brain science suggests “mind wandering” can help manage anxiety
Harvard Health Blog

New ‘Science Comics’ Books Tackle Sharks, Brains, Drones and More

Another reason to ditch brain training: A declining mind may make you wiser
Ars Technica

When art and engineering collide
Florida International University

“Decisions like this stifle creativity and individuality”: History of Art axed
The Boar

GEW Women: Inspiring Entrepreneurs + Investors
Global Enterpreneurship Network

2016 World Changing Ideas
Scientific American

Mastering the Art of Pre-suasion with Robert Cialdini
The Creativity Post

Design thinking as a strategy: How understanding innovation creates innovation
The Next Web

Lessons and inspirations from the book “The Internet of Women – Accelerating Culture Change”

Everything has changed – but gender equality remains as important as ever
World Economic Forum

Can electric pulses to the brain boost your creativity?

It Takes More than a Big Idea to Change the World
Innovation Excellence

Three Steps to Keep from Drowning in Big Data
Innovation Excellence

Making innovation a habit – the birth of the creative leader
Innovation Excellence

How to Make a Bad Decision

Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer at The IdeaLoft
The Brainzooming Group

Why Our Brains Respond Differently to Classical Music
Pacific Standard

Our Beta Exploration: Can Creating Art Increase Your Profits?

ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

Inside the 21st-Century Craze for Redesigning Everything
The New York Times

Six Designers Take On Some of the World’s Toughest Redesign Challenges
The New York Times

In defence of the humanities: Why studying philosophy in a world where welders earn more still makes sense

Why the ‘Uber effect’ is proving elusive for online platforms
The Art Newspaper

This Is How to Invent Radical Solutions to Huge Problems

Singularity Hub

How Arts Education Teaches Kids to Learn From Failure
MindShift | KQED News

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Global Entrepreneurship Week | Déclaration du premier ministre du Canada à l’occasion de la Semaine mondiale de l’entrepreneuriat
GEW Canada

Doctors Work With Engineers to Improve Diagnoses
Healthcare of Tomorrow | US News and World Report

At TechCon, science-based solutions for world issues
MIT News

What the Heck Is Service Learning?

Tips for Combining Project-Based and Service Learning

Resources for Building Community Partnerships

The Doing Revolution: New Research About the Importance of Hands-On Work for Middle Level Students

Prince’s Estate Sues Roc Nation Over Tidal’s Claim on Streaming Rights

Is this mysterious ancient amulet a snapshot of cultural innovation?
The Christian Science Monitor

Could Light Alleviate Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

Kickstarter Opens Crowdfunding Platform For Artists & Creators in Mexico
Crowdfund Insider

Google says paying levies would stifle innovation in the struggling Canadian media industry
The Financial Post

Q&A: One of the Brains behind the China Brain Project [Video]
Scientific American

New Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman: Success Due to ‘Eclectic’ Career Path

Richard Branson Says Being an Entrepreneur Helped Save His Life

Science and innovation policies for Donald Trump
Nature News & Comment

Innovation Myth #2: Fail Fast, Fail Often is the Secret to Innovation | Kevin Fallon

Inactive Patents: Innovate More, Search Less
Michigan Tech News

Dan Rather: Now, More Than Ever, We Must Stand Up for Science
Scientific American Blog Network

Our Assumptions About Old and Young Workers Are Wrong
Harvard Business Review

Microsoft president Brad Smith said this would kick-start Milwaukee’s startup scene
Milwaukee Business Journal

Rural America at a Glance, 2016 Edition
United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service

Supermoon skeptic says the moon is still pretty great

The confusion about enough
Seth’s Blog

Fingertip Cameras May Help The Blind Read Without Braille

Don’t Fall in Love with your First Idea
Innovation Management

Why Social Skills Are Trumping Cognitive Skills
Innovation Excellence

War games and the forgetting challenge
Innovation Excellence

How WOW Air Disrupted The Airline Industry
Innovation Excellence

Madison entrepreneurship center StartingBlock scores $475K in federal funding
The Capital Times

Penn researchers develop pilot program to train library staff into community health specialists

Backstage: Using motion capture to evoke Shakespeare’s brave new world
Features | The Stage

ESPN Used Science to Prove That ‘Lion King’ Dancers Are Athletes
New York Observer

A Campaign to Restore and Release Early American Films Directed by Women

Canada Council to offer more funds for new applicants, diverse voices

The Globe and Mail

On vagueness, or, when is a heap of sand not a heap of sand?
Aeon Ideas

What Is Great Art?
The Atlantic

Women Power in the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts

Scientists step into dance world at The Royal Ballet
BBC News

15 Female Mathematicians Whose Accomplishments Add Up
Mental Floss

These 10 Innovators Are Changing the World, From Oceans to Eye Care
National Geographic

San Diego’s burgeoning new tech hub poised to reshape downtown

Are Americans Enamored with the Wrong Kinds of Entrepreneurs?
Harvard Business Review

46 Facts You Should Know About Entrepreneurship (Infographic)

YouTube’s ‘The Brain Scoop’: A Backstage Pass to Museum Science

Could Trump Be Good For Art?
Co.Create | Fast Company

Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Global Health: Not Your Everyday Project Team
Cornell Daily Sun

Carter: Ties to Tech, Innovation Communities Critical To DoD
U.S. Department of Defense

Creative Forces Expands to Fort Hood
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Make American Innovation Great Again | Patents & Patent Law

Tidal goes after Prince’s estate
CNN Money

MIT Ranks the World’s 13 Smartest Artificial Intelligence Companies

Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Successful Because of 1 Thing (and It’s Not Their Age)

Are You Wasting Money on Innovation and Design?

5 Secrets to Out-Brand, Out-Innovate and Out-Execute Your Competition

A Trip to ‘Mars’ Signals a New Look for National Geographic Channel

The New York Times

Stymied by a Tricky Problem? Why Talking Out Loud Might Help.
The Creativity Post

The Productivity Problem
Digital Tonto

Should the Manager be in the Ideation Meeting?
Innovation Excellence

How They Made the OED User-Friendly
The Daily Beast

Why Netflix Lets Movie Lovers Down, and What to Do About It
The New York Times

How Two Trailblazing Psychologists Turned the World of Decision Science Upside Down
Vanity Fair

Research Update: When Augmented Reality Comes to the Museums

10 Ludicrously Advanced Technologies We Can Expect by the Year 2100

How Video Games Are Helping Young Veterans Cope

How to Unleash the Innovator inside You! – Abhishek Shah

Scientists Are More Creative Than You Might Imagine
The Atlantic

Football Pro Martellus Bennett Is Living His Dream as an Artist

10 Tips to Turn Your Brain Into an Idea Factory

State of innovation 2016: a new level of collaboration driving up global innovation output
The Next Silicon Valley

FACT SHEET: Vice President Biden Delivers Cancer Moonshot Report, Announces Public and Private Sector Actions to Advance Cancer Moonshot Goals

Innovate: The Innovation System at the University of Utah
University of Utah

Why Robots Must Learn to Tell Us “No”
Scientific American

Notre Dame Looks to Strengthen Innovation ‘Ecosystem’
Inside Indiana Business

U.S. R&D Reaches Record High of $499B in 2015, NSF Estimates

Girls gather to code at all-women Hackathon

Donald Trump’s anti-immigration stance threatens the heart of American innovation
The Verge

Trump’s Plans to Shake Up the Tech World
Scientific American

Q and A: Author Joseph Boyden and playwright Tomson Highway on innovation and the future
Edmonton Journal

ARNOLD: On the creative pursuit of computer science
The Cavalier Daily | University of Virginia

Wireless brain implants are helping paralyzed monkeys walk again
Popular Science

The art school MBA that promotes creative innovation
The Financial Times

Veterans battle the invisible scars of war with art
Fox News Health

Coming out as an artist: I tried to be normal, but my creative side couldn’t stay hidden

What Designers Should Do Now
Co.Design | Fast Company

Have Fun!

The Creativity Post

Two Kinds of Empathy for Successful Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Innovation mantras from R&D

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Mandates from the Trump Administration
Innovation Excellence

Innovation Needs a Home

Innovation Excellence

Why Organizations Fail

Innovation Excellence

Dark New Comic Book Explores a World Without Antibiotics
National Geographic

Why We Live in Ideological Enclaves
Pacific Standard

Now, More Than Ever, Designers Must Transform America

The Binge Breaker
The Atlantic

How Your Brain Decides Without You

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