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“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix

“If we would have new knowledge, we must get a whole world of new questions.” – Susanne K. Langer

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” – William Plomer

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

“If the fine arts and the humanities really didn’t matter, then most of what we call civilization has been a mistake.” – Unknown



Shark Hunting Drones
Innovation Nation | The Henry Ford

Roger Antonsen: Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world
TED Talk |

Watch: The Mathematical Problems Inherent in Secret Santa
Mental Floss

Duke Students Have Developed a Robotic Nursing Assistant
Mental Floss



NASA Art Exhibit Portrays Satellite Movement With Sound
Co.Create | Fast Company
Through February 27

Artscene: David Byrne and co. blend science and art in Menlo Park
The Almanac
Through March 31

Upcoming Creative Industry Summit will spotlight video game development
The Lane Report
November 30

World Changing Ideas Awards Official Rules
Co.Exist | Fast Company
Deadline: December 8

Third annual Community College Innovation Challenge open for submissions
National Science Foundation
Deadline: February 15

NEW NEH Announces Creating Humanities Communities Grant Program
National Endowment for the Humanities
Deadline: February 15

Fall 2017 Residencies
Deadline: March 1

NEW 6th ENCATC International Study Tour to the Emirates
March 14 – 17

Ripple Foundation Shines Spotlight on Children’s Creativity
PR Urgent (Canada)
Deadline: March 31

Advance Innovation – Put World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in your 2017 calendar, now!
Innovation Excellence
April 15 – 21

Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
April 24 – 28, 2017 

NEW Crayola Now Accepting Applications for Champion Creatively Alive Children® Grant Program
Deadline: June 23

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series




Mapping the Creative Brain
Pacific Standard

5 Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

Four Million Commutes Reveal New U.S. ‘Megaregions’
National Geographic

New Fun Ways to Share Art with Kids
Creating In Flow | Psychology Today

How the brain recognizes faces
MIT News

IBM Watson Wants To Be Your Doctor

Neuroscience Hasn’t Been Weaponized – It’s Been a Tool of War From the Start
National News | US News and World Report

The Neuroscientist Who’s Building a Better Memory for Humans

Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the Two Cultures, by Eric Kandel
Times Higher Education

Five-year extension for innovative federal R&D programs is good news for photonics, say SPIE leaders

University R&D Funding Sources Shift While Overall Level Grows

Why Ear Training Might Matter More than You Think
The Creativity Post

The Top 25 Female Founders of the IoT Startups
Social Business Sandy

Moving towards a new connecting innovation model

When You Punish People for Asking Questions They Stop Asking

Insight #2: BIF Summit 2016
Innovation Excellence

The Long Shadow of Artificial Darkness on Modern Culture

The economy is more a messy, fractal living thing than a machine
Aeon Ideas

It Is Pretty Easy to Get Art Experts to Fall for Fakes
Science of Us

Illustrations Of Your Problems Now VS 100 Years Ago Will Make You More Grateful

Chairman Chu’s Introduction to In Pursuit of the Creative Life Convening
National Endowment for the Arts

Jihad 3.0: A Virtual Caliphate?
Fast Forward | OZY

Moving From an ‘Hour of Code’ to Districtwide ‘Computer Science for All’
EdSurge News

To encourage innovation, agencies first must define what it means to them
Washington Technology

Foster innovation and inclusivity through storytelling, Google-led report says
IT Business

Pushing Policy Changes, Over 1,100 Canadian Artists and Industry Stakeholders Sign Letter to Government

Aerobic exercise preserves brain volume and improves cognitive function
EurekAlert! Science News

Brain training video games help low-vision kids see better
EurekAlert! Science News

How do musician’s brains work while playing?
EurekAlert! Science News

Experimenting with small daily changes to spur creativity
Creative Something

Illinois Unveils Blockchain Policy in Bid to Attract Industry Innovators
Coin Desk

How 6 of Today’s Top Innovators Stay Productive

A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject

Trump reportedly to appoint Pence ally to FCC chair, setting stage to rollback net neutrality
VentureBeat | Fortune

Disruption Is Not About Startups And Their Strategies
Innovation Enterprise

Japan And China Have A Long Way To Go Before Catching Up With America In Entrepreneurship

15 years of Chicago Innovation: Where the City Stands Today
World Business Chicago

FACT SHEET: Celebrating President Obama’s Top 10 Actions to Advance Entrepreneurship, and Announcing New Steps to Build on These Successes

Commercialization of University Research Threatened by Proposed State Legislation | Patents & Patent Law

These Are The States With The Best Economic Prospects For 2017
Fast Company

Pinellas County, St. Petersburg launch partnership to create giant business incubator
Tampa Bay Business Journal

No, teenage blood won’t make you young and beautiful
Popular Science

Let’s Colonize Titan
Scientific American Blog Network

Which Sci-Fi Films Get Cited in Research?
Lovesick Cyborg : Discover

Allen Institute Release Glowing Human Stem Cells To Researchers
Shots – Health News : NPR

How Wearable Technology Is Helping Women Thrive In STEM Industries
Sport Techie

Opportunities for Creation | Carla Hayden, Library of Congress
National Endowment for the Arts

When science becomes art
Through January 22

Announcing our 2017 TED Prize winner: Healthcare warrior Raj Panjabi

Which kind of truth?
Seth’s Blog

8 digital skills we must teach our children
World Economic Forum

Women take charge
The World In 2017 | The Economist

Moving Into a New Innovation Era
Innovation Excellence

What Else Can We Teach Through Rhythm?
Innovation Excellence

Bad Medicine, Part 1: The Story of 98.6

Doyle: Dismantling or diminishing CBC is the most elitist position of all
The Globe and Mail

Making arts experiences accessible to all is more important than ever
The Globe and Mail

2016 Speaker Series: The Convergence of Arts + Technology
ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

It must be the chopsticks: The Less Reported Findings of 2015 TIMSS and Explaining the East Asian Outstanding Performance
Yong Zhao | Education in the Age of Globalization

Stop Copying Others: TIMSS Lessons for America
Education in the Age of Globalization

International Tests Show Rising, But Mixed, Math and Science Performance
Education Week

Creativity is Very Logical | Jeffrey Baumgartner

Professor part of new national organization to support creative ‘Makers movement’
The University of Kansas

Europe is poised to give Silicon Valley a run for its money, argues a new report

New battery tech lasts for days, charges in seconds

$5M venture capital firm formed at MSU
Lansing State Journal

MassVentures says START program companies have gone on to raise $278M in investment

Boston Business Journal

Sustaining the momentum of a transformation
McKinsey & Company

These Companies Are Vacuuming Up Everybody Else’s Tech Talent
Fast Company

America’s Greatness Hinges on Strong Innovation Economy, Says ITIF; Leading Tech-Policy Think Tank Offers Trump Administration a Quick-Start Policy Checklist for 2017

Va.’s Mach37 accelerator hits critical milestones as investors get more selective
The Washington Post

Director Werner Herzog Talks About The Intersection of Humanity And Artificial Intelligence
Popular Science

What Does Betsy DeVos Have in Mind for Higher Ed?
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Welcome to the Multimillion-Dollar Business of Selling U.S. Cities
Next City

New NSF data show which universities are up and which down in total R&D expenditures

Inside Higher Ed

Reinvigorated Technology Transfer Office translates campus innovations into impact
Technology Transfer Office | University of Colorado Boulder

Digital Divide Index (DDI)
Intelligent Community Institute | Mississippi State University Extension

The Importance of Innovation Districts
Inside INdiana Business

9 Brutal Truths About Innovation No One Wants to Talk About

Seven principles to ignite a culture of innovators

Jay Som’s Guide To Making Creativity A Part Of Your Everyday Life

Congress to begin voting on sweeping biomedical innovation bill
Science | AAAS

Top Scientists Urge Trump to Select Competent Science Adviser

Will Obama leave behind an innovation legacy?
The Hill

Canadian musicians, writers ask federal government to fix creativity business

The Globe and Mail

Canada’s Innovation Agenda should focus more on humanities, say researchers
Cantech Letter

Space could leave you blind, and scientists say they’ve finally figured out why
Science Alert

How Science Is Rewiring The Dyslexic Brain

Brainstorm Health: Can Gwen Ifill’s Death Spur Cancer Innovation?

The Cocaine Addict Who Invented Radical Cancer Surgery

2016 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards Announced!

National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards | President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Biking, for science

In Search Of A Liberal Arts Education For The Modern Era
The Creativity Post

Seth’s Blog

REVIEW: Science-art at the National Academy of Sciences
SciArt Magazine

Google Doodle: Jagadish Chandra Bose, the Indian scientist who pioneered wireless communication in 1895 and proved that plants have feelings

Think Like a Workplace Futurist

Mimic Nature for Innovation
Innovation Excellence

When Good Innovation Breaks Bad
Innovation Excellence

What 100 Creatives Construct After Playing With Toy Blocks For 30 Minutes

Elon Musk May Save Suburbia

What It Takes to Open a Bookstore
The New York Times

Final decision? Why the brain keeps on changing its mind
Aeon Ideas

This Ballet Superstar is Making a Dance About Space Travel for the JFK Centennial
The Washingtonian

Connecting Communities Through Howlround’s World Theatre Map

Your Brain Can Do More Than You Think It Can, Says Science
Fast Company

This Visual Prosthetic Helps the Blind See Again
Mental Floss

NEH Announces Creating Humanities Communities Grant Program
National Endowment for the Humanities
Deadline: February 15

An Auction That Could Transform Local Media
The New York Times

National STEM Video Game Challenge Announces Winners of Fifth Annual Competition
Institute of Museum and Library Services

Donna Harris to step down from co-CEO role at 1776

Ukulele building teaches Canal Winchester 8th-graders about math, engineering
The Columbus Dispatch

Pi is delicious — and other math lessons you’ll be happy to learn
Public Radio International

Congress poised to pass sweeping biomedical innovation bill
Science | AAAS

4 things you should never say if you want to innovate successfully

How to Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

Canaries in the Coal Smoke
Studio 360 – WNYC

How to Raise a Unicorn: Moms of over 50 Top Innovators Share Their Secrets

Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk
The New York Times

Flossing and the Art of Scientific Investigation
The New York Times

The future of creativity is math
Advertising | The Drum

21st Century Education For A 21st Century Economy

Why Your Company Isn’t Innovating

Can Creativity Be Learned – And Should Normal People Bother?
The Huffington Post

10 Bold Rebrands That Made A Big Difference
Co.Design | Fast Company

This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Clarity And Creativity


Schools will teach ‘soft skills’ from 2017, but assessing them presents a challenge
The Conversation

How To Hold On To Your Creativity When It Feels Like The World Is Falling Apart

How To Be More Creative [Infographic]

7 tech innovations of 2016

USA Today

Startup skills from Microsoft? How the tech giant is expanding its global innovation program


6 Ways Gen Z Will Change the Tech World


Thinking Big About How Technology Amplifies Evil

Viva Graffiti: Women in Mexico Are Protesting Violence—Creatively
The Progressive

New University of Wyoming engineering facility designed to foster innovation
Casper Star-Tribune

Your Brain Can Do More Than You Think It Can, Says Science
Fast Company

Your brain on math: Functional coupling between neural regions during mathematical cognition

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Could Spark a Tech Brain Drain

SPARK Disability Art Festival sparkles with creativity
Calgary Herald
Through December 2

An Increasing Number of Children in American Schools Need to Learn English. Let Them Play!

Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Reframing the Digital Divide: Why Quality of Access Matters
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

How Should Reading Be Taught in a Digital Era?
Education Week

Bridging Language and Culture for Family Engagement

New America

A deaf musician is developing an algorithm to translate music into light

Without Experimentation There Is No Innovation

Crowdsourcing Innovation: Three Ways It Drives Value
The Community Roundtable

How to recruit, hire and retain female engineers

9 Brutal Truths About Innovation No One Wants to Talk About

Building the Case for Successful Change
Innovation Excellence

The Power of Story
Innovation Excellence

Need a Creativity Boost? Try This New Multi-Pronged Approach
The Athlete’s Way | Psychology Today

Creative Thinking Skills and Place with Chuck Dymer at The IdeaLoft
The Brainzooming Group

In the Chamber of Secrets: J.K. Rowling’s Net Worth
The New York Times

U.S. Box Office Tops $10 Billion for 2016, Led by ‘Finding Dory’

California Today: Fretting Over the ‘Netflix Tax’
The New York Times

China plans $2 billion film studio as part of culture drive

The Therapeutic Healing of Art Among Veterans
ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

Art is not an escape — it’s our most powerful weapon against apathy

When A.I. Matures, It May Call Jürgen Schmidhuber ‘Dad’
The New York Times

UCSD Lays Off Entire Theatrical Production Staff

Personal essay about a misguided junior high production of Company.

Girl Power? For Lara Croft, It’s a Complicated Legacy
The New York Times

Shanghai is racing to become China’s cultural capital
The Economist

What if jobs are not the solution but the problem?
Aeon Essays

The Arts in Austin Need our Commitment and Support at this Critical Time
ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

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