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“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” – Edgar Cayce

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default. – J. K. Rowling

“Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.” – Brendan Francis Brown

“Technology can be a vehicle to help people create and collaborate better, but at the end of the day, people need to learn to work with people.” – Marina Umaschi Bers

How to Prepare Preschoolers for an Automated Economy
The New York Times

“Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome.” – Samuel Johnson

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“A new idea is delicate. It can be killed by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a joke or worried to death by a frown on the right person’s brow.” – Charles Brower

“Reality is for people that lack imagination.” – Hayao Miyazaki


How to Build a Culture of Innovation: Sir Ken Robinson
Xerox, YouTube

Colin Holmes has a famous brain that’s been used all over the world

What is beyond Pluto?
Morgridge Institute for Research

Elementary Engineering: From Simple Machines to Life Skills

Jimmy Lin: A simple new blood test that can catch cancer early
TED Talk |

5 stellar mini-docs that will make you rethink time
TED Blog


Creative Business Cup USA 2017
Creative Startups
Deadline: August 13

Creative Startups to Host Team USA for Global Pitch Competition
Creative Startups – Medium
Deadline: August 13

The Knowledge Society’s inaugural technology conference aims to motivate Canada’s youth
IT World Canada News
August 13

Speakers announced for RISE conference
Textile Evolution
September 12 – 14

European Congress on Cultural Management and Policy
Sept 27 – 29 

NEW Halcyon Dialogue Robotics Showcase to Livestream
September 28 

Canada Makes International Design News with Launch of EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology
September 28 – October 8 

NEW 2017 innOVATION Grant Awards Program
The Ovation Foundation
Deadline: September 29 

5th Annual Innovation Master Class
The Conference Board
October 3 – 4 

HUBweek 2017
October 10 – 15 

Join Us at the Inaugural AIGA Eye on Design Conference
Eye on Design | AIGA
October 11

Eleven Innovation Hubs From Across Canada Join SingularityU Canada Summit as Community Partners
October 11 – 12

Fast Company Innovation Festival
Fast Company
October 23 – 27 

Music Cities Convention
Sound Diplomacy
October 26 | Nashville, Tennessee

2017 Wisconsin Science Festival
Wisconsin Science Festival
November 2 – 5 

2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Network | Kauffman Foundation
November 13 – 19

Global Entrepreneurship Week: 10 Years of Unleashing Ideas
Global Enterpreneurship Network | Kauffman Foundation
November 13 – 19 

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series


2017 Creative Economy: innOVATION Grant Awards

2017 innOVATION Grant Awards Program
The Ovation Foundation
Deadline: September 29

LL Cool J becomes the first rapper to be Kennedy Center Honors recipient
The Washington Post

Kennedy Center abandons arts
The Washington Post

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Epic Notebook Is Now Available To View For Free

The Geography of Innovation

Meet A 3D Printed Version Of Your Date Before Actually Meeting The Person

Can art be created by algorithms?
The Boston Globe

Productive Edge employs tech to advise on ‘reinvention’
In Other News – Crain’s Chicago Business

Are tech firms too big to let live?
American Enterprise Institute

Thinkfun Debuts A Target Exclusive Line Of Unplugged Coding Games
Globe Newswire

3 things to kill before they kill your creativity

Problem Solvers Present At RISE®: Three Finalists Compete For RISE Innovation Award! Research, Innovation & Science For Engineered Fabrics Conference Recognizes Creative & Unique Solutions
Textile World

50 years ago, Picasso’s sculpture challenged Chicago’s imagination
Chicago Tribune

At This ‘Farm’ In Nebraska, Creativity Grows Amid The Cornfields

In Photos: Designers Present Mexico City In Emojis

Korimi Kids: Hand-Embroidered Kids Products Inspired by Mexican Folk Stories

Scientists Use Light to Turn Off Autism Symptoms in Mice
Scientific American

Arrange your time and tasks according to these seven categories, and you’ll be a creativity machine
The Mission | Medium

Why True Mastery Isn’t About Achievement

Why the World Needs More Introverts

Encouraging Life Science Innovation: The Value of Accelerator Programs
Technology Networks

10 Principles of Organization Design

What Millennial Investors Want: Convenience, Control And A Conscience

Canada Aims for Tech Talent, Emboldened by Immigration Worries in U.S.
The Wall Street Journal

Even After the Glass Ceiling Yields, Female Executives Find Shaky Ground
The New York Times

An Inside Look into the Madison, WI Entrepreneurial Hub

The money maximization distraction
Seth’s Blog

Airbnb Developed A Toolkit For Inclusive Design

Why The Ability To Fail Leads To Innovation

Single Points of Failure and Innovation

The Essential 4-step Product Innovation Process [podcast]
Innovation Excellence

The true failure of foreign language instruction
The Conversation

A farewell to screen savers, the imagined dreams of our machines.

Will private funding save public music education?

The Unabomber Couldn’t Kill David Gelernter. Now Gelernter Supports Donald Trump.
Tablet Magazine

Cogito Zero Sum
The Baffler

This Illustrated Periodic Table Shows How We Regularly Interact With Each Element
Mental Floss

The Beats And Rhymes Of Hip-Hop Are Changing How We Design Our Cities
GOOD Education

First Human Embryos ‘Edited’ in U.S.—Get the Facts
National Geographic

Amazing Grace
Michael Diamond

Deloitte: The Future of Work is Here and Organizations Should Stop Speculating and Start Acting

10 Ways To Prepare For Competitors You Don’t See Yet
Startup Professionals Musings

Creativity is now a necessity
The Daily Pennsylvanian

America’s Competitors Angle for Silicon Valley’s Business
The New York Times

StartupBus brings entrepreneurs to Birmingham’s Innovation Depot
Alabama NewsCenter

Why Neuroscience Is the Key To Innovation in AI
Singularity Hub

Robots with Their Heads in the Clouds
Scientific American Blog Network

Who Will Clean Up Silicon Valley’s E-Wasteland?
Fast Company

Canada boasts buoyant biotech sector
Innovators magazine

How clusters can catalyze inner city prosperity: report and US case studies
The Next Silicon Valley

Pfizer CEO: The Future Of American Innovation Rests On A Competitive U.S. Tax Policy

Entrepreneurs: Make your pitch and pivot to Canada!

5 Unexpected Entrepreneurship Lessons From Albert Einstein

Oliver Sacks on How Our Hobbies Can Kill Us
Better Humans

Quincy Jones’ Lawyer Explains Case Against Michael Jackson Estate

HBO Assesses Damage From Cyberattack
The New York Times

Artists, Arts Patrons, and Access to Capital
National Arts Marketing Project

Unique Music And Images Are Tailor-Made For E-Book Readers

Alphabet Is Using Salt As A Renewable Solution For Energy Storage

How to Think Better

7 Ways Startups can Foster Innovation through Sustainability
Innovation Management

Agency by Design in Translation
Agency by Design

Going national – Chefs for Seniors debuts franchise option
Isthmus, Madison

A Design Firm That’s Quietly Permeated Pop Culture

How to Educate for the Future – Not the Past
Innovation Excellence

Game Teaches Kids How To Code With LEGO Bricks

The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom

STEM or STEAM? Tech firms see ties between the liberal arts and long-term success

The secret to creativity may lie in experience

Need a Breakthrough Innovation? Start with a Really, Really Bad Idea

6 Critical Thinking Questions For Any Situation
Teach Thought

25 Most Innovative Cities in the World, Ranked

AI is changing the way medical technicians work
The Next Web

What Business Leaders Really Mean When They Say We Need More Innovation

What It’s Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference
NewCo Shift

Why Women Over 50 Make Better Entrepreneurs

Why “Geek Couture” Is A Movement That Every Woman Should Get Behind

The First African-American Woman to Travel to Space Shares How She Finds Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems

What happened to the women who built the video game industry?

Innovation leaders to Congress: Don’t kill our future with cuts to research programs
The Hill

Three Imagination Games – a StoryGraphic
Creative Jeffrey

Why More and More High Schools Are Acting Like Startups
Fast Forward | OZY

Not a coder? No problem: Concrete advice for non-technical founders
The Startup | Medium

Why You Should Stop Agonizing Over Decisions, According to Computer Science

Confessions of a Content Creator: I Don’t Care About Data
Unthinkable | Medium

The Age of The Creative

Disney Wants To Turn Augmented Reality Into A Shared Experience

Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation?
Stanford Social Innovation Review

The future of artificial intelligence: two experts disagree
The Conversation

From strategy to styling: how 3M designers lead business and innovation

Machines Are Developing Language Skills Inside Virtual Worlds
MIT Technology Review

Pandora Shares Rise on Financial Results
Hollywood Reporter

The digital native is a myth
Nature News & Comment

PBS Chief Paula Kerger: ‘Outcome Is Uncertain’ for Federal Funding

Claude Shannon: The Juggling Poet Who Gave Us the Information Age
The Daily Beast

Ex-FCC Chair Tom Wheeler Dismantles The Case For Abandoning Net Neutrality
Fast Company

Death of a Genius
Inside Expertise | Psychology Today

Innovators: What’s Killing your Creativity?
Innovation Excellence

Renewed Congressional Support for STEAM
News | Rhode Island School of Design

The Usefulness of Useless Education

Skip Coding, Teach Data Science
Vander Ark on Innovation – Education Week

The Art of Neuroscience
Scientific American

Where AI Meets Neuroscience: How The Human Brain Will Make Robots Smarter
International Business Times

Canada to Officially Launch Startup Visa Program in 2018
Nearshore Americas

Can Humanities Grants to Universities Be a Bridge to Something Bigger?
Inside Philanthropy

An Arizona engineer may have just solved the coral-bleaching problem

How to Live a More Creative Life

Dallas-Fort Worth’s technology ‘brain gain’
Dallas Business Journal

Why the Mona Lisa Is Selling Shoe Polish

The meaning of ‘creativity’ is lost in corporate culture – lets save it
The Next Web

DNA and proteins from ancient books, music made from data, and the keys to poverty traps
Science | AAAS

Why You Should Stop Agonizing Over Decisions, According to Computer Science

Albert Einstein Had 3 Rules for Work That Guarantee Unexpected Discoveries

Following this creativity cycle could save you from burnout
Creative Bloq

Crayola Colors Outside the Lines

Discovery to Buy Scripps, Owner of Food Network, in $11.9 Billion Deal
The New York Times

Could 3D Printing Solve The Organ Transplant Shortage?

Google Home Can Now Act As A Personal Sommelier

A Short History of Machine Learning — Every Manager Should Read

Google DeepMind has given its AI the ability to imagine and ultimately innovate
Global Futurist 

11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine

Scientists followed 5,000 genius kids for 45 years — here’s what they learned about success
Business Insider

As Amazon’s Influence Grows, Marketers Scramble to Tailor Strategies
The New York Times

How Checkers Was Solved
The Atlantic

The Future of Construction Innovation
Connect BIM360

Reflections on Life in the Sharing Economy | Episode 4
Innovation Excellence

Meeting Students Where They Are At—Literally And Metaphorically

Scientists Figure Out How to Recycle Aluminum Foil Into an Ingredient for Biofuel
Mental Floss

How Pantone Comes Up With New Colors for Its Authoritative Guide
Mental Floss

Netflix is on the hook for $20 billion. Can it keep spending its way to success?
LA Times

Facebook: Your Face Belongs to Us
The Daily Beast

Inevitably Posthuman?
The Weekly Standard 

Is Arts and Crafts the Answer to AI and Automation?
The Romance of Work | Psychology Today

AI and Robots Will Change the Way We Create and Consume Content

Reshaping computer-aided design
MIT News

Linear Thinking in a Nonlinear World
Harvard Business Review 

Innovation hubs are becoming more protective than innovative

This Startup Is 3D Printing Glasses That Fit Perfectly To A Wearer’s Face

The Water Council welcomes startups to participate in water accelerator
The Milwaukee Independent

This Company Encourages Female Employees To Brag About Each Other
Fast Company

Understand Urban Change Through Artificial Intelligence

6 Forces Driving Your Business Evolution
Innovation Excellence

When Going in New Directions, It Helps to Have a Map
Innovation Excellence

MIT Shows How To Run Hackathons
Innovation Excellence

5 Ways Underwater Drones Are Helping Citizens Save the Ocean
National Geographic

The Creation of the “The Scream” by Munch
Creative Explorations | Psychology Today

How Do Music and Poetry Become Expressive?
Looking at Listening | Psychology Today

Canadian Panel Declines to Certify Full Leibovitz Collection as Significant
The New York Times

Bringing A Bookstore To The Bronx

Apple says it is removing VPN services from China App Store

Controversial New Theory Suggests Life Wasn’t a Fluke of Biology—It Was Physics

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