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“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” – George Edward Woodberry

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” – William Butler Yeats

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison

“Healthy curiosity is a great key in innovation.” – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

Innovation – Everything You Need to Know in 12 Quotes
Innovation Excellence


Dr. Jennifer R. Cohen | Transformative Moments: My STEM Journey

What is Design Thinking? Extensive interview with Tom Kelley from IDEO
Idea to Value

Alan Alda: Grow Your Empathy Through Better Visual Perception
Big Think | YouTube

WoodSwimmer: A New Stop-Motion Short Made Entirely by Tediously Cutting Through Wood Colossal


Leading for Creativity
Through July 2

Creative Problem Solving Institute 2017
Creative Education Foundation & International Centre for Creativity and Imagination
Through June 18 

Maine Startup & Create Week Answers the Gender-balanced Event Challenge
June 19 – 23

Girls In Tech Announces ‘TED-Style’ Presentations With Return of Catalyst Conference to San Francisco
Girls In Tech, PR Web
June 20 – 22

Crayola Now Accepting Applications for Champion Creatively Alive Children® Grant Program
Deadline: June 23

Regional Innovation Strategies 2017 funding available
Deadline: June 23

NEW 14-Day Incubator Intensive
Deadline: June 30

Applications Open! 2017 Albuquerque Program
Creative Start Ups
Deadline: July 9

2017 Open House, Scientific Delirium Madness
Djerassi Resident Artists Program
July 16

$17 Million Available to Spur Regional Innovation
US Economic Development Administration
Deadline: July 23

Speakers announced for RISE conference
Textile Evolution
September 12 – 14 

European Congress on Cultural Management and Policy
Sept 27 – 29 

Canada Makes International Design News with Launch of EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology
September 28 – October 8 

Join Us at the Inaugural AIGA Eye on Design Conference
Eye on Design | AIGA
October 11 

Fast Company Innovation Festival
Fast Company
October 23 – 27 

Music Cities Convention
Sound Diplomacy
October 26 | Nashville, Tennessee 

2017 Wisconsin Science Festival
Wisconsin Science Festival
November 2 – 5 

2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Network | Kauffman Foundation
November 13 – 19 

Global Entrepreneurship Week: 10 Years of Unleashing Ideas
Global Enterpreneurship Network | Kauffman Foundation
November 13 – 19 

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series



Photo-Sharing Phenom VSCO Is Teaching Computers To Interpret Art Like A Human
Fast Company

Mapping the creative value chains: A study on the economy of culture in the digital age : final report
EU Law and Publications

“Bot Dylan” Is a Mechanical Mockingbird
Evolution News

Tim Cook Says Apple Is Working on ‘the Mother of All AI Projects’

NASA Hires New Astronauts—but Where Will They Go?
Scientific American

The Superstar Gap

Electronic Dough Teaches Kids All About Conductivity

Hearing Aid Becomes A Vibrating Bracelet At Night To Keep Wearers Safe P

These are the top cities for corporate innovation
Fast Company

Fostering Medical Innovation: A Plan for Digital Health Devices
FDA Voice

What Horses, Camels, and Birdwatching Teach Us About Innovation
Innovation Excellence

How A $165 Million Painting Is Funding Criminal Justice Reform

Sony Won’t Release Clean Versions of Films if Directors Disapprove

What Happens to Fiction When Our Worst Climate Nightmares Start Coming True?
Smithsonian Magazine

Yoko Ono Will Share Credit for John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’
The New York Times

An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language
The Atlantic

Nina Barbado, Director of Assemble, on Makerspaces

GE Internet of Things Strategy: What Will Immelt’s Departure Mean?
Internet of Things Institute

Eating potatoes won’t actually kill you
Popular Science

Modeling the brain with ‘Lego bricks’: A new simulation tool for brain surgeons S

If You Move to These States, They’ll Pay Down Your Student Loan
Politics & Power | OZY

This Network Of Indigenous People Is Reporting From The Front Lines Of Climate Change
Fast Company

Do women entrepreneurs innovate differently than men?
Ottawa Business Journal

Parkinson’s May Begin in Gut Before Affecting the Brain
Live Science

Arts2Work – Building the Creative Economy | A New Plan Where Artists, Communities, Economies Thrive Workforce Development
The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture

Cultivating the Garden State’s Innovation Ecosystem
New Jersey Business Magazine

Why entrepreneurship is like stand-up comedy
Hacker Noon

Evolution, Accelerated

How to design and build your own robot

Is America Encouraging the Wrong Kind of Entrepreneurship?
Harvard Business Review

Are flying cars about to become a real thing? Starburst Accelerator thinks they are
Ars Technica

10 US cities where everyone wants to live right now
Business Insider

Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest
National Geographic 

Harvard President Says She Will Step Down Next Year
The New York Times 

The Communities Winning the War for Skilled Talent
Economic Modeling

Making art activates brain’s reward pathway

The Mind-Boggling Math That (Maybe) Mapped the Brain in 11 Dimensions

4 Hands-Off Ways to Foster Innovation in Your Startup

G.E.’s History of Innovation
The New York Times

This Filmmaker Installed a Video Camera Into His Right Eye Socket

A Post-Human World Is Coming. Design Has Never Mattered More
Co.Design | Fast Company

Be a Better Communicator by Embarrassing Yourself
Science of Us

The Manufacturing Incubator Changing Design
Fast Forward | OZY

The Dicey Ethics of Brain-Computer Interface Technology

Venture capital helps make Ohio among top startup economies in US
Columbus Dispatch

The Grocery Store Of The Future Is Mobile, Self-Driving, And Run By AI
Fast Company

National Endowment for the Arts awards $30,000 for The Right Brain Initiative
Portland, OR Patch 

“Hip-Hop Is A Huge Equalizer”: Young Entrepreneurs Get Business Inspiration From The Music Industry
Fast Company

This App Will Help Restaurants Donate The Insane Amount Of Food They Usually Waste
Fast Company

Music as a Teaching Tool

Tracy K. Smith Named New U.S. Poet Laureate; Calls Poems Her ‘Anchor’
The Two-Way : NPR

Also Q&A Meet our new U.S. Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith
Los Angeles Times

Are the Super-Rich Really Ruining the World’s Great Cities?
Harvard Business Review

Helping or hacking? Engineers and ethicists must work together on brain-computer interface technology
San Francisco Chronicle

What I Learned From Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone
The Creativity Post

VR Pen Gives Design Professionals A Precise Tool For 3D Drawing

Capsule Is Reimagining The Pharmacy As A Patient-First Experience

Is your company facing an innovation gap?

Why Companies Must Align Innovation Strategy With Business Strategy

A scientific artist, crafting from imagination
The Battalion

5 Ways to Disrupt an Industry Like Elon Musk

Inspiring Business Lessons from the World’s Greatest Thinkers and Innovators
Innovation Management

Romancing the New Business Model
Innovation Excellence

Disaster: CEO’s Ignoring Digital Innovation
Gregg Fraley Blogg

In Defense of Cultural Appropriation
The New York Times

Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works

The Doodler Abides – New research finds mindless drawing produces psychological benefits.
Pacific Standard

Makers Movement Changes the Educational Landscape
US News

How scientists managed to store information in a single atom
Popular Science

Two surprising strategies for effective innovation
TED Blog

Innovation Is Combination – Greg Satell

CalArts Partners with Women in Animation

There’s No App for This
Upstate Business Journal

Ethical Innovation Means Giving Society a Say

GE’s new boss expected to continue promoting local innovation
The Boston Globe

Energy technology is not advancing fast enough to meet climate goals

Lorenz Adlung: slam poetry makes science more accessible
EuroScientist journal

How science fiction writers’ “design fiction” is playing a greater role in policy debates
Boing  Boing

Museum of Science Highlights Local Innovation
Business Wire

Dworkin plays a new tune with science fiction novel
Crain’s Detroit Business

UVA Announces New Strategic Investments in Brain Research, Other Projects
University of Virginia Today

Vallée: Smart moves to stop Canada’s brain drain
Ottawa Citizen

Government of Canada launches the Global Skills Strategy

LISTEN: How To Solve Complex Business Problems With Innovative Ideas

New Brunswick Innovation Foundation invests in 500 Startups Canada to increase funding for Atlantic Canada startups

Canada’s Tech Firms Capitalize On Immigration Anxiety In The Age Of Trump

Canada Eases Work Permit Rules for Foreign Researchers
Inside Higher Ed

Video Game Industry Welcomes New Global Talent Immigration Stream

Phoenix Councilwoman: ASU Infrastructure Bill Is ‘Nickels, Pennies’
Arizona Science and Innovation Desk

Using Science To Combat Trauma In The Classroom

Brain Architecture: Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works

The creator of Android explains how his new phone can take on Apple and Samsung
Business Insider

Ikea partners with NASA to build furniture that’s out of this world
The Next Web

Lessons from Philadelphia’s Innovation Hub

Boost Your Creativity with These 5 Simple Ideas

Creative People Literally See the World Differently, Mind-Blowing Research Shows

Tech companies are increasingly making Miami their U.S. base
Miami Herald

Cancer Drug Proves to Be Effective Against Multiple Tumors
The New York Times

LeVar Burton is reading to you again on his new podcast

ZVerse: The 3D Printing Giant Looking To Design A New Content Category

Top Summer Reads Recommended by Librarians
Sans Serif

How I Established a Culture of Virtual Innovation

Apple’s Cook tells MIT graduates: temper technology with humanity

There’s a new internet-privacy bill in Congress, and the digital-ad industry says that if it passes it could mean ‘Facebook won’t be free’
Business Insider

Scientists move closer to detecting cancer long before any symptoms appear
San Diego Union Tribune

A C.S.A. for Books
The New Yorker

Accelerating revolutions
Seth’s Blog

The Part of the Innovation Process that Everyone Forgets
Innovation Management

Ways to Exercise Your Creative Muscles
Innovation Management

These U. of I. professors say they can make phone batteries last longer (and explode less)
Blue Sky Originals | Chicago Tribune

Major video game group sues Chicago over online game tax
Blue Sky Originals | Chicago Tribune

Science: Immigration on AMA’s agenda

JHU a world leader in U.S. patents issued to universities
Hub | Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins ranked among top 2 percent of universities worldwide
Hub | Johns Hopkins University

Like valium for fish? UW-Madison discovery aims to solve stress in fish farms UW-Madison News

What 99% looks like Seth’s Blog

A Formula for Creativity? Stop Looking For One and Try This Instead.
The Creativity Post

Now Artificial Intelligence Has Invented Sounds That Have Never Been Heard Before
Collective Evolution

What if we could make the future more vivid?
Digital Pulse | PWC

Why Does Apple Think It Can Get Away With Selling Overpriced Stuff?
Co.Design | Fast Company 

How A Degree In Scandinavian Mythology Can Land You A Job At One Of The Biggest Tech Companies
Fast Company

Could Da Vinci Have Predicted This? The Tech That Italy’s Leading
Fast Forward | OZY

Chicago lands outside top 10 on new list of promising tech cities
Blue Sky Originals | Chicago Tribune

What Should Your Chief Innovation Officer Do for Your Company?
Innovation Excellence

Failing Fast Causes More Failure
Innovation Excellence

Machine learning can detect a genetic disorder from speech recordings
UW-Madison News

Question to Leadership: If you had to list 3 qualities…
Innovation Excellence

Innovation Needs To Shift From Disrupting Markets To Tackling Grand Challenges
Innovation Excellence

Go Out and Find a Problem Worth Solving
Innovation Excellence

4 Everyday Items Einstein Helped Create
National Geographic

Is American Healthcare Innovation in the ICU?
The Digital Self | Psychology Today

Learning to Read as an Adult Changes Deep Regions of the Brain
Mental Floss

Frank Lloyd Wright Hated New York, Thought About Making the Guggenheim Pink, and Still Dreamed of Mile-High Skyscrapers
The New York Times

Is philosophy simply harder than science?
The Times Literary Supplement

Strategizing on the Future of the Creative Workforce
ARTS Blog | Americans for the Arts

How Googlers Avoid Burnout (and Secretly Boost Creativity)

Eureka? Yes, Eureka!
The New York Times

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Wins 6 Tony Awards; Bette Midler Is Best Leading Actress
The New York Times

Reviving a Lost Language of Canada Through Film
The New York Times

Learning to Read as an Adult Changes Deep Regions of the Brain
Mental Floss

L.A. lowering filming permit costs for digital productions
LA Times 

Making Google the Censor
The New York Times

Pandora, Faded Star of Online Music, Gets Cash Infusion From Sirius XM
The New York Times

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