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“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” – Chief Seattle

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

“If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

“Science and art belong to the whole world, and the barriers of nationality vanish before them.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Watch ‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye’s epic defense of science at ‘March for Science’ in Washington, D.C.

The TRUE story of Post-It Notes, and how they almost failed
Idea to Value

How does a curveball curve?
Morgridge Institute for Research

10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Einstein
National Geographic

Math and Nature Inspired This Artist’s Mesmerizing Spiral Sculptures
Mental Floss

POV: See Antarctica From the Back of a Whale
National Geographic


Welcome to TED2017: The Future You
TED Blog
Through April 28, 2017

Two-Day Spark Conference Showcases Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Everything Lubbock
Through April 28

NEW New Exhibit, ’Art with Watson: Hidden Portraits’ Spotlights How Cognitive Computing Inspires
Through May 7

ON VIEW: Fermilab’s “50 Years of Science & Art”
SciArt Magazine
Through May 22 

Kaplan Fund Invites Applications for 2017 Innovation Prize
RFP | Philanthropy News Digest
Deadline: April 28 (First-round applications)

Challenge – the Creative Tracks launch event
Deadline: April 28

CreativeXchange – Leadership Development and Team Design Workshop
Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia
April 21, 28, May 5, 12, and 19

NEW Syracuse’s annual ‘Girls Summit’ to encourage careers in science, technology
April 29

National STEM Video Game Challenge Launches Sixth Competition
Joan Ganz Cooney Center
Deadline: May 1

Nokia Bell Labs opens competition for ideas with power to disrupt future of human experience by 10 fold
Deadline: May 1

The 2017 Innovation By Design Awards
Co.Design | Fast Company
Deadline: May 4

Call for contributions: /encatcSCHOLAR issue #8
Deadline: May 1

Halcyon Arts Lab Program Application
Deadline: May 4

Halcyon Incubator Program Application – Fall 2017 Cohort 7
Deadline: May 4

Help MIT Solve Global Problems with Open Innovation
MIT Technology Review
May 8 – 10

Help Us Support Gender Equity on May 10th
Innovation Excellence
May 10

A Groundbreaking New Exhibition of Tech Art, Maker Workshops and Electronic Music Performances
Yahoo! Finance
May 12 – 13

Call for Abstracts & Thematic Sessions!
8th Annual ENCATC Research Session
Deadline: May 15

Fast Company
May 16 – 17

Life science researchers across Michigan to pitch innovation ideas at 2017 Biomedical Innovation
May 17

Halcyon Awards
S+R Foundation
May 20

IEEE Women in Engineering Conference Returns in May
Light Reading
May 22 – 23

Bravo! Entrepreneur and I.Q. (Innovation Quotient) Awards
BizTimes Media
May 24

NEW Renée Fleming and Joshua Bell to Unite for Science
The New York Times
May 30 – June 4

Festival of Big Ideas
June 9

Return of ‘Best and Brightest’ Ideas for 2017 Edition of EAA Founders’ Innovation Prize Competition
Aviation Pros
Deadline: June 15

Girls In Tech Announces ‘TED-Style’ Presentations With Return of Catalyst Conference to San Francisco
Girls In Tech, PR Web
June 20 – 22

Crayola Now Accepting Applications for Champion Creatively Alive Children® Grant Program
Deadline: June 23

European Congress on Cultural Management and Policy
Sept 27 – 29 

Music Cities Convention
Sound Diplomacy
October 26 | Nashville, Tennessee

2017 Wisconsin Science Festival
Wisconsin Science Festival
November 2 – 5 

2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Network | Kauffman Foundation
November 13 – 19

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series


In Case You Missed It: The personal talks from day 4 of TED2017
TED Blog

The Creativity Crisis: It’s Getting Worse
Idea to Value

Trump’s FCC Chair Wants To Gut Net Neutrality. He’s In For A Bruising Fight.
The Huffington Post

The ‘Fix’ for Net Neutrality That Consumers Don’t Need
The New York Times

Net neutrality rules took away your Internet freedom, FCC chair claims
Ars Technica

Wounds, War and Poetry: Using Creativity to Heal
Iowa Public Radio

Jack Ma Sees Decades of Pain as Internet Upends Old Economy

How The Female Mind Can Bring Innovation To Established Industries

‘Each of you can be the next to chart a course for innovation and discovery in Canada’
UToday | University of Calgary

Facebook’s Race to Link Your Brain to a Computer Might Be Unwinnable

What Traditional Companies Can Learn From the Gig Economy
The Network Journal

Startup Yale sees high level of female entrepreneurship
Yale Daily News

What I learned about creative thinking from Walt Disney
Think Jar Collective

Cloud Produces Sunny Earnings at Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet
The New York Times

What’s Not to Like About Pre-K?
The New York Times

Tech Made Cities Too Expensive. Here’s How to Fix It

Taking it for granite
Seth’s Blog

Changing Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Culture from the Inside Out

This Architect Has Created A ‘Hip-Hop Architecture Camp’ To Expose Black Kids To Design

Ne-Yo Invests $2.3 Million In This Coding School To Help Black People Get Tech Jobs

Cities are complex systems – let’s start looking at them that way
The Conversation

MIT’s giant mobile 3D printer can build a building in 14 hours, and some day it may be headed to Mars

The jobs of the future – and two skills you need to get them
World Economic Forum

Why I’m worried about the future of the open web
Margarita Noriega

Innovation and the Mythical Idealized Future State
Innovation Excellence

Quiz: Can You Name These 13 Geniuses?
National Geographic

Scientists Are Trying to See Our Dreams
National Geographic

The World’s First Music Therapist
The Power of Music | Psychology Today

Daily Routines of Creative People
Hot Thought | Psychology Today

Purdue buys Kaplan to create new public university for nontraditional students
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What does Trump’s plan to abolish estate tax mean for collectors?
The Art Newspaper

The Top 20 Most Vibrant Arts Communities in America (2017)
National Center For Arts Research

In Case You Missed It: Mind-bending thoughts from day three of TED2017
TED Blog

At This Museum, Failures Are Welcome
The New York Times

A Struggling ESPN Lays Off Many On-Air Figures
The New York Times

NEA study explains financial effect of the arts nationally — and California’s huge cultural economy
LA Times

Peter Buffett Talks Creativity, Music, Philanthropy, And Life With Dad Warren Buffett

7 Rules For Innovation Managers

A Quadriplegic Painter Created An Artist Paradise For Artists With Disabilities
#50StatesofArt – Creators

These Mouthpieces Turn Ordinary Fruits And Veggies Into Musical Instruments

The Fake “War Between Neuroscience and Psychiatry”
Neuroskeptic | Discover Magazine

Johns Hopkins Supporting Innovation With New Innovation Hub

The automation of art: A legal conundrum: The rise of automated art opens new creative avenues, coupled with new problems for copyright protection – problems that could stop creativity in its tracks

The Rise of Emerging Entrepreneurial Cities
Global Enterpreneurship Network

FCC head unveils plan to roll back net neutrality
The Hill

Netflix Is No Longer the Poster Child for Net Neutrality. Who’s Next?

Climb Aboard: School Buses Reimagined

Literacy Through Photography for English-Language Learners

Drivers gear up for world’s first nanocar race
Nature News & Comment

The Compromise on Education That Could Unite Left and Right
Politics and Power | OZY

#BeyGood: From ‘Lemonade’ to “Formation Scholars” Beyoncé Continues to Inspire Black Girl Magic

Game developer sues Milwaukee over park-permit requirement
Wisconsin Gazette

In a neuro-techno future, human rights laws will need to be revisited

Grants Roundup: Gates and Chan-Zuckerberg Back $12 Million Personalized-Learning Venture
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

You go first
Seth’s Blog

The New Museum Is Bringing A Range Of Kickstarter Projects To Its Gift Shop

Startup Lets Doctors Practice Surgery With Medical VR

Don’t be Fooled by Innovation Theatre!
The Strategy Group

The Most Underrated Skill in Management
MIT Sloan Management Review

Ep. 347: Best Practices are Stupid. And Stephen Shapiro Tells Us Why
Doug Sandler Podcast

What’s Blocking Corporate Creativity?

Open Innovation Revisited
Creative Jeffrey [Baumgartner]

Reboot a Sluggish Brand
Innovation Excellence

Measuring Your Innovation Maturity
Innovation Excellence

Dreams + Computer Science = Mind-Bending Art
National Geographic

UW’s Rebecca Blank: Too much federal regulation is impeding scientists
The Capital Times

32 Museums Across NYC Are ‘Trading Places’ And Taking Fans With Them
The Huffington Post

How the CIA Secretly Funded Arab Art to Fight Communism

Turning the NFL draft into grand theater, with Philadelphia as the stage

Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old Millennial
Science of Us

In Case You Missed It: Big moments from day two of TED2017
TED Blog

Make America Great Again
MIT Technology Review

A manifesto for the creative industries
Creative Review

The inventor of Siri says one day AI will be used to upload and access our memories

Canadian innovation, a cautionary tale
Design Engineering

Spend Your Day Counting Baby Penguins, In The Name Of Science
Fast Company

How Leaders Can Make Innovation Everyone’s Day Job
Singularity Hub

10 Breakthrough Technologies That Are About to Change the World

Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook’s Next Facebook
The New York Times

America’s Innovation Edge Is at Risk
The National Interest

Science Coalition: Federal Funding Sparks Innovation
BU Today | Boston University

American-Made: Companies Created from Federally Funded University Research Fuel U.S. Innovation and Job Creation

PAT BATES: Is innovation an economic growth tsunami?
Cape Breton Post

New human rights to protect against ‘mind hacking’ and brain data theft proposed
Science | The Guardian

Mozak: a game that crowdsources the detailed mapping of brain-cells
Boing Boing

The Human Brain Is a Time Machine
Science of Us

For March for Science Leaders, the Work Is Just Beginning
The Chronicle of Higher Education

TransMedTech Institute: propelling Québec to the forefront of health technology innovation

Will The Third Industrial Revolution Create An Economic Boom That Saves The Planet?
Fast Company

The Fuzzy and the Techie: Why the Liberal Arts Will Rule the Digital World
Stanford Social Innovation Review

What Do You Do With an Idea? What Do You Do With a Problem?
Boing Boing

How the looming writers strike could hurt Chicago

This Digital Knitting Machine Will Let You Print Your Own Clothes

Wall Plant Array Purifies The Air Indoors

Contact Lens Helps Diabetic Patients Check Their Blood Sugar

The Rainbow Flag Is Now An Awesome Font
Co.Design | Fast Company

What Happens When 1 Million People Collaborate On One Work Of Art
Co.Design | Fast Company

Florence: Lessons from a Global Innovation Hub
Innovation Management

A New Breed Of Innovation
Innovation Excellence

WARF announces latest projects for UW2020: Discovery Initiative

Jill Lepore on the Challenge of Explaining Things
Public Books

How to Bring Family Engagement and Early Learning into the Digital Age
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

New Brochure to Help Families Select—and Use—Children’s Apps Together
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

How Educators Can Use Technology to Better Connect to Hispanic-Latino Families
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Reframing the Digital Divide: Immigrant Families Prioritize Tech for Learning
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Families and Pokémon GO
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Robert Lynch Responds to Hill Commentary Calling to End Funding for the NEA
ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

One move ahead: The talks of Session 1 of TED2017
TED Blog

Hey, Computer Scientists! Stop Hating on the Humanities

Science has outgrown the human mind and its limited capacities
Aeon Ideas

Making Art at the March for Science
The New York Times

All the best signs from Marches for Science around the world

Creativity Trend Report: Volume 2: Spring 2017
Center for Childhood Creativity

When Kids Philosophize
The New Yorker

Amazon Has Patented A Factory That Automatically Produces Clothing On-Demand

Reflections on the Power of Visual Art
Creativity at Work

Why Art? Reflections on Art and Leadership at CEO Roundtable Retreat
Creativity at Work

Creativity and Coming to the Edge
The Creativity Post

Robots Want Your Tasks, Not Your Jobs (or Why the Liberal Arts Still Matter)

‘Creative class’ rises, creating new maladies
The Seattle Times

The urban anxieties of Richard Florida

6 books for understanding how cities work
The Week

Ottawa poet nominated for Griffin prize searching for new inspiration
Ottawa Citizen

Wikipedia co-founder launches project to fight fake news

Video Games Help Model Brain’s Neurons
The New York Times

Scientific discovery game significantly speeds up neuroscience research process
Science Daily

Oracle is building a ‘transformational’ startup inside the company
Business Insider

11 technologies developers should explore now

Creativity Without Imagination? This Ancient Formula Still Rules
Written Persuasion – Medium

Canada Just Took a Major Stand for Net Neutrality

Philanthropy: Warren Buffet’s fund donates $90M to empower girls of color

The One Thing You Need To Do To Become More Creative
Fast Company

Growing Montréal’s economy through innovation

The 37 Megacities and Largest Cities: Demographia World Urban Areas: 2017
New Geography

Innovation and inspiration for kids at Philadelphia Science Festival [photos]

How to Scale Up Regional Economies (like Akron, Ohio)

MEDC-Funded ADVANCE Program Launched
Office of Technology Transfer – University of Michigan

‘Creativity Within Confinement’: ASU students to display prisoners’ artwork to raise awareness of prison programming
The State Press

Is this the end of venture capital as we know it?
VentureBeat | Entrepreneur

Pontoon Beach IL school technology innovation, nature-based learning
Belleville News-Democrat

50 Research Methods for Innovation Infographic
Open Innovation

Deloitte Tech Trends 2017
Computer Weekly

Combine What Exists Into Something That Has Never Existed Before
Imagineer7’s Weblog

Impact Investments in Creative Economy Poised for Growth, Study Finds
News | Philanthropy News Digest

Genius Takes Many Forms. It’s Time We Recognized Them All.
National Geographic

Play: A Different Perspective
Great Kids, Great Parents | Psychology Today

Creative Thinking Skills – 19 Articles on Creative Wave Making
The Brainzooming Group

Experience the TED2017 conference in movie theaters, with other curious minds
TED Blog
April 24, 25

12 books to browse ahead of TED2017
TED Blog

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria
The Atlantic

Science Isn’t Political, Says Silicon Valley March for Science Organizers

What does “science” mean?
Seth’s Blog

Why people are marching for science: ‘There is no Planet B’
The Washington Post

March for Science: Rallies worldwide to protest against political interference
BBC News

Science: Marchers rally for political decisions based on data, not beliefs

‘Science is universal’: Silicon Valley joins the March for Science

What’s The Plan When There Is “No Planet B”

Science Supporters Step Out in Milwaukee
Urban Milwaukee

At least 10,000 march for science in St. Paul
St. Cloud Times

Wearing Lab Coats And Brain Hats, Thousands Fill National Mall To ‘March For Science’

Why a ‘War on Science’ Puts Us All at Risk
National Geographic

Hundreds turn out to March for Science in Green Bay
Green Bay Press Gazette

Rochester advocates join worldwide March for Science

I went to the March for Science and the signs are troubling

Professor: Americans Love Creativity, But Resist It
Wisconsin Public Radio

How Creativity Drives Human Evolution
National Geographic

Design Thinking: Get a Quick Overview of the History
Interaction Design Foundation

The New Blueprint: how the power of design can change our lives
Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Designing a Way to Measure the Impact of Design
Stanford Social Innovation Review

The USB Type-C is an innovation comparable to the invention of the wheel
Tech FirstPost

How Can Students Better Apply Math Learning? New Studies Hold Answers
Education Week

Left-Brained Versus Right-Brained: Which is Best for Learning?
Tomorrow’s Professor Postings

With Neuralink, Elon Musk Promises Human-to-Human Telepathy. Don’t Believe It.
MIT Technology Review

Cormac McCarthy explains the neuroscience of the unconscious in a new essay for Nautilus

Promoting Canadian Creative Industries South of the Border
Yahoo! Finance

Athens-based Foxtail Games named among state’s top technology innovators
Online Athens

Apple hires man who 3D printed his brain tumour

A ‘Huge Win’ for Net Neutrality in Canada
Common Dreams

Truly Great Innovators Do These 4 Things

A Principal’s Reflections: Competencies vs. Skills
Esheninger Blog

How Trust and Technology Are Reshaping Cities
POV | CityLab

Artificial Intelligence has to deal with its transparency problems
The Next Web

Einstein chatbot shows Facebook Messenger’s potential as an educational tool
The Next Web

What makes a nation? 4 creative thinkers talk art, nationhood with Matt Galloway

Is It Time to Break Up Google?
The New York Times

Why antitrust should not be used against tech ‘monopolies’

Is a “robot tax” really an “innovation penalty”?

Julia programming language, created by an Indian computer scientist, is catching on across the world

From ads to architecture, Austin isn’t the creative jobs capital of Texas … Dallas is
Business | Dallas News

We’re Entering A New Era of Mass Collaboration

Amazon Alexa Boss Predicts Big Change in Computer Design

Elon Musk’s new plan to save humanity from AI
CNN Money

University of Washington among top schools at turning ideas into patents and startups, study says

Steve Jobs Always had the Best Ideas in the Room (Here’s How You Can Too)

Your Organization Can’t Afford to Ignore Good Design

Several Google engineers have left one of its most secretive AI projects to form a stealth start-up
Tech | CNBC

When You Get Fired or Fail Big, This is How You Bounce Forward

Jaw-dropping science breakthroughs
Playlist |

Meet The Muslim Woman Who Inspired Nike To Enter The Hijab Business
Fast Company

Inside Job Gore for good: This video game designer works to help doctors now at Level Ex
Blue Sky Originals | Chicago Tribune

You may also like … Algorithms that improve drug discovery
Morgridge Institute for Research

David Attenborough’s Hologram Helps People Study Natural History In VR

The US used to be the world leader in this key area of artificial intelligence research. Now it’s China
World Economic Forum

How to Thrive — and Survive — in a World of AI Disruption
MIT Sloan Management Review

What mindset does innovation leadership really take?
Cris Beswick

Culture is Either the Roadblock or Highway to Innovation – We Need Leadership not Management
Brian Solis

Innovation Through Crowdsourcing and AI
Innovation Excellence

Business Innovation Factory: Design Methodology, Next Practices, New Business Models
Innovation Excellence

What Makes a Genius?
National Geographic

The Joy of Learning to Play an Instrument Later in Life
The Wall Street Journal

‘Thought Leaders’ and the Plutocrats Who Love Them
The Nation

SAG-AFTRA Blasts Accusatory Letter as Hollywood Labor Turmoil Accelerates
Hollywood Reporter

Misty Copeland and Sally Field on the Social Significance of Their Success
The New York Times

UCLA’s Hitoshi Abe and USC’s Qingyun Ma on the ugliness of L.A. architecture, ‘Uberism’ and more
LA Times

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