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“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

“Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

“Inspiration comes from everywhere. From life, observing people, etc. From movies and books you love. From research.” – Holly Black

“My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” – Stephen Hawking

“Our imagination flies — we are its shadow on the earth.” – Vladimir Nabokov

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” – Lewis Carroll


WATCH: Female astronauts speak about women in STEM WATCH: Female astronauts speak about women in STEM

Abstract Claymation Videos by Romane Granger Capture the Small Details of Ocean Life

10 Genius Tech Ideas National Geographic Thinks Could Change The World
Fast Company

Inland Surf Park
Innovation Nation – The Henry Ford


Announcing Five Regional Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits!
ArtPlace America
Southeast Region | March 15 – 16
Southwest/Rocky Mountains | April 6 – 7
Northeast Corridor | May 3 – 4
Appalachia Region | June 21 – 22
Capital Region | October 2018

Why Purpose Matters?
The Power of Purpose | Ideo U
March 16

“What Art Can Tell Us About the Brain”—Lecture by Harvard Medical School’s Livingstone, March 20
New York University
March 20

2018 Florida Creativity Conference
Florida Creativity Alliance
March 23 – 25

Upcoming talk will bridge work of Carl Sagan, Rod Serling
News |
March 24

Recognizing Pioneers of Engineering | National Academy of Engineering Awards
National Academy of Engineering
Deadline: April 1

NEW USA Science & Engineering Festival | The Nation’s Largest Science Festival
USA Science & Engineering Festival
April 7 – 8

2018 Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors Gala
Creative Oklahoma
April 9

Engineering Festival to draw 800 students, ignite innovation
Penn State University
April 13 – 15

Arts Business Research Symposium 2018: The Future of Creative Placemaking In Higher Education 2.0
Bolz Center for Arts Administration, University of Wisconsin – Madison
April 19 – 21

Discovery Education and 3M Open the 11th Annual Young Scientist Challenge
April 19

CreativeXchange | Leadership Development and Team Design Workshop
Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia
April 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18

IF SO, WHAT? A New Fair Pairing Art and Innovation Arrives In The Bay Area
April 26 – 29

Breakthrough Prize Opens Public Nominations For Its 2019 Prizes In Fundamental Physics, Life Sciences & Mathematics
Deadline: April 30

Enter The 2018 Innovation By Design Awards!
Co.Design | Fast Company
Deadline: May 10

Meet The Jury Of The 2018 Innovation By Design Awards
Co.Design | Fast Company
Deadline: May 10

Finals | National Economics Challenge
Council for Economic Education
May 19 – 21

4th ENCATC-AAAE International Panel (tbc)
May 31 – June 2

Government shines light on Canada’s young entrepreneurs – Minister Chagger launches an event to recognize young entrepreneurs across the country
June 10 – 12

CPSI 2018 | Creativity Conference
Creative Problem Solving Institute
June 19 – 24 

By the People
June 21 -24

Crayola Invites Proposals From Elementary Schools for 2018 Creative Leadership Grants
RFPs | Philanthropy News Digest
Deadline: June 22

Are Your Students Ready For a Challenge? K-12 Game-a-thon Now Open for Submissions
Mind Research Institute Blog
Deadline: July 16

NEW CreativesMX Marathon – Hudson Valley
July 29 – August 5

Creativity Conference at SOU
Southern Oregon University | Eventbrite
August 3 – 6

Celebrated Tech Festival Launches 2018 Event
Markets Insider
September 25 – 27

The ArtsGames 2018
October 26 – November 3

2017 – 18 Event Calendar
Co-Create and Creative Industries Network

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series


Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; His Mind Roamed the Cosmos
The New York Times

The Most Important Design Skill For An AI-Dominated World
Co.Design | Fast Company

This House Can Be 3D-Printed For $4,000
Fast Company

Public Schools Are Not Failing . . . They’re Starving
Sam Chaltain | Democracy. Learning. Voice.

Sensation of Movement Recreated in Amputees’ Robotic Arms
National Geographic

Embroidering Electronics Into the Next Generation of ‘Smart’ Fabrics
Innovation | Smithsonian

Code.Org Is Giving Kids A Chance To Code By Bringing Computer Science
Fast Company

Chuck Jones? Einstein? Wile E. Coyote? A nonprofit boosts the common thread — imagination
Orange County Register

Elon Musk Tried To Buy “The Onion,” And Now They’re Owning Him On Twitter
Fast Company

Imagine If: The City As A Body – By Deborah Rodrigues
Imagination Matters

Carl Sagan on the Enchantment of Chemistry, with Stunning Illustrations by Artist Vivian Torrence
Brain Pickings

“Dumbing Down” – Why? What Are the Signs? What Can Parents Do?
The Creativity Post

The Gender-equality Paradox in STEM Education
The Creativity Post

Nine common mistakes leaders make about creativity and innovation
Training Journal

3 Reasons Children are More Creative Than Adults
Innovation Excellence

3 Technologies You Need To Start Paying Attention To Right Now
Innovation Excellence

How to Overcome Innovation and Change Fatigue
Innovation Excellence

The Most Important Skill Of Every Great Leader
Innovation Excellence

Top 10 Innovation and Design Card Decks
Innovation Excellence

Reflecting on our Innovation Practices
Innovation Excellence

Why Companies Should Use Internal TEDx Conferences to Drive Innovation
Innovation Excellence

How to Build an Innovation and Insights Group from Scratch
Innovation Excellence

Nurturing Innovation
Innovation Excellence

No Innovation Strategy Fits Every Problem, So You Need To Work With Full Toolbox
Innovation Excellence

The London Philharmonic Is Partnering With Playstation For A Video Game Concert

Courting Today’s Traveler With All-Access Experiences

Op-Ed: Why Businesses Should Strive To Be More Beautiful

How Ponchos Got More Authentic After Commerce Came to Chiapas

11 Latina Photographers You Need To Know Now

Strange Bedfellows
Thoughts on Thinking | Psychology Today

Madison to host caravan of nomadic tech workers this summer
Technology | The Capital Times

Say goodbye to the information age: it’s all about reputation now
Aeon Ideas

The Future of Leisure
Democracy Journal

The Value of a University Education Extends Beyond Knowledge
Pacific Standard

For Decades, National Geographic’s Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It
National Geographic

Seven Ways To Cultivate Innovation And Creativity In Business

Fear of China Scuttles Broadcom Deal That Didn’t Involve China

Another example of Big Tech not killing innovation
American Enterprise Institute

Stephen Hawking’s most mind-blowing discovery: black holes can shrink

Recognizing the value and values of material science
Physics World

Why It’s Good To Mess Up

Yukon makerspace gets multi-million dollar ‘innovation hub’
North – CBC News

Canada needs to rethink its approach to economic development

Boom: Canada’s games sector

“Our government has made the biggest investment in science in Canada’s history”
The Muse

Panel: Digital trade missed by original NAFTA can no longer be ignored
MyStatesman.comUCalgary prof explodes stereotypes around math research
UToday | University of Calgary

ato math: Student wins $250,000 for developing computer model that could saves farmers billions
ZME Science

Steve Wozniak points at lack of creativity in Indian education system
The Times of India

When Doctors Need New Medical Tools, These Students Are Up To the Challenge
Innovation | Smithsonian

A weekend of WE
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

What This Optical Illusion Reveals About the Human Brain
Live Science

A Surprising Use for Old iPhones: Brain Surgery!

Why talking – and listening – to your child could be key to brain development
The Hechinger Report

An odyssey from brain scientist to creative mind
The Japan Times

The Museum of Science and Industry Presents The Science Behind Pixar
May 24 – January 6

H&M Withdraws Lawsuit After Threat of Artists-Led Boycott

New Stanford student group bridges the arts, sciences and engineering
Stanford News

Collaborations between arts, businesses led to Austin’s unique UNESCO cultural designation, SXSW panelists say
Community Impact Newspaper

Lucy Liu Wants to #BringArtBackToSchools After Her Childhood Passion Changed Her Life

‘Mother!’ director Darren Aronofsky reminds creative world to ‘f*** the naysayers’
Campaign US

10 Ways To Jeopardize A New Venture Early And Often
Startup Professionals Musings

Big Pharma, Big Changes: How Bayer And Johnson & Johnson Innovate

“Examining the local value of economic development incentives”
Smart Incentives

How I Got My Dream Job At LEGO
Fast Company

Seven Ways To Cultivate Innovation And Creativity In Business

The Frontier Series: How an innovation economy helps create jobs
New Orleans CityBusiness

Guest opinion: What Silicon Valley and the U.S. need to know about China
San Francisco Business Times

Viewpoint: To close the STEM opportunity gap, look outside the classroom
Boston Business Journal

Mae Jemison: Diversity In STEM Isn’t A Nicety, It’s A Necessity

More than 60% of teen girls regret not studying Stem

Our Future Coders are in Our K-12 Classrooms Today
Getting Smart

The culture of STEM may sideline aspiring queer scientists

Scott Kelly: NASA Twins Study Confirms Astronaut’s DNA Actually Changed in Space

Mentors, Encouragement, Hands-on Learning Boost Girls’ Interest in STEM Substantially
THE Journal

New talent hard to come by for space companies

U.S. Postal Service’s new stamps highlight Baltimore illustrator David Plunkert’s STEM designs
Baltimore Sun

Can the U.S. Military Combat the Coming Swarm of Weaponized Drones?
IEEE Spectrum

IBM wants to replace antibiotics with these big ol’ synthetic molecules
Popular Science

Donald Trump Takes on the Nonexistent Link Between Violent Video Games and Mass Shootings
The New Yorker

Global challenges for the new (digital) childhood
Brookings Institution

Preparing Early Learners for Future Success Through STEM
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Connecting Across Worlds: How Empathy and Play Can Support Connection
Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Peek into the Colorful History of the World’s Largest Pigment Collection
Travel | Smithsonian

See the Founder of Modern Neuroscience’s Unique Way of Looking at the Inner Workings of the Brain Through Art
Smart News | Smithsonian

Never-Before-Seen Mineral Found Inside a Diamond
Smart News | Smithsonian

Seeing vs. reading is the key to creativity
Personal Growth | Medium

A Counterintuitive Way to Increase Diversity in Tech
Rachel Nabors | Medium

How Scientists Are Bringing People Back From The Dead
Popular Science

The Rise of Tech Nannies
Fast Forward | OZY

Meet the Electric Guitarist Who Gave Benny Goodman a Jolt
Flashback | OZY

How to defeat “Loss Aversion” – the #1 reason why middle managers kill innovation
Idea to Value

Draper Prize – Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup
National Academy of Engineering

Helen L. Reed Wins 2018 Yvonne C. Brill Lectureship in Aerospace Engineering
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Why we need creative confidence

Planning for PBL Implementation

Meet the Female Inventor Behind Mass-Market Paper Bags
At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian

H&M Faces Lawsuit For Using Artist’s Graffiti In Its Campaign Without Permission

Women directing more TV pilots for ABC, NBC, CBS

The Humanities Are Dead. Long Live the Humanities.
Pacific Standard

Tom Nichols, “Death of Expertise” author, is profiled
Harvard Magazine

Kalman Aron Used His Art to Survive the Holocaust
Smart News | Smithsonian

Human intelligence can’t be transferred to machines
The Washington Post

Is General Electric’s Future in Biology?
Business Markets and Stocks News | 

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