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“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

“The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.” – Susan Sontag

“The one size fits all approach of standardized testing is convenient but lazy.” – James Dyson

“Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

“The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.” – Mark Russell


Watch: A cellular biologist animates the life cycle of HIV in a video 

Ricardo Palomares | Curiosity

From Sheet Music to Screen: The Greatest Showman
CreativeFuture, Facebook

Pressing Non-Newtonian Fluid Through Small Holes with Hydraulic Press | in 4K
Hydraulic Press Channel

CRISPR: The gene-editing tool revolutionizing biomedical research
60 Minutes, CBS News

Video: When Fashion And Tech Touch

Watch Steve Jobs defend his commitment to Apple on CNBC in 1997


Impossible Science Challenge
ProjectBoard by
Submissions accepted Through June 15

Announcing Five Regional Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits!
ArtPlace America
Northeast Corridor | May 3 – 4
Appalachia Region | June 21 – 22
Capital Region | October 2018

CreativeXchange | Leadership Development and Team Design Workshop
Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia
May 4, 11, 18

Enter The 2018 Innovation By Design Awards!
Co.Design | Fast Company
Deadline: May 10

Meet The Jury Of The 2018 Innovation By Design Awards
Co.Design | Fast Company
Deadline: May 10

UEDA Seeking 2018 Awards of Excellence Nominations
University Economic Development Association
Deadline: May 15

Submit Art for Science Rising
Deadline: May 15

Is creativity Cape Breton’s next big industry?
CBC News
May 16

U.S. Department of Education Announces STEM, Computer Science Education Grant Opportunities
U.S. Department of Education
SEED Deadline: May 17
EIR Deadline: June 5

Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 Brings Together the Wide World of Tech, Art, and Imagination
SF Station – San Francisco’s City Guide
May 18 – 20

Finals | National Economics Challenge
Council for Economic Education
May 19 – 21 

Spark Grants Program RFP
Joan Ganz Cooney Center
Deadline: May 22

4th ENCATC-AAAE International Panel (tbc)
May 31 – June 2 

Third Annual Creative Startups Southeast Opens Applications
Deadline: June 3

“OUT TO INNOVATE” Scholarships for LGBTQ STEM Students
Diversity in STEAM Magazine
June 3

Calling all social entrepreneurs + nonprofit leaders: Apply for The Audacious Project
TED Blog
Deadline: June 10

Government shines light on Canada’s young entrepreneurs – Minister Chagger launches an event to recognize young entrepreneurs across the country
June 10 – 12

CPSI 2018 | Creativity Conference
Creative Problem Solving Institute
June 19 – 24 

By the People
June 21 -24

Crayola Invites Proposals From Elementary Schools for 2018 Creative Leadership Grants
RFPs | Philanthropy News Digest
Deadline: June 22

15th Annual Games For Change Festival
Joan Ganz Cooney Center
June 28 – 30

Are Your Students Ready For a Challenge? K-12 Game-a-thon Now Open for Submissions
Mind Research Institute Blog
Deadline: July 16

CreativesMX Marathon – Hudson Valley
July 29 – August 5

Creativity Conference at SOU
Southern Oregon University | Eventbrite
August 3 – 6

Celebrated Tech Festival Launches 2018 Event
Markets Insider
September 25 – 27

The ArtsGames 2018
October 26 – November 3

2017 – 18 Event Calendar
Co-Create and Creative Industries Network

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series

Interactive Map | Festivals
Science Festival Alliance


What Makes a Rural Creative Hub: Innovation and the Arts

These Medical Delivery Drones Could Soon Be Supplying U.S. Hospitals
Diversity in STEAM Magazine

Iceland’s Population Is Staggeringly Creative. Why?
Imagination Matters

Creativity, the brain, and society
Oxford University Press Blog

Canada’s IP strategy is inspired, but will it inspire innovators?
The Globe and Mail

Mastering the art of sustainability
Innovators magazine

Could tattoo ink cure blindness?
Innovators magazine

Meet this year’s Canada Research Chairs
UToday | University of Calgary

Thinking different: U of T’s newest Canada Research Chairs are exploring new frontiers in knowledge and innovation
University of Toronto News

McGovern Institute awards 2018 Scolnick Prize to David Anderson
MIT News

Science Fact, Fiction Collide In Reel Science Film Series

Wriggling tadpoles may hold clue to how autism develops
EurekAlert! Science News

Researchers are developing a brain editing device
The Next Web

Jeff Bezos Wildly Overestimates the Power of the Human Brain

2018 Best & Worst States For Business
Chief Executive

Five Things to Know About NASA’s InSight Mission to Mars
Smart News | Smithsonian

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Generate the Next Big Fashion Trends
Innovation | Smithsonian

Most Americans look to research universities for innovation leadership, finds Polsky Center
UChicago News

NIST and White House Ramping Up Effort to Redesign Technology Transfer Policies
American Institute of Physics

Is The Ideal Entrepreneur Right Brain Or Left Brain?

Biology Will Be the Next Great Computing Platform

Why Inclusivity Equals Innovation

A Flawed Idea Well-Executed Does Not Fail Forward
Jesse Lyn Stoner

How can we be sure AI will behave? Perhaps by watching it argue with itself.
MIT Technology Review

How To Design A Five-Year Plan
Co.Design | Fast Company

Sustainability Through Innovation
Disruption Hub

Gibson’s Bankruptcy is a Cautionary Tale about Corporate “Innovation”
On Human Centric Systems | Medium

America’s biggest companies sound the alarm on truck driver shortage
Business Insider

Sony Suggests Hidden Sensor Technology Is The Home’s Future

Photo of the Day: Best of April 2018
National Geographic

Scientists Have Created a Genetic Roadmap for Embryonic Stem Cells
National Geographic

How Artificial Intelligence Can Detect, And Create, Fake News

The danger of absolute thinking is absolutely clear
Aeon Ideas

Two philosophers on memory transfer and Mark Oshiro’s “No Me Dejas.”

Cleveland Rocks: A Stalwart Funder Expands Its Portfolio of Regional Arts Giving
Inside Philanthropy

Pirate Radio Stations Explode on YouTube
The New York Times

Has the Best Art in the World Been Destroyed?

eBook History: Life Before There Was Kindle

Nobel prize in literature may be cancelled in 2018 amid sexual abuse scandal
Books | The Guardian

AI is the new space race. Here’s what the biggest countries are doing

Jaron Lanier Interview on What Went Wrong With the Internet
New York Magazine

Searching for a Future Beyond Facebook

How University Innovations Change the World
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

How Should We Educate Children to Win the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Innovation Excellence

The Future of AR, Popstars, and ABBAtars
Future of work

Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It.
Harvard Business Review

3D printers weave art, science to harness students’ imaginations
Education Dive

Entwining arts with STEM engages students with creative application
Education Dive

Can the Trump Administration Curtail Chinese Espionage Without Damaging U.S. Innovation?
Council on Foreign Relations

Women in Innovation: Gaining Ground, but Still Far Behind
Scientific American Blog Network

Innovation Floor, Maker Space Offer Chance for All to Create
University of Denver

NIH’s neuroscience institute will limit grants to well-funded labs
Science | AAAS

Where brain cells get their information may determine their roles in diseases

The Hunt for Wonder Drugs at the North Pole
The Atlantic

Could Bats Lead Humans To Clean Drinking Water?
Science | Smithsonian

Can we save the northern white rhino from extinction?
Popular Science

She Thinks Cancer Drugs Could Use a Bit of Protein
Rising Stars | OZY

Can the U.S. Get 1 Million People to Volunteer Their Genomes?
Scientific American

10 startups that became worth billions in less than 3 years
Business Insider

USTAR to transfer professors, buildings to USU, UofU
The Herald Journal

Centers of Excellence Are A ‘Cultural Intervention’ For USDA, Says CIO

Venture University: A Trade School For The Innovation Economy

Interview with Michael Michalko
Imagineer7’s Weblog

WARF Discovery Initiative announces new round of UW2020 research awards
UW-Madison News

Using arts integration to make science learning memorable in the upper elementary grades: A quasi-experimental study
ArtsEdSearch | Arts Education Partnership

The Story of the World’s First Emoji
Eye on Design | AIGA

It’s Time To Abandon Economic Growth As The Only Indicator Of Success
Fast Company

How to Get Creatives to Do Their Best Work
The Creativity Post

Interview: Why We Need Less Tech, Smarter People

This 30 Day Plan is the Secret to Disrupting Yourself
Innovation Excellence

Controversial Stephen Hawking Predictions, From Evil Aliens to Black Hole Bets
National Geographic

How A New Court Ruling May Not End The Gig Economy

4 Evidence-Based Ways to Push Past a Creative Block
Minding the Body | Psychology Today

Jerry Saltz: Break the Art Fair

With decrepit facilities and missing faculty, MFA Visual Arts students demand tuition refund
Columbia Daily Spectator

Menil Drawing Institute to open Nov. 3
Houston Chronicle

The cost of changing an entire country’s alphabet

Did Math Kill God?
The New Republic

MoviePass aims to help theaters survive in the digital age. But is the subscription service too good to be true?
The Washington Post

‘The Simpsons’: Matt Groening talks new record for classic Fox series
USA Today

Quentin Tarantino Says Weinstein Co. Owes Him Millions in Royalties
Hollywood Reporter

Are you really Facebook’s product? The history of a dangerous idea.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Inside Tesla’s Nightmarish Month
Need to Know | OZY

L.A. Artist Suing Old Navy for Ripping Off Her Work

Flow and Other Secrets to a Happy Life
Between Cultures | Psychology Today

Why are there so few female-led STEM businesses? Hint: It’s not a pipeline problem

Sprint and T-Mobile Try Again, but Antitrust Hurdles Remain the Same
The New York Times

Opinion | The Implausible Promises of a T-Mobile-Sprint Merger
The New York Times

White House Delays Tariffs on E.U., Canada and Mexico for 30 Days
The New York Times

Art, Equity + Place: Creating Neighborhood Health, Happiness, and Well-Being with Art
Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations

2018 Tony Nominations: ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘SpongeBob’ Lead the Way
The New York Times

Revenue Canada demotes Halifax sculptor to ‘hobby artist’ and gives him $14K tax bill
CBC News

Questlove Aims To Save Your Brain: ‘Creativity Might Be In Jeopardy’
All Things Considered | NPR

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders
Gregg Fraley Blogg

Quantum physicists have now entangled whole clouds of atoms

This butterfly’s transparent wings could one day save people’s vision
Popular Science

Xi Tightens His Grip, and China’s Tech Giants Feel the Squeeze
The New York Times

How Technology is Reinventing Creativity

13 Creative People To Follow On Twitter If You’re Looking For a Daily Boost Of Inspiration

Technology, innovation and the changing face of healthcare

Universal Flu Vaccine: Why Bill Gates’ New Challenge Matters

Moving the mind: Pairing science with dance advances learning

Pushing Boundaries: Students express their creativity in UMC Student Arts Program
CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder

Maybe This Is as Good as Innovation Gets

Can science and technology really help solve global problems? A UN forum debates vital question
UN News

Reported proposal to limit Chinese researchers in U.S. sparks concern

Neuroscience is changing baseball and could change sports, according to the man who literally wrote the book about it

Calcium-based MRI sensor enables more sensitive brain imaging
MIT News

Where math meets marching band
Argus Leader

It will take more than governments to solve the global refugee crisis
The Globe and Mail

Confirmed: Collision conference relocating to Toronto in 2019

Canada excels in science, but not so much in innovation
University Affairs

Closing the Innovation Gender Gap in Alberta

20 Greatest Innovations And Inventions of Automobile Engineering: From the First Engine to Today
Interesting Engineering

Creativity Is The Skill Of The Future

Brain Holography: We May Soon Be Able to Edit Our Memories and Sensations With This New Tech

Scientists Project Holograms Into The Brain To Create Experiences

All You Need to Know for Round 2 of the CRISPR Patent Fight
Scientific American

Universities drive startup activity in Toronto-Waterloo corridor: Silicon Valley think tank
University of Toronto News

Drones are about to start mapping the Great Wall of China in incredible detail
MIT Technology Review

Musician Wedding Booking Made Easier with Deam City Strings
Wisconsin INNO

Raytheon, Boeing, Dell Among Six Newest Organizations to Get on Board with Getting More Women in Engineering and Tech Via Relauncher Programs
Chicago Tribune

6 Things Successful Women in STEM Have in Common
Harvard Business Review

For early participants of Girls Who Code, the program’s impact is indelible

Students See the Math on JiJi Day
Mind Research Institute

We won’t have any black Mark Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates till we do this
The Hechinger Report

To attract and retain women in tech, bias education is prerequisite
The Seattle Times

20th Annual Nite to Unite Raises More Than $820,000
Entertainment Software Association Foundation

The Story Behind Rube Goldberg’s Complicated Contraptions
History | Smithsonian

Could This New Tactile Font Help People Who Lose Their Sight Late In Life?
Innovation | Smithsonian

The DNA Data We Have Is Too White. Scientists Want to Fix That
Science | Smithsonian

Watch Cells Move Within Living Animals in This Breathtaking Footage
Smart News | Smithsonian

This Conductive Paint Turns Walls Into Giant Touchscreens
Innovation | Smithsonian

Disney’s haptic VR jacket lets you feel snowball impacts and snakes slithering
Popular Science

Discovering Engineering Saved My Life
True Story | OZY

5 Ways to Become a Better Storyteller

Disney to create live content for Twitter

Lessons From Rust-Belt Cities That Kept Their Sheen
The New York Times

9 Patterns of Disruption: The new cooking recipe for business disruption
Idea to Value

Why co-working spaces are flourishing
The Globe and Mail

Selling acorns at the lumberyard
Seth’s Blog

To Remodel American Education, We May Need to Slaughter Some Sacred Cows
Sam Chaltain | Democracy. Learning. Voice.

Child Prodigies Propelled by ‘Rage to Master’
National Geographic

A Foundation’s Effort to Anchor Arts Organizations Through Affordable Space
Grantmakers in the Arts

Can You Solve the ‘Pink Triangle’ Math Problem That’s Stumping the Internet?
Mental Floss

Volunteers of the Ivory Tower
The New Republic

Here’s why Gibson is bankrupt—no, it’s not because rock is dead
Fast Company

Google Unveils Incredibly Detailed 3D Models of At-Risk Heritage Sites

Flash – Picasso painting with 25,000 owners on show in Geneva
France 24

Learning How To Visualize Data: Free & Low Cost Professional Development for Beginners

Gig Economy Business Model Dealt a Blow in California Ruling
The New York Times

It Took 17 Years: Freelancers Receive $9 Million in Copyright Suit
The New York Times

We Need Bigger Cities, But We Also Need Unique Cities
Fast Company

How the Best Restaurants in the World Balance Innovation and Consistency
Harvard Business Review

What Happens When Moms Design A Lactation Room
Co.Design | Fast Company

The Pentagon Is Losing the Innovation Battle. Here’s How to Turn It Around
Defense One

Ed Sheeran’s new song about school shows that he has no idea what he’s talking about
Sam Chaltain | Democracy. Learning. Voice.

Adidas’ Automated Factory Will Change How Products Are Made

This Non-Profit Is Building A Network To Innovate Education
Innovation Excellence

Empathy Through Dance, How Moving Together Bonds Us
Imagination Matters

Here’s What You Need to Save a Book
National Geographic

Alabama Becomes Home To A Lynching Memorial And Racial Justice Museum

A Wunderkind at 100
The Weekly Standard

Walker inmates find inspiration, communication through music
Associated Press

Pandora Learns the Cost of Ads, and of Subscriptions

Artificial Intelligence Opens the Vatican Secret Archives
The Atlantic

Celeste Ng: Bookstores Are the Center of the Literary Ecosystem
Literary Hub

Jacques d’Amboise at 83: Still making kids feel like dancing
The Washington Post

Theatre department to have dance track
Optimist | Abeline Christian University

Augmented reality board games are going to be awesome.

Opinion | Gaming: The System
The New York Times

Want To Ramp Up Your Career? Try These Innovative Strategies

Former Disney Execs Launch Social Network For Girls

10 Lessons On How To Innovate From This Year’s Japan Prize Winners

Designathon encourages collaboration of students with diverse experience, perspectives
Daily Bruin

OK Innovation: Tulsa bioscience event lures scientists out of their laboratories
News OK

Science and Art: The Perfect Learning Encounter
Observatory of Educational Innovation

James Cameron wonders if technology is helping kill science fiction James Cameron wonders if technology is helping kill science fiction

Kika Rodríguez: cutting-edge creativity and tradition deeply rooted in the Yucatán
The Yucatan Times

U.S. Chamber calls on NAFTA Countries to modernize IP frameworks
IP Watchdog

Record Crowd Inspired by World’s Largest Celebration of Young Innovators and Changemakers at FIRST

Yellowknife man’s dream of creative arts hub one step closer to reality
CBC News

Why it’s so important for Canadians to be able to leverage their intellectual property
The Globe and Mail

U.S. keeps China, puts Canada on IP priority watch list

Engineering, SMFA faculty craft new curriculum with maker mindset
The Tufts Daily

Annual Imagine RIT highlights academic and artistic creativity
Rochester Institute of Technology

VCU’s School of Engineering Becomes College of Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing

Startup culture meets social good as Princeton students innovate for international prize
Princeton University

Viterbo University and Western Technical College form engineering partnership

From #MeToo to Questlove to ‘The Bachelor,’ pressing questions were posed at Chicago Humanities Fest
Chicago Tribune

Science in the City: Linking researchers to the rest of us, and why it matters
Dallas News

New technology for measuring brain blood flow with light

Brainstorming the ethics of neuroscience research in the age of organoids
Los Angeles Times

Music activates regions of the brain spared by Alzheimer’s disease
EurekAlert! Science News

Creative Growth Where Great Art Has Become The Coolest Fashion Show In Town

International Jazz Day: What jazz improv reveals about creativity in the brain

Ahead of the Curve: The Patron Who Helped Kickstart the Activist Art Boom
Inside Philanthropy

How Discussing Art Improves Innovation And The Bottom Line

Innovation with Art Ovation
SRQ Daily

Julia Dixon | Creativity at Work: Proactive cultural access is needed
The Berkshire Eagle

Right Brain Lawyering: Attorneys And The Importance Of Art
Above the Law

An Important Message About Sheet Music on World IP Day

The Surprisingly Technical Process of Songwriting
Wonky & Technical | Medium

One Idea To Boost Science Education In Oklahoma: Move Classrooms Outside And Away From Textbooks
StateImpact Oklahoma

Train For Your Mars Mission With Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Fast Company

How Richard Branson went from high-school dropout to billionaire entrepreneur

Bill Gates Just Announced a $12 Million Grand Challenge for a Universal Flu Vaccine

Q&AA: 88rising’s Sean Miyashiro
CMO Strategy – Ad Age

A Lynching Memorial Forces a Reckoning for a Nation, and a Newspaper
The New York Times

How the Author of ‘Madeline’ Created His Most Famous Character
The New York Times

Larry Harvey, the Man Behind Burning Man, Is Dead at 70
The New York Times

America’s Libraries Awarded $10.4 Million for Projects with Far-Reaching Impact
Institute of Museum and Library Services

Just Making Something Different Does not Qualify as ‘Innovation’
Branding in Asia

How the digital economy shapes American cities

10 Common Jobs That Might Not Exist in 20 Years

The HOW and WHY of Innovation
Innovation Excellence

Do You Have What It Takes To Dream Big?
Innovation Excellence

The Opportunity Cost Of Not Innovating
Innovation Excellence

Why Dance Is Just As Important As Maths In School
Imagination Matters

Creativity: I Felt I Was Living a Double Life
Attention Training | Psychology Today

Jerome Robbins, Ballet’s Mr. ‘Take It Easy, Baby,’ at 100
The New York Times

Kansas City’s support for the American Jazz Museum has fallen short
The Kansas City Star

The Art of Place: Artists in Residence at National Parks
National Endowment for the Arts

A clean sheet of paper
Seth’s Blog

NASA Project Mercury Intelligence Test
Popular Science

Pen-and-Paper Games Will Make You Smarter Than Your Phone
Good Sh*t | OZY

How to Build an Enthusiastic Innovation Community
Innovation Management

Adopting An Open Innovation Perspective For Patent Policy For The Internet Of Things
Intellectual Property Watch

Inventing The Next Computer
Co.Design | Fast Company

Why Companies Need to Build a Skills Inventory

The United States is way behind other countries on robot ‘readiness,’ report says
Blue Sky Innovation | Chicago Tribune 

Test Your Insight
Imagineer7’s Weblog

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