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“You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.” – Denis Waitley

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo

“Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.” − Robert Anthony

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” – Peter F. Drucker


Tom Peters – All We Have is Time

High-tech production Frame by Frame lights up National Ballet
CBC News

A Skeletal Wooden Kraken Climbs From Remote Ruins in France

It’s Only Natural
A Singular Perspective | Psychology Today

A behind-the-scenes view of TED2018, to inspire you to apply for The Audacious Project
Deadline: June 10

I ♥ NY

Mackenzie Davis’ exit from social media is an #EPICFAIL in dark, funny film from Matthew Frost
Video – Creativity Online

Who becomes an inventor? This Arkansas innovation hub is trying to spark a new generation
PBS NewsHour


Impossible Science Challenge
ProjectBoard by
Submissions accepted Through June 15

Nation’s Premier Science Festival Continues Mission to Make America Smart Again
May 29 – June 3

4th ENCATC-AAAE International Panel
June 1 | Houston, TX

Third Annual Creative Startups Southeast Opens Applications
Deadline: June 3

“OUT TO INNOVATE” Scholarships for LGBTQ STEM Students
Diversity in STEAM Magazine
June 3

U.S. Department of Education Announces STEM, Computer Science Education Grant Opportunities
U.S. Department of Education
EIR Deadline: June 5

Abstract Submission Form
2018 ENCATC Congress
New Deadline: June 5 

Poster Exhibition Proposal Form
2018 ENCATC Congress
New Deadline: June 5 

Teaching Demonstration Proposal Form
2018 ENCATC Congress
New Deadline: June 5 

NEW Overcoming the Common Barriers to Creativity
Free Webinar June 5

Call for Applications: 2018 ENCATC Research Award
Deadline: June 8

Calling all social entrepreneurs + nonprofit leaders: Apply for The Audacious Project
TED Blog
Deadline: June 10

Reese Witherspoon helps build female film careers
Reel Chicago
Deadline: June 10

Government shines light on Canada’s young entrepreneurs – Minister Chagger launches an event to recognize young entrepreneurs across the country
June 10 – 12

U.S. Department of Education Partners with Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum to Launch “She Can” STEM Summer Camp
U.S. Department of Education
Application Deadline: June 18
Session 1 | July 23 –  August 3
Session 2 | August 6 – August 17

IGL2018 Global Conference
Innovation Growth Lab
June 12 – 14

NEW WonderWorks Syracuse Invites Public to Meet Astronaut, Participate in WonderKids Ceremony
Diversity In STEAM Magazine
June 16

CPSI 2018 | Creativity Conference
Creative Problem Solving Institute
June 19 – 24 

Announcing Five Regional Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits!
ArtPlace America
Appalachia Region | June 21 – 22
Capital Region | October 2018

By the People
June 21 -24

Crayola Invites Proposals From Elementary Schools for 2018 Creative Leadership Grants
RFPs | Philanthropy News Digest
Deadline: June 22

15th Annual Games For Change Festival
Joan Ganz Cooney Center
June 28 – 30

Are Your Students Ready For a Challenge? K-12 Game-a-thon Now Open for Submissions
Mind Research Institute Blog
Deadline: July 16

CreativesMX Marathon – Hudson Valley
July 29 – August 5

Creativity Conference at SOU
Southern Oregon University | Eventbrite
August 3 – 6

Celebrated Tech Festival Launches 2018 Event
Markets Insider
September 25 – 27

26th ENCATC Congress
September 26 – 29 | Bucharest

Creative Placemaking and Change
The National Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit 2018
October 5 – 7

Day of Innovation 2018 – Call for Presenters
Innovation Excellence
October 11

The ArtsGames 2018
October 26 – November 3 

NEW Global Entrepreneurship Week
Global Entrepreneurship Network
November 12 – 18

2017 – 18 Event Calendar
Co-Create and Creative Industries Network

CreativeMornings | a monthly breakfast lecture series

Interactive Map | Festivals
Science Festival Alliance


Quiz: 10 science questions that Americans struggle to correctly answer
Business Insider

Most Creative People in Business 2018
Fast Company

The Default for Our Minds Is “Closed”
The Craft of Creativity | Psychology Today

Scientists have 3D printed the most advanced artificial cornea ever using human cells
The Verge

The future of web design doesn’t involve computers at all
Co.Design | Fast Company

“When will I ever need Pythagoras?” — an honest response
QED | Medium

How Disney is turning women from across the company into coders
Fast Company

Rock – paper – impact
Innovators magazine

Tap-To-Pay Technology Lets Onlookers Tip Buskers With Credit Cards

Tesla competitor Nio makes secret U.S. IPO filing that could raise billions
Silicon Valley Business Journal

Disney princesses drawn as career women are totally boss

100 Bold Ideas to Improve Women and Children’s Health and Rights in the Developing World

Joanne Lipman Shares Five Groundbreaking Solutions For Handling Gender Inequality In The Workplace

Miami’s Women Of Innovation
Haute Living

Serena Williams Just Dropped A Fashion Line To Empower All Women

Melinda Gates Has Been Funding Female VCs Through Her Investment Firm

Xi Jinping urges China to go all in on scientific self-reliance after ZTE case exposes hi-tech gaps
South China Morning Post

Why these biotech startups are facing a 550% rent hike Philly

Harvard Business School Names 2018-2019 Blavatnik Fellows in Life Science Entrepreneurship
Harvard Business School

Learning about learning: Meaning matters
Brookings Institution

A Study of NASA Scientists Shows How to Overcome Barriers to Open Innovation
Harvard Business Review

Canada-Mexico connection strengthened through Universities Canada mission
UToday | University of Calgary

The State of Talent in Mexico: What’s Really Motivating this Nearshore Hotbed?
Nearshore Americas

Opinion: Move over, Waterloo and Ottawa: Calgary is now out-innovating you
CBC News

Nelson: Let’s protest Canada’s lack of innovation
Calgary Herald

How Canada’s Tech ‘Superclusters’ Could Change The Global Startup Game

Opinion: We need to be better at balancing national security and Chinese investment
The Globe and Mail

Opinion: China is not a threat to Canada
The Globe and Mail

Playing detective with Canada’s female literary past
The Conversation

Makerspace’s board game workshop encourages creativity, new skills
Daily Bruin

Satya Nadella touts Microsoft’s research on brain implants

Study: Learning science can stimulate your brain more than you’d think

Theory of predictive brain as important as evolution – Prof. Lars Muckli
Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European Commission

Ringling College of Art and Design promotes school through Creativity Takes Courage campaign
Business Observer

New exhibit explores the future of creative play in an Artificial Intelligence driven world

Arizona can solve its water problems … with art? Yes, really

The Future Imagination Fund Launches to Support Citizen Artists and Visionary Thinking at NYU
New York University News

10 Creative Entrepreneurs On Finding Work Life Balance

Learn the Art of Maintaining Healthy Relation With Employees Here

Poll: How would you spend $10 million to ensure more children become innovators later on in life?

Developing a board game for Innovation Policymakers

World’s Fair booster backing Medical Alley global health conference; Walmart is founding sponsor
Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

Mary Meeker: More than half U.S. tech companies founded by immigrants

The US is altering its visa policies for Chinese nationals in STEM

Department of Homeland Security approves NU economics department’s classification as STEM major
The Daily Northwestern

Wanted: More girls in STEM careers
Opinion – Philly

The Rise Of The STEM Toy

The Issue on the Table: Is “Hamilton” Good For History?
History | Smithsonian

How Putting Organs on Chips Could Revolutionize Medicine
Science | Smithsonian

Seven Airplane Innovations That Could Change How We Travel
Innovation | Smithsonian

Explore Google’s Sweeping Retrospective on Frida Kahlo’s Life and Legacy
Smart News | Smithsonian

New Exhibition Serves Up 150 Years of Canadian Culinary History
Smart News | Smithsonian

Bonnie and Clyde’s getaway car has hidden lessons for cops in the self-driving vehicle era
Popular Science

Ford’s CEO Confronts a Winding Road Toward Change
Provocateurs | OZY

I created the first digital meme
Popular Science

The Badass Wife of W.E.B. Du Bois
Flashback | OZY

Here’s Why Baseball Looks Nothing Like Five Years Ago
The Huddle | OZY

Sound Galleries Are Flipping the Equation Between Music and Art
Fast Forward | OZY

Give Your Money to Libraries, Jeff Bezos
Electric Literature

This is how Google will collapse
Hacker Noon

Microsoft’s most vulnerable monopoly
The Startup | Medium

Entrepreneurship in the US could soon become a lot harder for immigrants
Your Story

U.S. and China clash over ‘technology transfer’ at WTO

The BS and the Science of Nanotechnology
2020 Science

Why Silicon Valley investors are scared of China

Population Growth Slowing in Largest US Municipalities

What Can Bees Teach Us About Building Better Urban Ecosystems?
Next City

Why Traditional M&A Is Becoming Less Important
Harvard Business Review

How you can get people to take you seriously as a young entrepreneur
Fast Company

What an Entrepreneur Learned from Failure

We asked 10 kids to “draw a leader”–here’s what they did
Fast Company

Teachers Find Public Support as Campaign for Higher Pay Goes to Voters
The New York Times

SoftBank Fund Puts $2.25 Billion in G.M.’s Driverless Unit
The New York Times

How the Government Could Win the AT&T-Time Warner Case
The New York Times

Ted Dabney, a Founder of Atari and a Creator of Pong, Dies at 81
The New York Times

Online Fundraising Is Bigger Than Just Facebook
NonProfit PRO

Protect Your Art Studio from Hurricane/High Wind

Ashes To Art: The Intersection Of Art & Science
ArtPlace America

In Massachusetts, an Artist Explores an Old Dye Factory’s Toxic Influence
ArtPlace America

Arts, Culture and the Scientific Method
ArtPlace America

This May Be The Biggest Economic And Social Shift Of The Last 100 Years. Are You Ready?

Ebola and the future of vaccines: In conversation with Seth Berkley
TED Blog

Writing for people who don’t read
Seth’s Blog

Innovation in Education – Easier Said than Done
Innovation Excellence

Getting Out Of The Box Isn’t an Innovation Cure
Innovation Excellence

Seeing The Unseen: The Exhibition Opening Up The Universe To Teenagers
Imagination Matters

Egon Schiele on What It Means to Be an Artist and Why Visionaries Always Come from the Minority
Brain Pickings

The Speed Trap: When Taking Your Time (Really) Matters
Change This

What’s the gap between reality and what you SHOULD do with your time?
The Brainzooming Group

Museums and Their Communities: Creating Mutual Value
Institute of Museum and Library Services

Board Motion Creates LA County’s First Department for Arts and Culture
Grantmakers in the Arts

The Pyramids of Giza Are Near a Pizza Hut, and Other Sites That May Disappoint You
The New York Times

Listen to Studio 360’s “Muppet Regime.”

Why a Harlem Warehouse Is Home to Millions of Dollars Worth of Art

The Book of Songs: Poems that helped shape Chinese thought
BBC – Culture

Why some fake languages like Dothraki are more realistic than others, like in Star Wars.

In the Dance Lab With Martha Graham
The New York Times

This is your brain on improv
The World in Words, PRI

Opinion | Aristotle’s Wrongful Death
The New York Times

Emily Pilloton: Fear Less, Build More
National Endowment for the Arts

Opinion | An American Alternative to Europe’s Privacy Law
The New York Times

More better math
Seth’s Blog

Seth’s Blog

Eugene Parker’s Journey to the Sun
Space | Air & Space Magazine

Bacteria in a pill may one day track your body’s chemistry
Science | AAAS

No Motor, No Battery, No Problem

Here’s What We Know About Russia’s Hypersonic Waverider Weapon

How to repeat success: Lessons from Pixar
McKinsey & Company

The leadership journey of Abraham Lincoln
McKinsey & Company

Bill Davidson’s take on Harley-Davidson’s electric bike
Milwaukee Business Journal

Eco innovation is profitable
Innovators magazine

How Einstein Explained His Creative Genius
Imagineer7’s Weblog

Combining the Unrelated into New Ideas
Imagineer7’s Weblog

Why Generating Insights is an Important Skill

See this fascinating apparatus that turns natural forces into artists

Don’t Brainstorm, Play!
Creative Jeffrey

Director Joe Mantello, Broadway’s Invisible Wizard
The New York Times

What It Was Like to Work on ‘Roseanne’
The New York Times

Opinion | Roseanne Barr’s Right to Offend and Our Right to Say No
The New York Times

Ambien weighs in: Racism is not a known side effect
CMO Strategy – Ad Age

ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ could continue without its star, but the odds are long

Integrating the Arts and STEM for Gifted Learners
Roeper Review: Vol 40, No 2

Rahmaan Mwongozi teaches how to apply systems analysis to problems that arise in life as well as in business
Diversity In STEAM Magazine

Sojourners in Space: Annie Dillard on What Mangrove Trees Teach Us About the Human Search for Meaning in an Unfeeling Universe
Brain Pickings

First-of-its-Kind Competition for Minecraft to Probe the Creative Potential of AI
The Creativity Post

Chipotle Is Testing Non-Traditional Drive-Thru Windows

Gatorade 3D Printer Creates Human Figures In Cascading Drops Of Water

Handheld 3D Printers Could Help Produce Healthy Skin At Scale

10 Real Use Cases for Augmented Reality

7 Things The Inspirational Gurus Didn’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship
The Mission | Medium

Innovation or Not? – Domino’s Hotspots
Innovation Excellence

Innovation Insights from Teddy Roosevelt
Innovation Excellence

10 Reasons Why Digital Health Startups Fail
Innovation Excellence

Don’t Break Down Silos, Connect Them
Innovation Excellence

Break The Loop Of Underperforming Innovations
Innovation Excellence

The Biggest Risk You’ll Ever Take
Innovation Excellence

How to Create a Culture to Capitalize on Innovation
Innovation Excellence

The Race to Save Historic Plastic Artifacts From Degradation in Museums
National Geographic

Successfully Engaging Hourly Employees in Innovation Strategy
The Brainzooming Group

Cross-Sector Research Explores How Arts Intersect with Education, Health, and Business
Grantmakers in the Arts

Board Motion Creates LA County’s First Department for Arts and Culture
Grantmakers in the Arts

Ringing the chords of the Universe: how music influenced science
Aeon Essays

Seattle is a ‘City of Literature’ — so now what?

The pyramid and the wheel
The Artful Manager |

Broadway Sets Box-Office Record, Powered by ‘Hamilton’ and Springsteen
The New York Times

Chance the Rapper exits Chicago’s DuSable Museum board in shakeup
Consumer News – Crain’s Chicago Business

The European Union Is Under Threat. Artists Say It’s Time to Rebrand.
The New York Times

Study: Loud music could be leading you to order burgers instead of salads
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Architects can still learn from Tom Wolfe

The Two Most Important College-Admissions Criteria Now Mean Less
The Atlantic

ZERO IN | In Pursuit Of Accurate Arts Sector Data
Ludwig van Toronto

Europe plans €400m increase to culture budget
News | ArtsProfessional

A Madison startup wants to make gift-giving more meaningful and less stressful
The Capital Times

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